What fascinates me most is if two stages could somehow interact like playing as a cell in multicellular (but that wouldn’t be fun[1] unless you are a pathogen) or an individual in society stage

Carrington event - Lose infrastructure after a solar storm

Solar bless - Use a solar storm to power your batteries (another achievement if you do this to power your spaceship after you were stranded in a desolate planet)

Tame the sun - Use solar storms to transfer energy within your solar system

Tame the weather - Redirect a hurricane to green the deserts

Tuatara - Prevent an (animal with no living relatives)s long coming extinction

Bad Baby![2] - Create nsfw creations to get your planet banned from Thrivepedia servers

I know no phyisics - Discover a glitch[3] and use it to become overpowered[4]

Seeding life - Fill the galaxy with Trappist 1 systems after you ascend

Looks heavy - Make a ship out of pumice

Archimedes mirror - Make a weapon that focuses the rays of sun before you discover the laser

Austronesian spirit - Colonise a large landmass only reachable with ships before industrial stage

How high can we build - Discover isostatic depression after a multigenerational pyramid project

New way of life - Hollow out your planet to build a lot of O’neil cylinders and become a type 2 civilisation

Bye Vinland - Lose contact with a landmass due to a climactic or geologic event

Indiginous antarcticans - Discover a version of your species that live in extreme conditions

Khoisan - Meet a tribe that uses a different airstream mechanism to communicate or something else entirely

Neanderthal - Meet another species closely related to you in awakening stage

Middle Earth - Have more than one subspecies which entered civilisation stage

Retreat to Siberia - Capture 2 capitals of your opponent only to be met by more scorched earth policy or you be the retreating side

Karánsebes - Lose a war because your coalition of armies attacked itself unknowingly. Or be the other side in that war. Or make it happen with your spies as a third party

Virgin birth - Meet a Boltzman brain in space

Air corridor - Connect two buildings at a high floor

War of currents - Have a fight over which type of electricity is better, DC or AC

War of geometries - Have a fight over which type of dense city layout is better, rectangular, triangular or hexagonal

Precursor to technology - Keep using your honey combs as apartmant bloks in later stages

Anti Netherlands - Build more lanes to solve traffic congestion resulting in more car usage and more traffic congestion

Instant Amazon - Connect pneumatic tubes to all houses for carrying small cargo

Beer flood - Have casualties due to overconsumption after an accident releases a reservoir full of an addictive substance into the streets

Sarai - Move your capital city consisting of tents every season for better grazing grounds

Fourth crusade - Sack a city you set out to protect

Cycle of seizing - Make a coup d’etat to take power after your initial coup d’etat was ousted by a counter coup d’etat

Turning of tables - Get invaded by your former colony

Zombie invasion - Survive a post apocliptic world in a technological awakening stage and rebuild your civ

New land - Have the region you can reach at least double in size after the sea levels get lower in tribal stage

Pergamon - Have a kingdom join your empire willingly

Speedrun uplifting - After your spaceship falls into a planet, discover that a species with hands exist there. Speedrun them through the stages to build you another spaceship within your (extended and possibly infinite) lifetime

Tired of reigning - After some terrorists give you demands you can’t meet, give the control of your country to them. After a short time, get back your country and more reasonable demands

Ship of Theseus - Change your language, religion, culture group, move your capital and have no overlap with your former terratories (like Byzantium)

Drusselstein[5] - Have a central conveyor belt transfer kinetic energy directly to houses instead of using another intermediary like electricity or fuel

Root bridge - Make arcitecture by shaping living organisms

Interior designer - Spend more real life time customising your city and clothes and anthem and flag than you spent in cell stage

Eloi[6] - Build your houses at the side of a cliff like some birds

Predictable route - After using the same flight path for a long time, decide to cover around the region where the commercial plane flies (an active support structure) for a more turbilance free journey (and yes, it wouldn’t worth it)

Equal and opposite reaction - Let your orbital hook burn in the atmosphere because you either no longer need it or have to make a final emergency entry into space

You smell right - Immerse yourself into another species’s or tribe’s scent for camouflage

Redundant compartments - Build a spaceship that has many subregions each one containing all the necessary stuff for the ship to function because the enemy spaceship can throw at you uncharged microblackholes which can explode into hawking radiation anywhere inside[7] your spaceship (and planet if you can’t stop them) with no way to deflect those projectiles

Big for my type - Engulf a multicellular organism with your vacuole

Hundred years war - Siege a city or survive that siege which lasts for two average lifetimes

Its raining frogs - See a weather event where animals are falling from the sky

Almost Venus - See a heatwave above the waters boiling temperature

  1. you are a muscle cell. contract when brain orders you to ↩︎

  2. named after the same achievement in Spore ↩︎

  3. definition of glitch: it is removed in a later update or allowed to exist but designated as such. ↩︎

  4. definition of overpowered: it is used by other species deviated from you to the point of near universality ↩︎

  5. a very long and narrow country in Phineas and Ferb (like Checkoslovakia) where they have a giant hamster wheel powered by goats and it makes the washing machines spin at the townsfolks homes after switching through gears and adjusting rotation speed ↩︎

  6. from the film “The Time Machine”(2002) with a very low score in rotten tomatoes ↩︎

  7. like a four dimensional being ↩︎


Personally think this name fits making a dyson swarm/sphere better


Tame the sun - Build a dyson swarm

Domesticate the sun - Start starlifting

Pumice layout - Merge and fortify the buildings in your city such that with each fallen wall[1] only a small portion of the city is captured by the enemy forces

Organic war - Use the preservation of nature to justify a war

Crystal skull - Make a device where the information stored within can be seen by shining light through it

Mantis shrimp - Achieve sonoluminescence with your muscles

Bio rocket - Make a species that propulses itself in the air by mixing two chemicals to start a reaction like the bombard beetle for exhaust

Water jetpack - Achieve short lasting flight by shooting water as a water creature or an amphibian

Self powering fuel - Have a quick burst of speed by shooting water but that water has your infants[2] and they too are pushing water

Jetpack joyride - Make an aircraft that stays on the air by shooting ammunition downwards

Life in gas giants - Make a photosynthetic creature that uses light gases to stay afloat like a baloon

That you cannot grasp - Nuke a hurricane

Obtainable before deep time - Harness the spinning energy of a black hole

Magnetic sense - Evolve a species that can measure the magnetic north

Age of confusion - As a species that can sense magnetic fields, make one of your usual long range migrations but during a magnetic pole reversal

Telephathy - Create magnetic fields as well as measuring them for in species communication

Zappy air - As a land species, evolve to use electricity for communicating or hunting purposes over long distances by shooting a jet of salty water out of your body like a nerf water gun

Total internal reflection - Use the fact that the light curves inside a curved jet of water to shoot a target that is behind an obstacle and not directly visible with a laser

Right above our noses - As a species that can’t see light, turn your cameras to the night sky for the first time

Primitive fiberoptics - Use prince ruperts drops explosion to send messages[3] before you invented the telegraph

Domino’s - Use dominos or reverse domino effect to send messages or make a line of growing dominos for a hunting trap

Quaker - Artificially trigger an earthquake before it would have happened by itself

Elysia chlorotica - Add the DNA of the species around you to your DNA after aware stage

Hybrid by proxy[4] - Merge with a species you can’t reproduce with using a middlemen species that can reproduce with both of you

Speciation in action - Maintain a caste system that bans intercaste marriages for so long that they can’t create a fertile offspring anymore even if they wanted to

As unbreakable as an atom - Create neutronium

Neurolink - Put on everyones brains a microchip so that they can play multiplayer flappy birds in their minds or do something else

Sticks and stones really hurt my bones - Make a swinging log trap

Oh my shoelace - Tie up the legs of a giant creature or a mecha to make it lose balance

Jack Sparrow - Step foot on a harbour right before your ship sinks

Legolas - Sustain a higher number of “projectiles thrown per unit of time” than your heart rate with only muscle power (no gunpowder)

My precious - Fall into an active volcano

Chariots of the omniscient - Find out that a section of the ground is just a layer of leaves and there is a trap under it and jump over that part during a cavalry charge

Anti glacier - Put black colored powder on your icesheets to melt them [5]

Isaac Arthur moment - Disassemble your solar system

The other direction - Have one of your buildings be thrown into the air after it is damaged because something like a bow string was keeping it up and standing and after the accident the string was connected to a smaller part of the building and pushing it upwards with the same force

Bouncy blasticity - Put nets over your city which has buildings that are higher in the center than the edges to make the bombs being released from enemy planes have a chance of bouncing and not detonating on the ground or the buildings

Bungee jumping - In your planet with a rough terrain, use bungee jumping to hunt on your unsuspecting prey (either by hit and run tactics or by giving them fall damage)

Not so colloseum anymore - Decide to use your arena as a fishing spot after a severe rain fills it because it might rain again anyway before you can safely remove all the water without causing another flood to your city

Came here after all - As an underwater species, get abducted by aliens and look at your home planet from space

Peer pressure[6] - Investigate a conspiricy theory believed by your citisens and discover that it was true

Cocroach defence - Intentionally create a radioactive enviroment because it hurts the disease or the invading troops more than it hurts you

Radioactive feeding ground - Make a great oxidation level extinction in your planet to make it more suitable for your radiotrophic crops

Multipurpose - Make a craft that goes in land, water, underwater and air before space stage

Greek fire - Lure a kraken like species into an oil spill and set the oil aflame to hunt it in aware or awakening stage

Lake gigachad - Terraform a desert using underground water before industrial stage

More than day night circle[7] - As a thermosynthasising species, make the cold nutriant rich water below and the hot illuminated water above mix, resulting in algee blooms and increasing the total biomass possible which you can use after abandoning that niche

The ultimate challenge - Earn all the achievements[8] in a single playthrough from luca to post ascencion

Terraria item duplication trick - Move your species information file from one game to another game resulting in an unexplainable[9] sudden change[10] in your evolution history

Jack and the Beanstalk- Have the conditions in the upper atmosphere determine how much you can grow as a plant with an average density equal to the air around it

Big family - Make a species before you invent life extension where it is common for 5 generations to live side by side

Maximum population density - Gather everyone in your planet to one spot and make them all jump at the same time for testing your new seismometer

Kite spaceship - Deliver cargo to orbit by attaching wings or parachutes to it and pulling it[11] from the ground using a tether and increasing[12] the lenght of the tether

Kitrebuchet - Throw projectiles with the same mechanism explained above

Cowboy - Evolve the whipping ability. Use it as a weapon or for communication.

