Accidental Multicellular life (?)

This ^ as a dev i can confirm that is whats happening lol

They are trying to attack each other but since they cant engulf each other they are not wasting ATP by enabling engulf mode. Its one of those weird emergent things.


So we can conclude that this was simply a case of aggressive AI.


And not related to the vault of paranormal activity.


I managed to find a hunting party of my cells all next to each other in a triangle formation. They killed anything that wasn’t one of us, might need to cut back on the OxyToxin parts I put on my cells…


ive seen that before but it was five and they all came to me one have flagella another one had toxins and one created glucose from sunlight. it saw scary then it crashed lol.

Shame they couldn’t benefit from the glucose one.

Perhaps someone was messing with the thrive code. I dunno who merges the branches, but it might be them.

What? No. This is just a result of how the AI sometimes behaves by selecting the same target location for many close by cells causing them to move as a group.

I meant that as a sort of joke, sorry if it didnt catch on well.

It’s very hard to tell if someone is joking through text, so I (usually) add emoji or lol in my message when I’m joking, to make it absolutely sure people get that I’m not serious.

While we’re on the topic of the code, I noticed that zooming all the way out to see cells that are far off screen then shooting them with Oxytoxins doesn’t make them react until one dies then the other goes to absorb the dead cell.
I find that it only happens when there are lots of cells near my cell, perhaps this is a glitch.

I haven’t looked the AI code for a few weeks, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have any way to react to being hit with a toxin. This might be related to the issue that cells often stay stationary for a few seconds after spawning before doing anything.

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I found a “multicellular” organism in my patch


Apparently it engulfed a tiny iron chunk. Will the organism survive after engulfing this small chunk, or will it die?

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This is probably the most organised one yet. It seems they are surrounding an iron chunk meaning that if they were actually multicellular they’d form a simple digestive system and a neck. Brilliant!

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i posted this on the discord 2 months ago. you may have seen it before but i thought it was still relevant to this thread so:


patrick starfish in thrive


I randomly became “multicellular”

Looks like the image is broken currently due to issues in the cloud storage that is used for them.

Hopefully it’ll be fixed by them soon. Looks like their domain names aren’t working and they are waiting on their domain name registrar to get around to fixing that.

Edit: looks like it’s working now.

Everyone gangsta till the game starts evolving

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No idea if this would count as multicell life, but this is a group of two types of cells i have found, one of the things i kinda like about this is that most of the cells did this, so some groups would merge and separate. No idea why they did this, i guess the patch was kinda overpopulated so everyone tried to engulf eachother, but they were the same size.