A Stress System, DNA Point Gaining and Temperature Control

Remember in Spore how you had to either befriend or kill other species to evolve and get points? I was pondering, since Thrive probably won’t include this, what will you have to do in order to get points? Will you just have to survive?

On a different note, will there be a system of stress? For example, if you’re near predators, you’ll get stressed and start to lose your maximum health and stamina.

And finally, temperature control. This is pretty simple. You have to evolve features to keep a stable body temperature or else it will effect you negatively.

Stress wouldn’t work like that because what is the point of having HP at all if it drops just from being near a predator? That’s the one time you really need it.

I’d imagine that stress would work (like in real life) by affecting your health long term, unless for gameplay reasons we want to have it as a system that acts quickly.

This has been discussed a lot regarding to ice ages. My opinion is that there will be an indicator in the editor showing you that your environment is going to change and you should add fur, for example.

I think you’ll just keep getting mutation points the normal way (reproducing). Later on when you have technology you could share that with other groups of intelligent species (there’ll probably only be your species on your planet due to timescales and stuff) so befriending others (or taking their knowledge) would be a mechanic then.


Sorry to go off topic here, but could this be an opportunity for a difficulty thing? Like, the “easy” option tells you directly, “medium” gives you a clear hint and “hard” gives you a very vague hint?

Easy: “Your planet is entering an ice age. You should add fur or fat to stay warm.”
Medium: “Your planet is entering an ice age.”
Hard: “Bromine.”


Pretty much.
Maybe a bit less vague, unless our hardcore ultra-cool hard mode speedrunners understand science.

Well, I meant that if you just hung around predators like they’re your friend, then it’d drop over time. And I doubt this would even be an issue, given that the AI would either kill you or chase you away.