Pando - Cover all of your planets lands with your clones all connected by roots

Stone skipping - Extend your cannons range by making the cannonballs skip over water

Saltationism - Genetically engineer a species for the first time

Ant mill - Be the victim of a pheromonic positive feedback loop

Dalek - Replace your skin/scales/shell/exoskeleton in favor of clothes/armour after aware stage

Knowhere - Make a mine inside a giant spacehip for its raw materials and reprogrammable hardware

Boomerang - Make a boomerang reconnesance aircraft which carries no power to get back

The sloth curse - Starve with your stomach full

Bilocation - Make a non breaking[13] quantum entanglement where two objects have the same atomic configuration[14] and if this is a camera then it is an ftl communication device

Bird swallowing - Suspend manned missions to space after learning you can’t survive there

It didn’t look abnormal - Create a diplomatic team made from antimatter and send them to “negociate” as a preemtive strike before a space war

Massive silence - Turn your antimatter reserves in orbit into strange matter because they were emiting radiation due to annihilating space dust but you are now trying to hide from a technologically superior civ who don’t know for sure you have a presence in this solar system

Artificial gravity - Use black holes to collect dark matter and collide two black holes to make them stop[15] but the dark matter keeps moving and you now have an invisible mass providing gravity

Killing to save lives - After being unable cure a disease, make it deadlier so that everyone infected would die quicker than they can spread it

Who needs tech - Make no vehicles before space stage. Use domesticated creatures instead

We will accept your gift - (before space stage) Capture a spaceship after the alien that abducted you mistakenly thought you were unconscious

Land gill - Make a species that inhales and exhales by moving its legs (the faster you run, the faster you breathe)

Luca again - Be the last universal common ancestor more than once

Anti luca - Make creations whose slight deviations have terrible scores according to auto evo. Enter awakening stage with your closest relative and you having a common ancestor of the starting luca (maybe by making suboptimal creations in easy mode where the player was(?) given bonuses)

Traveler - Go to every patch on the map before awakening stage

Edaphosophobia - Evolve a species that hunts flying, sleeps flying, mates flying, and can’t get flying again if lands

Random thing to do - Design a species that has a donut shaped brain

Communist reproduction - Reproduce by having everyone in the group throw their gametes to one spot and the resulting kids have genes from all of them (due to multiple meiosis, crossing over or conjugation)

Control never possible - Have your secret polices have a civil war amongst themselves

Mare nostrum - Capture all the cities around a sea

Urban union - Merge two cities

Megalopolis - Have more than 75% of your planets surface covered by cities[16]

Coup by negligence - Slowly change from a monarchy to a one party system without ever disclosing that the monarch is dead and by forbiding everyone to speak about that

Not a dead end - Fly into a cave and leave from another exit without stopping

Mansa Munsa - Give so much to charity that money is worthless now

Plagueiriser - Throw infected bodies to a sieged city to deliberately spread the disease

Cannibalistic money - Make a society that uses milk or blood as currency (extracts tribute in the form of a meal)

From light to meat - As a photosythesiser, evolve to mind control (animals who eat your seeds) to spread to new locations. After a neotony, decide to never leave that animal in your life cycle and later become a carnivore with that symbiote

Vacuum corridor - Make a “planet to space” laser-kinetic hybrid weapon which heats and expands the air on its way into near vacuum with a lazer before sending relativistic bullets

No need for bloodshed - Make a war simulation with a civ you don’t want to coexist and agree for the loser in the simulation to surrender in real life

Scurvy - Don’t discover a landmass very close to you right until late industrial stage because you weren’t able to survive a long voyage until then

Cleaner fish - Eat the parasites feeding from your employer[17]

Do a barrel roll - As a snake like species, move by making circles[18] and rotating them

Pre digested food - Release the preys you captured after stealing the stuff inside their stomachs

Digester pet - Enter the later stages with your stomach outsourced

Your biggest enemy is you - Take members of the species that is above you in the food chain or you are having intraguild predation and immerse them in your own scent or paint them like you in order to trick them into cannibalism and make them extinct this way

Extinct for the time being - Eat all the eggs of a species

Stellaris moment - Side with the robots in a robot revolution and continue your game with transhumanism

Sneaky victory - Go through the ascencion gate someone else just built

Crusades - Receive the armies or support of every city that follows the same religion as you

I’ll find my way out - Get out of a creature after being swalloved alive

Discontinuity in takeoff - Use a cannon to launch a cannon (ad infinitum)

Sodom and gomorrah - Lose a city to a meteor air burst

Giant mushroom - Evolve a large sessile species that isn’t an autotroph

There is no ground - Fly through a gas giant (with your spaceship)

Bioplastics - Make an exoskeleton from rubber

Second hand photosynthesis - Evolve to make energy from the bioluminescent cave dwellers
Rarest color in nature - Evolve to be blue

Alesia - Build a wall around yourself (and the city) while sieging a walled city because reinforcements will arrive

Pfeilstorch - Make contact with another tribe by sending messages on migratory[19] birds or fish (and being pen pals)

Pathological mortgager- Lease a city for 50 years to another player 5 times

Hong kong the London - Move your capital to a trading colony legally under the suzerainty to another country

Rogue hannibal - Keep campaigning in enemy territory after your whole country was captured by said enemy

Phoenix - Reestablish your country after you’ve been a goverment in exile or a rogue hannibal

Oobleck - Make a tissue that acts like a non newtonain liquid

Window tax - Put a tax on the number and size of windows

Pest - Play as a pest in the farm biome after another species starts farming

The third option - Believe in the moon centric model

Chinese - Use hieroglyphics in space stage

Polar coordinates - Write (not from left to right) in spirals starting from the center

We’ll fight underground - Bury a city under your projectiles and create the capital of an underground resistance movement

Parallel lives - Have two or more overlaying political maps (hanging in canyon/land surface/underground/sea surface/sea ground/underseagroud) with little interaction in between

Record keeper - Remember all of your tribal stage

Anti industrial - Store more calories underground than you ever extracted

Goldilocks expansion - Use heat pipes to connect two sides of your planet to increase the range of habitable climates after living in the twilight zone of a tidally locked planet

Gurkani - Take control of an eusocial colony when you aren’t the queen

Platinum dump - Throw a minarel to the ocean or a volcano to increase its value

Sapiosexual cannibalism - Eat the bodies of males after copulating but add their brains to your brain because you have an extendible cranium

Just like that? - Have 10% of your global gdp dissapear to a pyramid scheme

Uncontacted mainland - Enter space stage never having left your island[20]. Discover other landmasses after satelites take pictures.

Quick explorer - Map the coasts of all the continents in awakening stage

Long river - Walk 50% of your planets timezones while trying to find the source of a river
Interdependency - Have both of the countries collapse after putting a trade embargo to your former number one trading partner

Faulty tripod - Lose balance as a species with three or more legs

So I said, why not use a black hole? - Use a black hole to redirect a pulsars beam

Did someone said square cube law? - Make a milipede that is a kilometer long

Purged by nature - Be hunted in society stage

War during peace - Pay a side to attack another side you have a peace agreement with

Asymetric pyrric victory - Refuse to leave the battlefield when the giant enemy elephants razed your city to the ground (but they move slow and you can walk around them) and win the war

Warring states - Get divided into principalities and reunite 10 times

Violent trade - Have another civs capital/homeplanet captured and they have yours at the same time

Liechtenstein - Have negative casualties in a war

Peto’s paradox - Defeat an uprising by creating an uprising to that uprising with your spies

One gram is all it takes - Kill each member in a nest who cannibilizes their dead using poison

Spaceball - Make a sport played in orbit that lasts as long as players can hold[21] their breaths

Future will bring justice - Cryofrost someones head when the proof of his innocence reached the courtroom moments after he was decapitated

Target reached but escaped - Make a missile that divides itself into two and merges again to evade being shot by another missile and detonated in the air

Mining catastrophe - Hit your planet with a large asteroid after trying to get it into a stable orbit for mining purposes

Bill gates was a lizard after all - Go extinct after making a vaccine that doesn’t weaken the pathogen enough and infecting everyone at the same time

Invisible power game - Overthrow a secret goverment with your secret goverment

Pre made parts - Use one of your stomachs as a uterus and use another species’s skeleton (or other parts) to build your child

Speedy achiever - Earn 5 achievements in 20 seconds

Avoiding peculiarity - Complete the whole game without getting any achievements (except the inevitable ones)

Inspired agriculture - Domesticate the species around you after hearing rumors that this has been done somewhere else

First in exchange - Be the first land species to swim to a continent that was approaching your continent

Universal donor[22] - Donate 10 monarchs to other countries

Universal middleman - Control global trade with your not global (less than 25%) empire

Close encounters with a sleeping giant - Meet a civilisation that hasn’t left their solar system and still has more population than you (and you colonised other solar systems) or vice versa

Cnidian canal[23] - Dig a canal to turn your peninsula into an island to prevent engaging in a war with an expansionist land power with no navy

Mechanical solutions - Dig canals and make walls to prevent glaciers from moving over your city or croplands

Nunatak Refugium - Survive on a mountaintop during an ice age

True cross - Take back a cultural or religious object you lost during a looting

Building blocks - Make ships, ropes and trebuchets from ant bodies if you are an ant

Small step for a microbe - Exit your solar system in cellular or multicellular stage (survive on a meteor that broke off from your planet after a meteor hit your planet)[24]

Altitude diversity - Visit both the lowest point in the ocean[25] and the highest point in the planet in a single lifetime in aware stage

Latitude diversity - Visit both of the poles in aware stage

Obligate swimmer - Make a species that can’t climb to land but can’t dive either

I guess I’ll keep flying - Glide with your not fully formed wings but before you landed in the spot you were planning to land have that the tree fall or the ground collapse

Veritasium architecture - Make a flying city that stays in the air by reloading its orbital slinkies every so often

Historic moment - Have 50% of every individual ever born be alive right now[26]

Glitch in the matrix - Have (you being in a video game) one of the most seriously considered ontological theories by your scientists

Existential complications - Crash your game

Beaver megastructure - Make a dam to a river and turn at least 10% of your continents land area into an endorheic basin in aware stage

Post gastronomy - Feed everyone with protein powder and carbonhydrate powder and other powders

Who’s stopping me from writing an already thought of idea - Make a species that doesn’t have 100% efficient digestion (there remains methane) or produces the gas itself and eats flint or has sparking bones and uses these to breathe fire

Universal parasite - Feed from every (large) species in your patch

Mithridatism - Inject your monarch with small doses of poison to build immunity

Uselessizing armour - Evolve to produce acids to penetrate calcium carbonate armour

