Abovewater Civs

I wonder what hhyyrylainen will think about this idea of above water civs of mine.

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I for one think it is very possible, especially as we see that happening on Earth, so it will definitely be added to the game at some point.


Okay, hear me out: above water civs are impossible. Launching a rocket from the ground is brutal, literally melting the ground beneath it. You’d need thousands of gallons a second of water to prevent anyone within miles from getting hearing damage. The oxygen in the air would rust any iron or steel used in rocketry, gravity reliant skeletons don’t work in space, above water civs are attested on earth, but they will never surpass an early industrial lifestyle. The only civ with reliable space travel is low- and zero-g civs. I recommend the Shepard moons of gas giants.


Actually sound propagates better in water

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Yeah it’s more to cool stuff off and dampen the sound, it’d still propagate quite a lot.

Ok guys, here me out.

What if the above water civs traded with the UNDERWATER civs in order to get space travel tech?


That’s basically the “but what if they get uplifted” argument.


if anything, I could see species becoming hyper intelligent while in the water, but limited in how far they could advance due to lack of fire, smelting and other necessary advancements.

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So can everyone else except the underwater civ fanatics.


Don’t forget electricity…

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Ah yes. Electrocute everyone to death because they are living underwater

I mean you can take it the Tool Breeder route and they breed creatures to be the stuff

Don’t- …that. Just don’t.

Or you just can grow some of the tools using corals or their alien equivalents. Granted, those tools wouldn’t be as sofisticated as metal tools, but is something.
Still, i still couldn’t see them reaching the industrial stage.

alternatively the underwater civs could breed corals that excrete refined metals to excrete them all from one spot and breed them to have different shaped metal excretion sites for different purposes and use the underwater volcanos to heat the metal enough to make it malleable and then hit it with large rocks to change its shape.

also an underwater civ could A. run it’s power lines above water or underground or B. insulate their wires

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guys, guys, this is a thread to debate on weather above water civs should be implemented, this is getting a bit off topic…

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ok so. how would they grow enough food to feed all of their population without water allowing the plants to stay upright and grow as tall as the water is deep?

Dogs may vary a lot in size, but the shapes of bones didn’t change much.

Tool breeding takes a very long time, even for a simple innovation such as making a pickaxe instead of an axe (neither can be used underwater, but that’s besides the point). About custom excretion sites… That can happen fast with genetic engineering. Can biotechnology be mastered before the bronze age?

Reverse transcriptase would be essential for pre-industrial biopunk civs. Creatures that have this ability can create DNA from the RNA (living cells) of other species and add it to their own DNA. An awakening species can experiment with this to get desired hybrids. But they can’t make a sword for example, if there isn’t a creature in their planet with a sword shaped bone that is made from calcium or metal. Changing size is possible (in 100 years), but is there any animal with a sharp sided bone? Claws and tusks only have a pointy tips, so spears are possible.

Actually this is a good alternative to normal technologic development. “Capture an narwhal to unlock pointy bits in the tech editor”. The tusks[1] are then grown inside a sponge, which is the factory.

  1. other parts from other animals may be attached to it ↩︎

squid sponge factories

Google Photos

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