Add flags in this stage

Why not add flag give idias how they may work maybe add simbols and maybe depens on like when spore in this stage military reloginis and econimic have difrent backgrounds then whe can do this whit a flag

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I think symbolism should be more complex, flags are a phenomenon of modern western nationalism. However, all nationalism tends to cause like symbols of the state to exist, but they aren’t always flags. I think that you should unlock custom symbols every nationalism interval and get to pick a type from a menu, and then pick one, upload your own, are have a simple editor. Like the anthems from spore but you have to unlock them.

well, a flag is really a symbol that represents a group of people. I would consider a roman standard a flag, mongol banners are flags. So flags can take on many shapes and sizes and are essentially universal across human culture.
I would personally prefer the ability to chose between uploading a flag and creating on from a simple editor.



a piece of cloth or similar material, typically oblong or square, attachable by one edge to a pole or rope and used as the symbol or emblem of a country or institution or as a decoration during public festivities.

“the American flag”

This is the definition of a flag, which its extremely specific, a roman standard could be anything from a staff to a pendant, while a mongol banner its completely different from what a flag is

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Mongol Banner:
Early Mongol flags

I was talking about what flag should mean in this discussion. I guess i wasnt very clear.

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mongol banner is for wartime identification, like a coat of arms, same as a roman standard, or a navel wartime flag, not a national symbol.

soa pride flag isnt a flag? state flags arent flags?
but this doesnt really matter that much to me so i wont fight anymore

Yes they are, see the above definition, flag it’s very specific.

I was talking to deathwake. They said how mongol warbanners weren’t flags because they weren’t national symbols

they aren’t national flags.

Why does it has to be a national flag? I don’t get why people are being so picky about the definition here. To me a flag is just a rectangle (even this doesn’t apply always) with a specific shape / icon on it that represents some group or concept. I suppose those other uses have other official names than “flag” but for simplicity in the game everything that kind of looks like a flag could be called a flag to make it less confusing and nitpicky.

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What about things that dont look at all like a flag? Like a staff

Just require people to attach a flag to it?

If every feature in Thrive has to account for every single plausible variant, we’ll never get even a single new feature done.

Why? Will you do the same for religious symbols? Why create two different systems that could just be merged into one?

I’m just replying to the idea that “no, that’s not a flag, flags can’t be used like that” to say that simplicity should be the goal for any initial system put into the game.


I still think the best option is to let the player unlock more national symbol slots, which they then fill themselves with whatever they like.