Manual reader - Read every entry in the in game encyclopedia

Hanging gardens - Make a creature with fractal symetry that is suspended in air or water

Haplogroup convergence - Have a surname system that passes from one parent for so long that almost everyone has the same surname

No, not that one - Have amonia poisoning while you are starving in phosphate (or vice versa)

Autotroph generalist - Have rusticyanin, cloroplast, chemoplast, thermoplast and radioplast at the same time

Cannibal by mistake - Engulf another species that engulfed your species in cell stage

High point of endosymbiosis - Have an organelle or nucleus that is surrounded with 3 layers of cell membrane

Weak dna - Coat a piece of uranium with glukose so another cell eats it and dies

Self fertiliser - Make a plant that can use the nitrogen in the air

Adventurous dust - Have a raindrop or a snowflake form around you in cell or multicellular stage

Pre life - Meet an empty cell membrane

Vee get yuu - Use your conjugation pili as a grapling hook, connect yourself to two other cells in a v shape, wait for a cell to pass in front of you and then pull on those two other cells to have a burst of speed forward and puncture your dinner with a predetory pillus

Cell merger - Merge two spaceships in space and make the resulting object operational in less than a day

Jake suit - Wear another species

Transformer - Make a species that metamorphesises 4 times in its life cycle

Virutopia - Have an epidemic of a virus which was a computer virus before it printed itself

Bio explosion - Start a fire that burns one third of your planets surface (which had forests)

Malfunctioning ftl - Go through a solar system controlled by a hostile power in relativistic speeds before they notice you

Old tech beats new - Defeat an invasion by aliens who have laser guns by using mirrors and smoke grenades and spectralon

Thats why we do scouting - Send a message to a friendly ship in a laser but that laser hits a gas cloud and photons scatter everywhere and make your position known

Suspicionist - Don’t join a confedetarion everyone except you joined

Adrenalinous journey - Show an alien ambassador your planet in a roller coaster

Fingers crossed - Throw away your last escape pod to correct the course of your spaceships trajectory

Life juice redirected - Puncture your space suit and use the exhaust to get back to the spaceship/station

You can’t eat money… or can you? - Make a currency from food

Escobars kitchen - Be alerted to the condition of your edible wealth with the sudden prevelance of rats

Uncookable - Get caught in a fire tornado and survive

Crawloniser - Ascend without ftl

That’s almost [insert creature name] - Make a creature 90% similar to willosaur, disturbance, blorb or red

Universal education - Make primary education compulsary

Communication across time - Reach a 100% literacy rate in awakening stage

I follow my elite - Get to the space stage with less than 10% literacy

We are a proud people - Lose 100% of your population during a combat to an enemy who spares the lives of everyone who surrenders

Overpowered tribe - Break the sound barrier with spear throwers

Inundation - Flood a reclaimed land during a battle

Wasting energy - Use more than 50% of the energy you are generating in flagellas pointed at the opposite directions

Peace is good. For business. - Make tourism advertisement before industrial stage

Great psychological filter - Don’t leave your planet because you’ve mastered virtual reality

Happily ever after - Stay alive as a creature for a million years in aware or multicellular stage

Bigger ostrich - Make a cell that is 1 meter in diameter

Preference for sour - Make pickleing more common than refrigiration or other methods

Connection severed - Ban all trade through your land and shut down a silk road

Hereditarised immunity - Use a drug for so long that evolve to not enjoy it anymore

Curse for freedom - Use a strenghtening drug to repel an invasion but now you are addicted to it and be mercenaries for one generation

Cicada 3301 - Hire workers for your secret organisation using a puzzle

Hummingbird - Stay in the air by flapping your wings forwards and backwards

Unstable orbits - Have your planets distance to its sun/suns change between aware/industrial stages

Dry periscope - Rise your eyes from the sand like a crocodile in water

This seems like putting it to good use - Give patrionage to a great writer in return for him to constantly praise you

Golden calf - Get back to worshipping your old god which you had denounced

Discipline of gen z- Have a strict moral code which enforces itself with cringe instead of fear

We’re cool now - Ally with a state you nuked

Iconoclasm - Ban paintings and statues

Rays of satan - Have a limited range for your religion to spread because your temples need to be built from ice

Complete vision - Be able to see the light from shortest wavelenghts your star produces to the longest infrared in the coldest enviroment you inhabit

Europa - Enter aware stage by feeding on the chemoplasts or thermoplasts under the ice
Fading lower mesapotamian hegemony - Lose farming productivity due to salt depositing in the topsoil and never fix it

Mobilisation failed - Decide to not declare war after you hurt yourself badly in a false flag operation

Same as yesterday - Change the definition of your mass/weight unit to conceal shrinkflation

Its personal - Get invaded by other states because you fired a general who was too succesful and becoming more popular than you

Hydroportal - Fall into a recently collapsed underwater cave through a whirlpool

Hyperbolica - Explore a non euclidian labryinth

Deflationary heist - Steal so much money that the value of currency increases

Uncanny preservation - To dispose your dead, mummify them and store them like wax figures

Popcorn - Domesticate a crop that pops when cooked

Wormhole infiltration - Capture a walled city by digging a tunnel underneath

Alive ammunition - With your species that can’t fly and hasn’t invented flight but has invented the parachute, throw your paratroopers over the walls with trebuchets

Untaken steps - Arrive in a place no other multicellular life has ever been before society stage

Honorius[27] - Refuse an extremely generous offer

Balistic coeficient - Reach (enter a very high speed here) in a flight (downwards) that does not end in a crash (as an organism)

Vorticella - Reach a speed of 1200 body lenghts per second in cell stage

Farming godpower - Capture an ascended being

You look sus - As a tetrachromat equivalent, expose a color changing impostor that has chromatophores that match your species’s cone cells

Iglo - Build an iglo

The jumping dead - After someone cuts your head, kill him and connect your head to his body

Yummy leg - Eat a part of your body to reduce your energy needs (permenantly or not) when food is scarce

Juvenoia - Have a quarentine breach because there was a trend of approaching scary looking aliens in tik tok

The American dream- Have people go to drive-in cinemas, drive-in grocery stores and drive-in waterslides

Non integer casualties - Eat non essential organs of your preys and then release them

Constant migration - Have an average speed of 20km/h for your species

Venus spin - Keep walking to stay on the same side of the planet

Monthly sleep - Go into a deep sleep and when you wake up estimate the date by looking at the fullness of the moon

Yearly sleep - Go into a deep sleep and when you wake up estimate the date by looking at which constilations are in the sky

Millenial sleep - Go into a deep sleep and when you wake up estimate the date by looking at how much the constilations have changed

Rampant conviction - Imprison 25% of your population

Former professional[28] - Move in circles in cell stage[29]

So, you like (the game’s name) ? - Download another evolution game

Przewalski’s horse - Domesticate a species twice

Political romcom - Accidentaly ally a nation, causing your former ally declaring you an enemy

First steps to intellegence - Approximate pi as 22/7

Ibn batuta - Encounter someone from your town on the other side of the world

Volga-Don Canal - Dig a canal between two seas with no other connection

Dacia - Abandon a province

Tlaxcala - Encircle another country and have a constant war, keeping them as an xp farm

Evil achievement - Uplift a plant as a herbivore because you envy those carnivores who can inflict so much pain

Ain’t no gravity stoping me - Start in a super earth and go to space

Biblicaly accurate angel - Place eyes to have a 360 degrees (also above and below) vision

Where’s my barber - Evolve a species that has a body part (hair, nails, horns, teeth) that doesn’t stop growing

Sail people - Evolve a limb from a former tongue (tissue inside the digestive tract)

Ocean phantom - Use wind to move in the seas

Kinetoplast - Tie yourself to the ground in a river[30] and generate atp from the kinetic energy[31]

Might is right ultra deluxe - Make an argument that you too are an expensionist colonial empire and participate in the slave trade so you too must be added to the league of civilised nations

Monoculture tyranny - Tolerate no undergrowth, also have black leaves

Febuary - Make one time group in your calendar shorter than others because it is believed to be unlucky

Tea - Make a drink that is mostly water

Marsupial - Colonise 3 continents and go extinct in the previous one after every time you move to a new one

The martian - Go back to save one person who you thought was dead and left on a desolate planet

Space jaws - Make a chemical rocket explode with a gunshot

Bikini bottom - Have a sunbathing site around a radioactive spill

Bajau - Settle in the sea as a land creature in awakening/society stage

Random achievement - Have a society where judges and lawyers are also therapists

Refusing to let go - Expand your state by not granting your occupation zone[32] its freedom

Cyrus - Let a minority group return to their previous homelands

Early evolution theory - Hypotesise that different animals are related across longer timeframes and had a common ancestor in awakening stage

  1. connected buildings ↩︎

  2. may or may not be eusocial ↩︎

  3. where breaking a glass cable has an associated message. There is also a cable that says “Oops the previous one was broken by accident. But of course don’t believe me this tower may have been captured by the enemy” ↩︎

  4. by using someone else ↩︎

  5. possibly because there will be an ice age if this is not done ↩︎

  6. named after the achievement in ↩︎

  7. or “Growing the pie” ↩︎

  8. Excluding the ones you get by cheating in a certain way ↩︎

  9. by your future scientists ↩︎

  10. like bodyswapping glitch in spore ↩︎

  11. pulling spot is moving backwards (backwards = when looking at what is being pulled from the pulling spot) ↩︎

  12. slower than the rate it is pulled otherwise the spacecraft wouldn’t have a relative speed with respect to air ↩︎

  13. with observation. This may be the impossible part ↩︎

  14. well they say if an electron has a spin up the electron it is connected to must have a spin down. If we add a third one, the first and the third ones have to be identical, right? At least in spin. Maybe in other aspects too with high technology ↩︎

  15. with respect to the center of mass ↩︎

  16. the rest may be national parks ↩︎

  17. the creature that wants to get rid of the parasites ↩︎

  18. like wheels ↩︎

  19. you yourself can’t do that ↩︎

  20. definition of an island: no place to build a second city ↩︎

  21. remain conscious with no air on lungs ↩︎

  22. monarchs of Russia, Greece, Bulgaria and Mexico went there from Germany. England once requested one from Netherlands ↩︎

  23. nothing comes up when you google it, but in heredotus’s histories, it tells a story where the cnedians were attempting to make a canal on an isthmus, but when their workers had injuries (bad omens), they consulted the oracle in delphi who said “if zeus wanted you to have an island, he would have given you one” they then surrendered to harpagus ↩︎

  24. evolve hybernation and extremophility and wait for the low chance event ↩︎

  25. dying and sinking there is acceptable ↩︎

  26. its 6% in humans ↩︎

  27. who had rome sacked instead of agreeing to give the goths a backwater province to settle ↩︎

  28. reference to spawn system revamp in 0.5.9 ↩︎

  29. have a better least square fit if polar coordinates are used ↩︎

  30. or other constantly moving water ↩︎

  31. I may have red this in the forums but I can’t find it. ↩︎

  32. like the occupation of germany after ww2 or france after napoleonic wars ↩︎

Cosmic frontier - Send a spacecraft to another galaxy

Libraries full of audiobooks - Have an orally transmitted national epic which lasts more than a lifetime to recite

Hades overrules the pope - Die in an earthquake in the middle of being crowned a monarch in a religious or ceramonial building

From each according to his ability - Secretly swich from capitalism to communism by making the amount of money people need to pay for goods proportional to their income, effectively equalising all wages

Communo-Capitalism - Have an anarco capitalist society, but keep count of the wealth of each individual. At the end of each year, gather up the top 1%, exacute them and redistribute their wealth but noone knows who this 1% is so they donate everything they have to charity.

Should I stay or should I go - Beg an artificial intelligence approaching singularity to not ascend and help those who are left behind

Lowly origins - Have a genetic test reveal your claim to the throne being illegitimate because your great grand parent was adopted

Oh BELGIUM - Have a global coalition declare war against you

Hoovering - Find a structure millions of years old

You had to push it didn’t you? - Push a button while exploring a deserted facility and start alarm bells

Heat surveilance - Use very precise measuring devices to listen to sounds a fraction of a decibell and use machine learning to isolate the voice of someone who is on the other side of the planet

Diogenes - Reject a proposal of your wishes fulfilled

Developer - Join the production team

Sponsor - Be a VIP supporter

Linguoregenesis - Revive a dead language

Clean slate - Chose a language that neither has a lot of speakers nor an extensive literary corpus as your official language

Wolf in sheeps clothing - Impersonate someone you ate in aware or awakening stage

Completing the past - Uncover the archeological remains of your species from the every evolution cycle you’ve been through in aware stage

Faking the past - As an archeologist, document a fake fossil to be famous and claim that it was destroyed before dna from it could be extracted. Have a different official history than your real evolutionary progress and have your species believe in that untill you can move millions of light years away with ftl and point your telescopes back at your planet

Cadaver Synod - Remove someone from his grave to hold a trial or torture his bones

Darwinia[1] - Go back in time and copy everyones minds right before they die and put them in a simulation where they can life an afterlife until the computer orbiting a black hole and harnessing its hawking radiation starts to turn into iron

The prophesised doom - Lose a war against the robots because a group of humans were afraid of the wrath of robo’s basilisk and switched sides

Blimp bumper - Shoot down 50 blimps

Squid game - Have a sport where dying isn’t an accident

Hunger games - Have a sport where the players have to be a bear grills

Fecal sac - Don’t have any sewage problems in society stage

House of wisdom - Destroy a library so big that the rivers color turns to the color of the ink

Alternate timeline choices - Earn an achievement that contradicts another one you earned in a another (deleted or not) save file in the same world

Evacuate earth[2] - Evacuate your planet 125 years after your first succesful manned mission to space

Solid milk - Allow your offspring to eat a part of you which regenerates

Frequent return - Start the same game 500 times

They grow up so quickly - Militarily beat an opponent who will one day have the biggest army on the planet/galaxy

Poisinous berry - Kill a cell with poison after being engulfed by it

Hungry? Eat this! - While running away from a cell that is bigger and faster than you, swim towards an iron chunk, engulf it and exocytose it back to the cell that is about to start engulfing you, poison it before you get too much iron yourself

Pasta kiss - Start engulfing a cell at the same time as another cell

Snake eating its own tail - Engulf a cell that is engulfing a cell that is engulfing you

Eye of the storm - As a small cell, have three large cells try to eat you but stay in the gap between them and hybernate there untill all three of them starve to death or two of them push the third one which died the first but escape since now the two are tired and can’t move as fast as before

Bad design shapes - Engulf a part of a cell that has twice the volume as you but is very long and narrow - Engulf a cell you were moving away from because you suddenly grew from eating another cell

Micro rescue - Rescue a cell that is the same species as you that has been engulfed

Half alive pet - Have a symbiote virus that you carry but it only attacks the cells that try to kill you

Some bleeding won’t kill me - Heal after your cell membrane was punctured and you were losing cytoplasm

Some bleeding won’t extinct me - Reproduce[3] after your cell membrane was punctured and you were losing cytoplasm and die right after that

Stuck in armour - Enter through the large pores of a cell wall and kill that cell. Keep having a cell wall even though you can’t produce it yourself

Friends hugging each other - Have a culturel practice of engulfing each other in cell stage

Reverse psychology - To eat a cell with too many spikes, give it some food untill it grows enough that the gaps between the spikes are large enough for you to approach and strike

Cell domestication - Sellectively hunt a cell species into evolving to have bioluminescense

Suffering from succes- As a carnivore, hunt all the herbivores into extinction and then go extinct yourself

Burrying into future - Drag cells you are unable to engulf by merging them into a ball using binding agents and the ones in the center begin to die due to being unable to receive nutrients via diffusion since these cells are unicellular and don’t share stuff with each other

Parasitic cell - Attach yourself to a more succesful cell and drink its cytoplasm slowly as opposed to all at once

Shelterer - Receive payment(substances and helping with osmoregulation) from smaller cells in exchange for engulfing and protecting them from larger cells in times of danger

Hunting epics in cell stage - Kill a shelterer with your teammates

A universe with more orders of magnitude - Due to an error in the game, keep adding cells to your multicellular creature and exponentially increase its size to have 10^80 cells

You may wanna check this out - Design your creature’s fur patterns and put in there the qr code for the rickrolling video

Industrial art - Make a ceramonial steam engine to send as a gift, but also polish and dye the parts inside it so that it is beutiful even in the inside

Is this fine? - To increase revanue, put rules but don’t enforce them until people forget that they exist, and then start issuing fines

Color with texture - Have normal vision and ecolocation at the same time

Magneto - Levitate an animal with metal bones using your electromagnet ability

Magnethrow - Throw ferromagnetic stones without touching them in aware stage

Too adapted to sea - Die in land even though you have lungs

Choosy listener - Never listen a common music[4] for more than 30 seconds by doing actions that trigger other musics

Space victory partially prevented - Destroy the only country that can go to space right after they send colonists to space (there is a habitable planet in your solar system). They will come back for revenge.

Repetative - Name your creature the same as a previous creature

Calm down buddy this doesn’t have to end like this - Threaten your hitman with killing yourself so that he wouldn’t deserve any payment

Techno assasination- Hack a rival politician or businessman’s self driving car while he is in it and drive it off a cliff to mysteriously get rid of competition

Living long enough to have modern disease - Die from canser or hearth disease in aware or awakening stage

Too many streaming services - Have a cinematic universe that is releasing more than 1 second of new footage per second

Anything but this - Veto the same proposal 10 times

Not that I don’t want to pay back - After being unable to collect taxes, get yourself into debt and give out the right to collect taxes to another country

Duel monarchy - Make a society where the next president is decided by a duel to death

Fight makes right - Decide who is right by letting them fight

Signs make science - Decide who is right by interpreting weather events, animal behavior or other signs from gods

Make love, not war - Have a hermafrodite society where every disagreement is resolved by the parties involved procreating and agreeing for their offspring to decide who was right. If you love someone sue him.

The zoom victory - Achieve universal work from home

No representation without taxation - Give citisenship to denizens who consented to paying more taxes than the average citisen

The true will of the people - Achieve direct democracy

Peaceful skynet - Send your people to simulated heaven and continue playing with robots

Me everywhere - Introduce a non sapient version of your species to a planets food web while terraforming it[5]

Completion - Place a colony on every star system in the galaxy.

Inadequate preperations - Go extinct right after you add nucleus to your cell

Disassembler - Move to multicellular having been at some point used 100 evolution points in one evolution cycle on removing organelles

Not like the other 99% - Survive and speciate for long enough that 99% of all branches of life in your planet have went extinct, but not you (the current you)

Garbo the spy went wrong[6] - Have a citisen who claims to have infiltrated the enemy ranks and brought back critical information. Send that citisen to a mental hospital and later get wiped out by the secret weapon he was talking about.

Uninterrupted flora - Have vegetation/farms/horticulture on the roofs of your buildings

Absence period - Go to a subcontinent[7] in awakening stage, go extinct/leave it and don’t return for 20 thousand years

“Voted”[8] into office - Pay the mafia to prevent the people in the regions that don’t vote for you to get to the ballots

You see, there are layers - Sell the indulgence to a better heaven after everyone bought the first one

Pied piper - Send back to nature the non sapient creatures that overran your society center by hypnotising them or tapping into their communication channels

Worry about the other brands - Sell a food that doesn’t taste good but makes the consumer believe that all the other foods are drugs designed to cause addiction

Tactics require flexibility in thinking - Step down for the more radical part of your movement to take power and lose some wars so that you can return with greater authority

Thanks for all the tokens - Go to a primitive planet for intelligence gathering and earn money by always winning in casinos that aren’t inherently random

Economic shenanigans - Pay mercenary thieves to steal a bank’s reserves so that people would panic and deposit their money to other banks associated with you and now you can take more loans[9]

Rules are not for me - Move closer to the poles and shrink in size or move closer to the equator and increase in size (a succesful occupation)

Temporary tattoos - Have a society where hairdressers make quipu calligraphy and the hair of the lowest casts/criminals are cut short (not allowed to have status symbols) or if there is a celebration about youth or rebirth it is shaved (to be like youngsters)

Chimpanzee gossip - Make a species that communicates by pulling each others hair like morse code and the place of articulation is the place of hair on the listener

Senicide - Kill all the old people either because they would retire otherwise and be a financial burden on society or so that they wouldn’t see another loved one in the same age group as them die first

Thanos did nothing wrong - Engineer pathogens that kill random people to solve overpopulation with public wide support

Calm down, vexillologist[10] - Fill the complexity meter in your flag design

Ottawexit - Seccede from a country as a city state (like singapore) and then conquer that country

Terraforming war - Have a war over the future of a planet where one of you is releasing a cell that changes the atmosphere one way and the other one releasing cells that fight with the first ones and also trying to do the opposite and this goes on back and forth maybe escelating to a normal war or making the planet uninhabitable and filled with toxic waste

Storks brought the first man - Lose a lot of fossils because a previous civilisation, as unknown as etruscians, decided there was no reason to store them and destroyed them after excavation and the plastic copies melted in a museum fire or something

Is this taxable? - Tax the internet so much that only a small minority can use it on a daily business

What are the chances - Hit an arrow in the air with another arrow

The original sin - Have a society where people are born with debt and must earn money to pay it back. On the flip side, there are no taxes! Only interest rates that may or may not increase.

Flying pontoon bridge - Connect two sides of a valley by filling it with with helicopters and building over them

Psychohistory - Calculate when a friendly regime will take power, put yourself to hybernation and reach there with a slow speed

Look at the baby mountain goats - Send interesting signals to a planet so that they’ll turn their telescopes to you while another signal hits which you don’t want them to hear

Africa the Neptune - Hypotesise the existance of another landmass either because hurricanes don’t get as big as they would have or because sands fertilise your rainforests

  1. the book. I don’t know about the video game ↩︎

  2. an old documentry ↩︎

  3. send plasmids during conjugation ↩︎

  4. that can start playing even if you stand still and do nothing ↩︎

  5. In spore, I had thought of starting with my creature on another planet using the evoadvantage cheat, and then finding that planet with my original empire, seeding the creature to universe, uplifting them and buying their planets in order to bypass three cities per planet limit. ↩︎

  6. in a parallel universe where he is british and there is a secret weapon ↩︎

  7. a few patches? ↩︎

  8. quotation marks required ↩︎

  9. to make bigger investments or equip larger armies ↩︎

  10. flags are adviced to be simple and not contain stuff like text which can’t be seen from afar ↩︎


Jack frost was here: evolve on a frozen planet.
Wait, the timeline is wrong: invent computers before nukes.
The timeline is right: invent nukes before computers.
That’s not WWI: start a global war that doesn’t involve trench warfare.
That’s WWI, not WWII: start a second global war that involves trench warfare.
Are you sure that’s WWIII?: start a third global war that doesn’t involve nukes.
You have to be kidding me: reach WWX without using nukes.
I didn’t have time to clean my gun: start a war that only last 3 hours.
A big dwarf: creates an interstellar empire that is small, territorially speaking, in comparison with any galactic empire of science fiction, but is bigger than those empires in terms of population.
Melting the situation: make a cold war become hot.
Cooling things: make a hot war become cold.
The Canadian empire: conquer the planet as a pacifist nation.
Goauld vs Yeerks: as a parasitic sapient species, find, and declare war, another parasitic sapient species.
You are frozen: in any stage, watch how your planet become an ice planet.
What is water?: evolve on a dry planet.

  • Strength doesn’t matter if you can’t show up in the frontlines: Destroy an orbital ring on a planet belonging to a civ you are at war or about to have war

  • Global Qin: Collapse in a bloody rebellion right after unifying the planet

  • Coalition of singapores: Control top 10 most populated cities but less than 10% the planets land area

  • Still a thalassocracy, right?: Give a colony independence over its land, but not its seas or fishing rights

  • The same brain which discovered fire: Ascend without changing to another species, fully or partially replacing your brain with mechanical parts or doing genetic modifications

  • Too many people to corrupt: On a state with seperation of powers, spend more money to buy their loyalty than what you would need if you were just doing a military invasion, not counting the warmongering penalties in diplomacy as a cost

  • Capital zone: Buy so much land that if the lands you bought were a country it would have had the biggest land area in the world, even more than your other lands

  • Watching as it goes: Export food while you are starving

  • You do you: Allow a state to place troops inside your borders after two friendly states warned you that you will be attacked

  • Cashlord cannot be defied: Use a country or autonomous region refusing to use your currency as a justification for war

  • The best education for our interests: Open schools in other countries to spread your religion or increasing the minorities desires to rebel

  • Cosmic cattle: Have a traffic accident between two transport vehicles, one carrying living animals to the sloughterhouse, other carrying parts of an unfinished spacecraft to the factory

  • Textile hyperdemand: Have a society where people throw the clothes they wear to trash every day for the new ones to be manufactured in their stead

  • Twinkling skies: Record 20 supernovas in society/industrial stages

  • Cosmic time limit: Make it to space before 5 supernovas become visible in the sky

  • Habsburg: Control land surrounded by land you don’t control

  • Desired formerly beyond reach understanding: Improve your knowledge of maths to prove an equation you purchased from an alien civ which you use in engineering

  • Fool of you to depend on me: Attack a state which bought all its defence systems from you, hence cannot fire back (industrial/space)

  • Mandate of ruler: Ask your population to rebel to a governer you are unable to remove yourself

  • The party switch: Have your two major parties switch on what they support

  • Infinite equal possibilities: Spread contradicting theories after your state secrets were leaked so that it wouldn’t be possible to know which version is correct

  • The restaurant victory: Have a society where people don’t have kitchens in their homes where they assemble and process raw materials, everyone eats outside or buys pre made food

  • Ethical nuke: Warn your enemy beforehand and nuke a city with (potentially) no casualties

  • All roadsigns point to Jerusalem: Make your holy city on a magnetic north which isn’t covered with ice on your planet[1]

  • Life as it was recorded: Reach space stage early and find Earth while humans are still primitive, and uplift them[2]

  • Heavenly ray: Get hit by a lightning

  • Roy Sullivan: Get hit by a lightning more than once

  • Temptor: Have a sessile female and mobile male

  • Squirrels carrying tree dna: Be a temptor, but your females do photosynthesis

  • Plantigrade plant: As a plant, evolve plantigrade locomotion

  • Multigenerational journey: Have a migration pattern (which is essential and not repetitive) that lasts more than a lifetime and reproduce 10 times before evolving

  • Cyrus in the making: Play with the other kids in your tribe, impress them and make them agree that you should be their leader when you grow up (aware/awakening/after those?)

  • Diatom turtle: Have a silica exoskeleton

  • Built in glass: Have an eye lens that is made from glass

  • Step on spiky lego: Synthesize sharp pieces from glass or cellulose in aware stage and place them down like a hunting trap so that those that step on it would get splinters and bleeding damage

  • Horns from kidney: Make a body part or projectiles from salt crystals in an enviroment with high salt content

  • Behind shower[3]: Be transparent and have the same refractive index as water to hide from predetors (multicellular/aware)

  • Rethrowee[4]: During a battle, catch an explosive or toxic gas releaser and throw it back[5], giving damage to an enemy soldier

  • Explosion to prevent explosion: Detonate an explosive near a nuke to destroy it and to prevent it from having a nuke style explosion

  • Double predation: Leap and swing (brachiate) in a partially submerged forest to escape from a predetor moving the same way you do while a swimming predetor[6] is jumping from water to catch both of you and it can jump as high as the branches that can carry your weight go. Survive this encounter.

  • I only need to run faster than you: Start running from a predetor which just appeared, you escaping and the other one being eaten alive

  • Hard to breathe: Make a mobile heterotroph that is 1 meter in length in a planet with an atmosphere that is 25% carbon dioxide.

  • Constant drunkedness: In an anaerobic world, be an animal which makes energy by fermenting carbonhydrites into alcohol

  • Orbital destroyer: As a type 2 civilisation, have 70% of the oneill cylinders orbiting your star get at least 1 au away from it after a war

  • Hand warmer for dimetrodon: As a coldblooded species, after spending a lot of time sunbathing in previous stages, always carry a heater with you whenever you go outdoors

  • Complying to diffusion speed: As a species that can’t normally breathe underwater, hibernate with your lungs filled with water

  • Micro nitro: Throw a jet of liquid to reach a cell that is normally faster than you[7]

  • Primordial siege: With at least three cells, wait around a large cell whose only defence is surrounding itself with toxin clouds. Wait until the toxins disolve and the cell gets too malnourished to produce more and then kill it

  • Starving the plants: Siege a plant cell/colony by surrounding it with your opaque cells

  • Lively fashion: Have a culture where people surgically place living organisms inside their tissues like dermal fillers. Advantage: it moves and wiggles by itself although some may call this animal cruelty.

  • The purge: Have a day every year when no crime is punished and hospitals don’t provide service

  • The suprise purge: Every day throw a 365,25 sided dice and if it lands on the correct side, that day is the purge day. Isn’t that perfect?

  • Interstellar sociology: Get abducted before space stage, but before they can complete their research, their funding is retracted, so they toss you away, and you try to get back to your planet by hitchiking, but the universe is large, so you fail and decide to settle with other abductees you met along the way, telling your stories around a campfire and forming a close knit community, and this was the research subject all along and they drop you guys to your home planets.

  • Math homework as child labor: Don’t send every school kid the same maths homework. Have a society (before the invention of calculators) where the calculations that need to be done are sent to schools and results are retrieved the next day. The children are used as a computer(occupation). And to check if the results are correct, use the same system in captcha, send two questions one you know the answer, if that’s correct, assume the other one is correct too.

  • We don’t need no education: Have a species where the unborn children in the womb have a neural connection with their mother, and recieve from her her expertise, memories and ideology[8]

  • Why haven’t we done this already: Discover the brain region responsible for iq[9]. Remove 5% of it from everyone on your planet and connect the pieces you collected[10]. Now you have a giant brain with millions of iq. You can ask it anything and the correct answer will come. The only thing you need to do is to supply it with data from experiments it requested so that it would know what the laws of physics in this universe are.

  • Jobs for the living: Have 50% of your population work in goverment jobs which would have been incompetitive in the free market which was seen as an alternative to universal basic income after automation in every sector

  • Gravity detox: Have a “black hole merger tourism” because a part of your population believes being subjected to low but above average levels of gravitational waves have magical healing powers

  • Arctic survivor: Survive 1/10th of a day in an enviroment that is as below the freezing temperature of water as the boiling tempreture is above it[11]

  • Thin wet barrier: (non lawk) Mine ice from below the seas in society/industrial (in a planet where life doesn’t use a liquid that floats when frozen)

  • Intentional titanic: Put engines on glaciers and use them to ram other ships in a naval battle

  • Union with scotland: As a state formed after the fall of an empire, take control of a land that had resisted that empires expansion

  • Stonehenge as a goalpost: Place an ancient structure you unearthed in a sports stadium

  • Anyway, here is the other contestant: In an olimpics, while introducing the two states that are going to compete with each other, read two contradicting historical accounts[12] or a supernatural event that isn’t believed by one of them

  • Write-in victory: Win an election after the majority of people wrote your name in the section “if you didn’t like any of the candidates above, write your suggestion here”

  • One leg: Have one leg and move by jumping

  • Jumpyation: Mount a 1 legged creature as a 2 or more legged creature

  • Legisation[13]: Evolve legs from toes after having one leg

  • Not interested in rocks: Ascend without ever colonising any planet other than your homeplanet

  • Diasporist: Have more citisens living in other civ’s cities/planets than your own ones

  • Skypull: Have a space battle over a inhabited planet with the combined mass of the ships surpassing that of the planet

  • Switzerland: Be the only power not engaging in a global conflict

  • Like in the movies: Enter an enemy base from its ventilation system

  • Going below the water gate: Capture a walled city with a river going throgh it by using submarines (easier to do if submarine warfare isn’t known and they only take precautions against ships)

  • Quantum tunneling nomadic army: Move your steppe army on horseback to another landmass during low tide and there is another steppe on the other side

  • Surgically removing a part of the universe: Fix or contain a true vaccum bubble expanding in the speed of light (space/ascencion)

  • Faster than light demise: Go extinct after a true vacuum infests your ftl network

  • Noaterfall: (ascencion) Make a waterfall so long that the water turns into a mist and people standing right under the waterfall wouldn’t notice there was a waterfall

  • It is possible in minecraft: Climb a waterfall on a submarine[14], possibly in a very low gravity planet

  • Choosy but talented: Get the top 5% of the hardest achievements[15] without getting any of the top 10% of the easiest achievements

  • Geologic band aid: Start an ice age so that ice sheets would prevent the eruption of a supervolcano that is getting more active every day[16] (society/industrial/early space)

  • String phone: Make a telephone infrastructure that uses strings to physically transmit the sound. And there are amplifier stations, basically one guy listen to what you say and shout it to the next string like a simultaneous interpretor

  • I feel like an escelator would be more helpful: Build a zigzaging road for cars to climb to a 45° incline

  • I came to do nothing: Land on the center of the biggest city in a primitive world and do nothing while the locals throw their strongest weapons at you, until they get used to your presence and get back to what they were doing before, probably with the region around you now abandoned and constantly monitored

  • More nothing: After life becomes normal, move your spacecraft to the second biggest city to frighten the locals one more time the same way

  • Outstanding clock: Have a mechanical time keeping tower be operational continiously for 2000 years before space stage

  • Autotomy: Drop a part of your body after a predetor grabs it

  • Things we take for granted: Don’t use the same opening for eating and speaking

  • Blood brethren: (aware) Be able to share your blood with others, have one person specialise at eating and everyone connect to him when hungary. When someone survives a disease, have everyone connect to him. When someone is going through hypotermia, replace his cold blood for a quick recovery.

  • Absurd way to abuse the system: Perform a denial of service attack to a judicial system (which jails people who demand to be sent to jail so that they wouldn’t commit any crimes to achieve that) so that not all those people can be jailed and you recieve compensation

  • Bridger: Build 100 bridges on a river before space stage

  • Neglected lives: Lose 1 million lives because you have placed a residential area and forgot to connect it to anywhere else

  • Floodship[17]: Send a ship to rescue people from the high floors of buildings which are now floors in the sea level

  • Ghost city: Have less than 50% of the buildings occupied in one of your cities

  • Questions about the past: Meet the alien species that had left artifacts in your solar system

  • Never gonna wake you up: Survive a disease which has an incubation period of years and has infected a whole planet by making it stay incubated forever

  • Cosmic miner: Mine 10% of a non radioactive element in the galaxy

  • Wow.: Trade a work of art for a planet

  • Economic justification: After a state declares bankrupcy, pay its debt to its loaner to purchase the right to invade it

  • Polar lights: (easy achievement)(aware/awakening) See an aurora (borealis or australis)

  • World peace wasn’t the end of history: Expend your military allience to include all the planet. Then have its collective defense clause be activated.

  • Filter feeder: Feed from creatures 1000 times smaller than you

  • Speedrunner: When ranking the shortest time for ascension of every player[18], get to the top 10% of the list[19]

  • Ecclesiastic control: Have every city that follows your religion be in your control. Have no followers outside your state.(Also make majority of your cities follow your religion)

  • Unending war: Make war for 100 days while losing 1% or more of your soldiers[20] every day

  • Don’t worry, your estimated travel time is the worst case scenerio: Make a spaceship and send it to the nearest star. Then, improve your technology and send a faster spaceship to the same star, picking up the crew of the previous one along the way. Then, make the third spaceship and pick up the crew of the previous two (early space stage)

  • Thrived: Be the creature with the most biomass on your planet while there are 50 or more species

  • Exclusive road: Build a road for a minority to use and other drivers can’t use it because it requires polygonal wheels

  • Inside new management: As a symbiotic creature, have your host be eaten and continue functioning in another species

  • Non linear view of history: Reverse a great oxygenation event (before awakening)

  • Double riding: Use two mounts at the same time[21]

  • A violent world: After changing the name of your “ministry of war” into “ministry of defence”, be attacked because that was seen as a sign of weakness

  • You don’t deserve me: Refuse a royal marriage proposal coming from someone you proposed in the past, before you attained great power or wealth

  • Global nepotism: Put your relatives to the throne of every country

  • Zeppelivin’: Evolve air bladders for flight

  • Methane baloon: As a baloon-like species, store methane to fly which doubles as food

  • Surrounded by nature: Have 20 fatalities to wildlife while trying to climb a mountain to place a water tower or an internet tower

  • Cyber gold: Switch from a minarel currency to digital money with no abstract steps in between

  • Uninviting atmosphere: Have a meeting between 4 or more alien species where all but one has to wear a space suit

  • Inception: Influence the dreams of someone to have him do something you want

  • It can even write integers with a finite number of digits: Use the golden ratio as your number base

  • Not into naming, huh?: Stick to the random name generator the whole game

  • Alexandria: Name 15 cities after one person

  • Greco bactria: Conquer a land populated by your co-ethnics

  • Wrong route: Die from bleeding damage or poisoning[22] while going through thorny bushes

  • Lawn grazer: Have a grazing animal like goat in every household with a garden and have widespread milk/egg/blood product consumption

  • Omniadopted [goverment type]: Have a goverment type (like democracy, monarchy) be the only type in your planet (while there are 4 or more countries and no country has 50% the global land area)

  • Bangladesh: Have more population than a state which has 115 times the land area of you

  • Relax days: Have a society where 1 out of 2 days is a holiday

  • Calender reform: Start cancelling national holidays because there are too many and they hamper productivity[23]

  • Upper egypt is in north east: Don’t put north or south as the up direction in your maps, use east, west or a tilted axis before you discover the whole world

  • All black but here: Start a civilisation billions or trillions of years in the future and think your galaxy is the only galaxy in the universe

  • 0 sick or healthy: As a micronation, issue a covid lockdown while 100% of your population is out of the country doing vacation in the bahamas

  • Prestige wars: Start the construction of a (world?) wonder but have it last long. When your neighbor sends you precious stones (as a gift) to mock your financial situation and to question your ability to complete the project, order those stones to be mixed with the cement of the building and complete the project before that ruler dies or is deposed

  • Carpet master khoresh fesenjan: Make a carpet the size of rhode island

  • Yeah… I can see how these are the same deity: Make a syncretism between two gods with opposite attributes (like war and peace or prosperity and humility)

  • Impossible odds: Win a war while outnumbered 30 to 1 (before space stage, without using robot armies)

  • Punishing the seas: Attack the water with swords and spears and whips

  • Young enough to excel: Do something to earn a nickname while your ruler hasn’t become an adult yet

  • The miracle of jesus: Have 12 friends in your 30s

  • Rise and fall: Hibernate while a species colonises the whole galaxy and goes extinct

  • Attached to high tech: Move at a speed you can’t achieve yourself by attaching your ship to a bigger ship belonging to an empire you are at war with and not being noticed

  • Almost fell: Skip from the atmosphere of a planet

  • Atlantis sinks: Sink a floating station to underwater to preserve energy for the forcefield while being bombarded from space

  • The attero device: Disable ftl[24]

  • Unnaturally full of dungeons and dragons: Start the game in a downloaded world instead of a seed

  • One wrong step: Fall into the backrooms

  • Sugar heaven: (cell stage) Start in a world filled with glucose clouds in maximum density

  • Free moving creature in editor: (multicellular) Click the evolve botton right before a creature started eating you. Enter the editor with that creature next to you. Use all your mutation points on placing cells which that creature instantly eats, and now you can’t even leave the editor because you can’t have a colony of 0 cells.

  • Grabby aliens: Play in multiplayer and have one player enter into space stage while another one is still a cell

  • Viral: Upload a thrive video to youtube and recieve 50.000 views or more

  • Returner: Open the game 10 years after you first opened it

  • I am the Garry: Encounter a dev in a multiplayer server

  • Liked ecosystem: Have your homeplanet be downloaded by 1000 people manually

  • Untolerable theological position: Make your missionary have a diologe with a missionary of another religion, which grows into a fist fight and one of them becomes a martyr

  • There are always differences: Have a religious war with another sect after the whole world converts to the same religion

  • Heretical lies: Order unearthed artifacts or discovered texts to be destroyed because they contradict your teachings

  • Removing too many parts: Lose 50% of your cells during fetus development to autolysis

  • A weak link: Go extinct because of your bad performence in one metamorphosis stage even though you excel in others

  • Eary: Have ears that protrude into the air for 1/2 your body length

  • Cushioned: Fall from a great heigth on top of another creature, you survive and it dies

  • Bombification: As a plant, evolve an explosive manner to spread your seeds

  • Ammo grows on trees: (awakening/society) Use explosive pine cones that exist in your planet as grenades

  • Propolis abundance: Secrete enough material (present right now) to cover the surface of your planet with 1 meter of that substance

  • Demolish sand castle: Shoot a termite mound that your species builds with a catapult/trebulchet

  • Hollywood solution to reverse climate change: Detonate reserves of methane under the permafrost to prevent an ice age

  • Walt disney frozen: Cryofrosft 90% of your population before the discovery of biological immortality

  • Boomers with guns: Have a reactionary counter revolution made by people waking up from hibernation

  • Don’t you want freedom?: Have a monarchist uprising

  • Poorly worded: As an AI, destroy and replace your creators by interpreting their orders in a different way

  • We could use some plague: No longer have advancements in medicine because there aren’t any terminally ill patients left who volunteer to dangerous experiments

  • Cannibal doctors: Catch your researchers feasting on dead bodies after too many of those were donated to science

  • Monetised healthcare: Put planned obsalescence on the drugs you sell

  • Attracting guano: Give nectar to migratory birds in return for their guano

  • Constant starvation: Stay in 1/10th or below in hunger bar for 1/2 a year[25]

  • Disco of planetary proportions: Turn your moon into a giant disco ball in disco mode

  • Marvel vs Dc: Activate the disco mode and fight an ascended being

  • Escape from the fiery air: Enter space stage after your planet was hit by an asteroid that will melt its surface. After that rebuild your civilisation

  • High acceleration in space travel: While having a close flyby with a spaceship you are at war, throw a harpoon at them and then evacuate all your personelle on escape pods before they are affected by the sudden deceleration.

  • High deceleration required: (continuing from above) your opponent has predicted this and they too threw their personelle on escape pods. Now both the spaceships are inactive in space and there are people in escape pods moving away from them. Bring all your escape pods(which have ion drives) to one spot and engineer something to get to the spaceships before the other ones do.

  • Urban feudalism: Have 90% percent of the homes not owned by people who live there but by landlords

  • Toxic fertility: Build your first city next to a volcano

  • Pompei: Lose a city to a volcanic eruption

  • Nazbol: Be culturally right wing ultranationalist and economically left wing socialist

  • Nuclear accelerationism: Push for nuclear armament and hope to remain the strongest ideology after a nuclear war (it is an ideology modifier and needs a base ideology. Called posadism if that ideology is communism)

  • Homosupremecism: Kill all heterosexuals. Reproduce “without liking it” or with technological assistance.

  • Randomocracy: Chose public officials with a (fair) lottery. There is now zero corruption but ruler stats equal to the average education level.

  • Technocracy: Chose public officials with a test on those fields.

  • The way of god: Chose public officials by who memorises the religious texts the best

  • Only fresh minds: Only allow people younger than 18[26] to vote.

  • Long constitution: Put a clause in your very long constitution which says “hey, if anyone reads this, call this number and get 1 million dollars” and then have a protest where protesters chant “for a decent way of life” and making a reference to that law.

  • This is the celestial horse I was talking about: Make contact with a primitive world only to be met with a shaman on drugs claiming to be your best friend

  • You are going to love me: Make a roman style triumph in a country after invading it as a foreigner

  • Synthetic nationalism: Make your national anthem from electronic music

  • Jazzing the troops: Make war music from electronic music

  • Misjudged: Have a decrease in happiness after improving the citisens wellbeing because of one influential newspaper

  • Oppurtunity missed: Survive a mass extinction as a generalist small animal and still be that after all the nieches were filled again

  • Not very nice of you: Have a still operational united nations condemn a world war

  • Deagriculturilisation: Lose the ability to farm and have a population crash because you standardised all the crops and they caught a disease because of low genetic diversity

  • Carthagenian demise: Throw salt to the ground at a place so that the inhabitants can’t grow crops anymore

  • Those dangerous microlignins: In a world with plastic trees, invent wood

  • Biogeyzer: As a sessile species, throw your seeds with water high into the air to use the winds

  • No need for big muscles or physiology: Make a regiment consisting of gliders who power their flight with pole vaulting

  • Stick’y jumper: Evolve the ability to pole vault

  • Good luck pushing on mud: Chose a location with no hard ground as a battleplace to nullify the opponents pole vaulting ability[27]

  • Outsmarting the mudheads: Add snowshoe to your pole vault

  • Raw spagetti legs: Make a legged air wehicle and its legs are pole vaults

  • Curse those triple jumpers: Earn the olympic medal for long jump, double jump and quadruple jump but not the triple jump

  • How dare you electrocute my tribal leader: Go to a war with a tribe because right when you met and were shaking hands you had a static electricity shock

  • You look so electro cute: Make a species which seduces the other gender by writing poems in electricity

  • Beauty in simplicity: Ask an awakening species whose homeworld you colonised if they want to come ascend with you and take the answer “nah, we have everything we want in here”

  • Mean visitor: (space stage) Beam up a society/industrial stage alien from its city and drop it to the wild

  • Interventionist visitor: (space stage) Change the tide of a war in a primitive planet

  • Monetising prime directive: Have a stock market where advanced alien civilisations bet on what happens in pre space stage worlds

  • Zeus is gonna get mad if he hears prometheus introducing fire: Influence a planet under monetised prime directive without getting caught

  • Ent love life: Go extinct because all our females or males went to another patch for soulsearching and never returned

  • Oakenshield: Take a tree branch and use it as a shield right before you were slain

  • Building a wall around our problems: After sieging an ecumenopolis[28] and fighting in the corridors for a long time, decide to pour concrete between the floors you captured and the floors you didn’t. And settle on the surface of the planet.

  • Siege of alesia but in space: Control the middle floors of an ecumenopolis[29] while the lower and the higher levels are controlled by the same power

  • Weaponising radiotherapy*: After your city was taken hostage and they threathened to blow everyone up, send radiation from all directions which only reach dangerous levels on the spot you want to strike

  • Happy celebrations: Make a truce in a day like christmas

  • Ecumenostellapolis[30]: Turn a star into a city (this is better than a dyson swarm which passively feeds on a stars fusion with no control over its speed and no acces to the mass)

  • Legolas: Have enough precision to shoot a spaceship from a lightminute away

  • Demammalification: As a former birth giver, start laying eggs

  • Giant chicken: Be a bipedal apex predetor of the highest weight class and have a beak attack type

  • They can’t siege: Have your whole country be raided without losing any cities

  • Year of six emperors: Have 6 emprerors in one year (one at a time)

  • Mystery beast: Cause a megafauna in your planet to go extinct without ever discovering it

  • Slow ship: Design a ship which moves slightly faster than a river and make it move 1/10 equators upstream with respect to the ground and 3/10 equators with respect to the water

  • Diminished speed: Keep a cell slowed inside mucilage until it starves

  • Cloud avoider: Enter multicellular without ever eating compound clouds. Use only the compounds present in the enviroment but invisible

  • Stick to the original: Enter space stage with the city you started in society stage still as your capital

  1. imagine having a magnetic pole reversal and your compasses start showing the holy city of the heretics and the compasses of heretics point to your city ↩︎

  2. other achievements for finding them developed ↩︎

  3. the thing that shows behind it ↩︎

  4. the thing that was thrown again ↩︎

  5. or use a tennis racket ↩︎

  6. like a shark ↩︎

  7. and eat it ↩︎

  8. similar to how human babies recieve antibodies ↩︎

  9. as opposed to something like regulating body temperature ↩︎

  10. with immunity repressors and antibiotics and mechanicly filtering and adding oxygen and glucose to the blood that is being fed ↩︎

  11. if water boils in 100° and freezes in 0°, survive in -100°. The required temperature also depends on how high in a mountain you are. Stopping your bodily functions and then restarting doesn’t count. ↩︎

  12. for example: hittites and egyptians both claiming to have won the battle of kadesh ↩︎

  13. not to be confused with legislation ↩︎

  14. in your homeworld ↩︎

  15. according to steam data ↩︎

  16. according to MinuteEarth, glaciers stop normal volcanos, I don’t know if they would also stop supervolcanos ↩︎

  17. This isn’t a good name but couldn’t think of anything ↩︎

  18. those who have internet connection ↩︎

  19. no more than 10% of players can have this achievement, unless more people enter the list at some point and then exit ↩︎

  20. which may or may not be replenished ↩︎

  21. example: ride a horse like animal and have another animal on top of the horse which is a small animal with elephant tusks ↩︎

  22. caused by the bushes ↩︎

  23. like the yearly celebration of the current rulers nephew losing his baby teeth ↩︎

  24. not from the game settings, build a device in the game which prevents ftl travel it in its range ↩︎

  25. also: constant dehydration ↩︎

  26. or whatever 18 corresponds to ↩︎

  27. which you don’t have ↩︎

  28. and they don’t run out of energy because they have matter to energy conversion catalyzers ↩︎

  29. with extensive vertical growth in both directions ↩︎

  30. I made up that name ↩︎

Life cheat # 1: in space stage, uplift an aquatic civ.
Now you are doing it out of spite: after ascension, create an aquatic civ.
Mongol, mongol: conquer an ancient sedentary civ with a coalition of nomadic tribes.
Hello, General Custer: in society or industrial stage, lose 75% of your soldiers in any battle.
The empire is strong in this one: in space stage, conquer 15 planets
Nemo Ramjet was here: found a planet where creatures have two heads: one above the other.
The Qu: in space stage, downlift and make extreme genetic modifications to any enemy you defeat.
You made 50gens happy: win any achievement made by 50gens.
Legends can pie: create a civ where cakes are the most popular food.
Hey, this is Tatooine: evolve on a desert planet that has two suns.
The Anti-Temptor: evolve a creature where females are motile and males are sessile.
Here be Dragons: evolve an hexapedal flying creature that, also, can spit fire.
Paraguay is here: lost half of your dominant sex in any war.
My hoovecraft is full of eels: invent a translator that doesn’t work that well.
Everything floats: evolve a creature that floats.
Is raining men, aleluya: invade a country by air.
Oh, great, now how am i going to get out of here?: evolve on a ocean world.
Oops: crash any vehicle into a tree.
Watch out for that tree: crash any creature into a tree.
Let me guess, your leader is called Big Brother, am i right?: in industrial stage, managed to create a world ruled by 3 tyrannies.
Worldfall: in industrial stage, be invaded by two alien civilizations at the same time.
Ok, this is too much: be invaded by three alien civilizations at the same time.
Belgium, belgium, belgium: be invaded by four alien civilizations at the same time.


Suprised to see me?: Use a previously undiscovered waterway[1] to launch a suprise naval attack to a country who thinks you don’t have ships in their sea
Don’t eat my ship: Lose your navy (military or otherwise) to a biological disaster
Almost each time: Have 80% succes in catching prey
Eurasian architecture: Have a korean style roof on top of a building with greek style columns
I can’t change your mind but I can change you: Attract migrants to prevent a region from seceding in the next referendum
I eat and I will eat: Have a species that has to burn 2/3rds of the calories it consumes by doing sports, othervise it becomes obese
In the name of the queen: Put a colony on every island on the planet
Prester john: Discover a state that speaks your language or believes in you religion or has your ideology while there are other states in between
Backup noses: Have 4 or more holes used in breathing
Backup nose failed: Drown when you have 4 or more holes to breathe
Reverse straw: Use a 15 meter long snorkel in awakening stage
City of a hundred planets: Have 100 sentient alien species occupying one city[2]
We have the better soldiers: Win a duel before a battle
Insider experience: Play 50 wars in organism mode
Wakanda: Play as a developed isolationist society while the world around you goes back to stone age and advances again
Unexpected winner: After being a small state and another state controlling 3/4ths of the planet, you be the one that unifies the planet
Old school: Play a version of thrive before the 1.0 update

  1. or one that your opponent doesn’t know about ↩︎

  2. and one of them is you ↩︎

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The Penguin squad: play as a civ of sapient penguins.
The bus came back: revive a species that was thousands of years extinct.
Thriving in the situation: in the celular stage, reach a population of 10000 cells in an hostile enviroment.
The volcanic protocol: in aware stage, survive the effects of a volcanic eruption.
The fury of the peak: in awakening stage, survive the effects of a supervolcanic eruption.
Deja Vu: in industrial stage, watch how a game similar to spore is made, and years later, a game similar to thrive is made.
We have so many gods: create, and play as, a polytheistic nation.
We only need one god: create, and play as, a monotheistic nation.
We don’t have any deities: create, and play as, an atheistic nation.
Erasing deities one by one: starting as a polytheistic nation, reduce the number of gods until you are left with no one.
That’s why we have a prime directive: in space stage, give some of your technology to an industrial stage species, and watch them eliminate themselves in few years thanks to that.
You are an acient astronaut: Uplift an alien species for the first time.
Prime directive? never heard of it: Uplift 10 alien species.
I will call you “progenitor”: Uplift 100 alien species.
How did this happened?: find a lost colony of your own species.
That’s why we have bureocracy: find 10 lost colonies of your own species.
Bad father: find 100 lost colonies of your own species.
This is my last resort: in society stage, have your nation being reduced to one city.
Crawling in my skin: evolve a crawling creature.
David Brin is going to sue us: in space stage, creates a society where an species uplift another, and then, that uplifted creature uplift another creature.
My babies eat strange things: evolve a species which babies need to grow inside a dead body of another species.
Xenomorphing: evolve a species which babies need to grow inside a living body of another species.


Caucaus and transcaucasus: Control two areas with a mountain in between and seas in both sides
Denmark and italy: As a group originating in a peninsula(like the normans), take control of a peninsula at the other side of the continent without any of the land in between
Hey, uh, do you remember me?: After making contact with an alien species, don’t talk to them again for a thousand years and then ask a meeting for an urgent matter
Swarmed: Take down a mothership with only fighters (space stage)
It is a small galaxy: Build or discover 100 wormholes
Gateway to extermination: After having everything you build there being destroyed, evacuate as many people as possible, take samples of the enemy and destroy the wormhole and start theorising on how to defeating them if your paths ever cross again
Calvin[1]: Have everyone be killed in a space station examining an alien organism
Skipper: Ascend one more time in a new game, but this time collect half as many achievements as before
But you promised!: Do nothing while a planet or a city state under your protection is invaded
Trisolarian probe: Destroy the whole space fleet of a planet or an empire with a single spaceship
No head cutting?: Topple the monarch and give him a normal desk job
Nothing left to learn: Be a post science civilisation
We know enough: Ban science
Polaris: Colonise your north star, by north I mean the hemisphere you started the society stage
Anti polaris: Colonise the star that is at the opposite side of polaris
Anti democratic: Win an election with the vote of people from the state or the cast that allows them to vote more than once, while there is another candidate who has a higher number of people voting for him
Sneaky plan to subvert the electoral college: Have a different election outcome because the voter representetives didn’t vote for the candidate the people they represent voted for
Donatocracy: Have a society where voting is done by money and the candidate who convinces its supporters to donate the most is elected, and he stays on power as long as he wants but isn’t allowed to collect taxes[2], he has to use his election money as goverment budget
Debate to chose the ruler: Have a society where the ruler is chosen by putting all the candidates in one room and waiting until they debate and agree on who would be the best ruler. Usually ends in a an endurance race of who survives starvation and thirst the longest.
Ceaesar is a diocletian: In society stage, have a system of chosing dictators during times of war in a democracy and keep having it until space stage without anyone becoming a “dictator for life”
Inspector: Report 5 new bugs
Diverse achiever: Earn an achievement from every class of achievements

Maybe these ones could be forum achievements:
Debugger: Program a solution to a bug that had existed for [a large amount of time]
Contributer: Write 5% of the code of thrive or more
We are greatful to experience the inside of your mind: Write a music or make a design
Forum gamer: Get 35 likes in forum games
One in the crowd: Be online in the forums while there are 8[3] people online

  1. from the film “Life”(2017) ↩︎

  2. without a new election ↩︎

  3. too much? could be more? ↩︎

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Are you happy now?
Make your species extinct in every stage.

There can only be one
Become the only sapient species in the galaxy.

We need a plan C
Ditch your planet and watch it die of global warming.


Treaty of tordesillas: Have a religious leader divide the world de jure between different empires
Space tortesillas: Have a religious leader divide the galaxy de jure between different empires
You wouldn’t want to anger me: Bully a small nation into giving you what you want while you have no army and can’t raise one soon
Tricking the citisens: After shorting something on the stock market, ban it and profit
Sealand: Have an oil platform not be connected to any state and declare its independence
What are you doing!?: Open organism mode to play in the olympics, but exit the arena with your character, escape the security following you and find some nukes, destroy all life on the planet. Then return to the strategy mode and look at the results of the partially completed olympics.
Thats a shame: Go blind after looking at the sun for a long time
Eating is a waste of time: Have your chief scientist die because he was so focused on his work that he forgot to eat
We found the culprit: Go to a primitive world and claim to be the god and show miracles, but the locals start to throw stones at you because you are the guy respible for dying of old age
Haiti: Play as slaves and have a succesful slave rebellion against your enslavers
The far side of accretion disk: Build a transparent spaceship and destroy an enemy spaceship by redirecting its laser beam back to it
An empty galaxy: Delete all planets and stars in ascension stage
Unusual technologies: Make the galaxy collide with a giant kettle and form a layer of black hole around it (ascension)
How would a dog wear pants: Design clothes for a quadripedal creature
Wisdom of the past: Discover a technology with archeology
Second temple: Recreate your planet after it was destroyed
Leap of faith[1]: Jump from one side of a canyon to another without powered flight
Material nonsolutions: Rebuild one of your cities from stone after it was damaged in a fire, then have it damaged in an earthquake and rebuild it from wood
Swimming to work: Ignore your city being flooded in a not too deep water and continue life as normal with a semi submerged city
Çatalhöyük: Have no streets, the houses are adjacent to each other and the only way to enter them is from roof
The line: Have all your major cities extend around the roads that connect them and merge with each other
Bad ventilation: Have your tribe die from smoke poisoning after lighting a campfire in a cave during the night (awakening)
Welcoming underworld: House 1 billion people in naturally formed caves
Nothing like a jacuzzi: After almost dying from hypotermia, enter a volcanic hot spring

  1. every image of this search on google is the thing i described lol ↩︎

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One punch man: in cell, multicellular, or aware stage, defeat an enemy with one attack.
Rock falls, everybody dies: in space stage, throw an asteroid to a planet full of life.
Slenderman, Slenderman: evolve a really thin creature.
Weeeeeeeee!!!: in society stage, invent the rollercoaster.
LBGTI pride: evolve a creature that born as one sex and becomes the other late in their life.
Mortal Reminder: in industrial stage, avoid nuclear war by a little.


I might need some siesta: Evolve (to survive) on a planet which has oceans during the night and those oceans evaporate during the day
Unlivable: Have 25% of your population sell themselves to indentured servitude in other countries willingly after an extreme poverty
Battle of Mobei: Defeat a nomadic confederation and they will migrate to another place and cause the empire there to fall
I thought you’d stay forever: House a goverment in exile for 1000 years and have them retake their land (before space stage)
Global lipservice: Have the whole planet pay you tribute but you have no control over their internal affairs
You’re wasting it, fools: Adress your people and tell them there will be more starvation, and they throw tomatoes at you for this
New heavenly orders: Reform a religion 10 times
Building an opposition: Find an ideology and do things to become very unpopular. Then join the opposition movement and take control of it
My profession facilitates trade: Become rich and buy all the cities not by producing or inventing anything but by buying stuff and selling it at a higher price
Exponential advancement: Discover more things in the previous 10 years than the 100 years before it
Pinapples on pizza: Turn your staple crop into a dough and put a milk product, vegetables and a sweet fruit on it
The bridge of pisa: Have a bridge that used to be a tower before it kept leaning more and more
Short sleeper: Sleep for 1/4th of a day or less
Fratricide: Kill all your siblings who can challenge you to be a king
Sky seeds: Accidentaly create an agricultural revolution after your ship carrying food fell on a tribal planet

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Extremophile: be only capable of living in a biome which kills a supermajority of NPC species in multicellular or aware

Omniphile: be an amphibious, flight capable animal with the ability to live in temperatures ranging from the average in a polar desert to the average in a equatorial desert, and able to survive at the depth of a the majority of the seafloor. Multicellular to aware.

The last of us parasites: play as a fungal parasite that takes over the bodies of aware-space stage creatures and slowly transforms them.

Precursors: in space stage, have an alien plague destroy your civ, and survive in disembodied AI stuck in a quorentined planet.


Hide from the plague: Have your species be infected by a zombie virus that infects 80% of the worlds population

Become the plague: become a zombie virus that infects 80% of all intelligent beings on the planet.


Prefect organism: Make all other life on your planet go extinct
Copycat: Make a species that exists in real life
Fanatic Purifiers: Destroy all other life in the galaxy
Galactic Empire: Conquer an entire galaxy.


Oh, Belgium: in industrial stage, watch one of your nuclear reactors having a meltdown.
Wrong side of Heaven: in society, and industrial stage, have at least 42% of your veterans being homeless.
Let the bodies hit the floor: invent the parachute…and then ban its use.
Attack of Titans: evolve a gigantic sapien species.
Not this again: have an empire fall three times.
I’m here for the memes: invent memes.
Cheater: evolve an aniplant, and make it sapien.
Acrophobia: in industrial stage, don’t invent planes for at least 1000 years.
Thalassophobia: in society stage, don’t go beyond the shallow parts of the oceans, rivers, or lakes.


Haphephobia: Make a civilization where one member of your species never touches another.

The Machine: Make a giant machine that holds your entire civilization and cares for their every need without them ever having to leave their room.

The Machine stops: have that giant machine I mentioned before stop working and cause your entire civ to die out of helplessness.

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Mirosław Hermaszewski 1978 First polish man leaves the atmosphere and reaches 364km.