Adventures of the Bastion

Prologue: In the year 5510, humans and many other empires have formed an alliance and shared empire known as the Bastion. In this group, several jobs to handle threats both major and minor are available to people to partake in. You have joined on a job to handle a group of pirates known as the Spears of Axtel and are currently landing on the planet they are located on; Krovax. You think this will be a simple job, but what is uncovered here will take your future in a whole new direction…

Races (due to this being sci-fi, I have to make the race choices limited so as to keep things manageable):

Humans: Sapients from the planet Earth. Diplomatic but highly opportunistic culture, head of the Bastion.

Keshral: Sapients from the planet Sharta. They are avian-like bipeds with short feathers that can range in a variety of colors. Their faces have longer plumage but despite being avian-like, they do not have beaks. Height usually ranges from 6"2 to 6"8. Religious hunter culture with a respect for those they deem worthy, respected in the Bastion.

Arynthian: Sapients from the planet Maltelio. They are insect-like bipeds with smooth chitin plates that commonly range in shades of dark blue to black. Their faces posses both jaws and mandibles, three crest plates and they have four eyes that are opaque. Height usually ranges from 5"9 to 6"3. Scientific culture with an interest in xenobiology, respected in the Bastion.

Sonmeri: Sapients from the planet Onnel. They are fish-like bipeds with vestigial fins on their arms, legs and backs and are commonly found in warm colors. Their heads have fin-like ears, an overbite and prominent canines from the top jaw that resemble fangs. Height usually ranges from 5"3 to 5"9. Militaristic culture that respects strength of arms. Tolerated in the Bastion.

Durox: Sapients from the planet Trezze. They are bipedal machines that have digitigrade legs and their bodies are highlighted with glowing lines that range in color, though their bodies are prominently steel gray. They have wire-like dreads on the back of their heads which are very angular in appearance (think General Grievous). Height is always is 6"5. Scientific culture that has an interest in engineering. Publicly tolerated but secretly discriminated in the Bastion

Yehoorian: Sapients from the planets Tenooro. They are mollusk-like bipeds with a slight hunch and smooth, somewhat moist skin that is usually faded cool colors. Their faces have tentacle-like feelers and three eyes in a triangle arrangement with slit pupils. Height ranges from 6"1 to 6"7 (without hunch it’d be 6"3 to 6"9). Religious culture that focuses on enlightenment. Publicly tolerated but secretly discriminated in the Bastion.

Starting Classes:


Marines prefer to fight on the front lines, letting their armor shrug off harder shots so they can focus on defeating their enemies.

Starting Equipment:

Standard-Issue Marine Armor

Standard-Issue Submachine Gun

Energy Gauntlet (Melee)

Starting Traits:

Marine Training (+1 to offensive rolls)


Sharpshooters prefer to get the jump on their enemies, taking advantage of their enemies’ surprise to line up a good shot.

Starting Equipment:

Standard-Issue Sharpshooter Armor

Standard-Issue Rifle

Ion Knife (Melee)

Starting Traits:

Sharpshooter Training (+1 to stealth and surprise attack rolls)


Bionics are an experimental warrior who can manipulate energy to both attack and defend. They do have guns, but it is not their strong suit.

Starting Equipment:

Standard-Issue Bionic Armor

Standard-Issue Pistol

Bionic Glove (Melee)

Bionics Manual: The Basics

Starting Traits:

Bionic Training (+1 to all bionic ability rolls)

This first “turn” shall be character creation and I will give everyone 3 days before character creation is over. If you want to join after that, you have to wait till the beginning of the next chapter.

Your character submission should include your character’s name, race, age, appearance, class and a small backstory snippet.


A sci-fi setting? This’ll be rather interesting…

Character Description

Name: Akul Zenno
Race: Arynthian
Biological Age: 28
Class: Bionic
Appearance: 5’11", curly crest plates, and dark blue chitin plates makes Akul look rather refined, if not particularly fancy.
Backstory: Akul Zenno was always curious and eager to try new things out - traits that often got him into trouble when he was younger. Being assigned to his first mission abroad, Akul is as eager as ever.

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Eh, sure. Why not.
~What could possibly go wrong?~


Name: Taliomayn Yanalayni
Race: Arynthian
Age: 34
Appearance: Regular 6’'4 Arynthian, save for a damaged mandible
Class: Sharpshooter
Backstory: Hailing from Maltelio, Taliomayn is pretty much just a standard sharpshooter. She damaged her mandible during a bar fight, a sort of event she has not partaken in as of late. She has a slight obsession with nature, which sometimes does distract her if she should be concentrating on something else. She believes that this mission, while being a serious and important undertaking, is also an opportunity to experience an alien ecosystem. She is also known to sometimes record and illustrate organisms on her personal holopad. Personality-wise, she gets excitable when seeing something in nature that she is fascinated in, but otherwise she is serious. She also gets irritated somewhat easily.


Name:Saruman Hershaw
Biological Age:23
Appearance:6"6,his tail’s feather is half burned,his feather is primaly white but his head feathers are black.
Backstory:When he was young a volcano erupted in his home village,causing his tail to burn and some lava burned his face causing the feathers to become black but soon a wave have rescued him from being burned alive,from that day on he is very close to the sea and think that the god of the sea is protecting him so he decided to join the marine army.


my amazing character

Name: Duncan Jr.
Race: Human
Age: 23
Appearance: 6"1 (its just average height), brown hair, brown eyes, a scar from his cat scratching his face really bad
Class: Sharpshooter
Backstory: His name is Duncan because his dad is named Duncan, his grandpa, his great grandpa and it went on for 140 generations. He played lots of violent video games as a kid so when he grew up he got a gun and trained by shooting targets and stuff which is why hes a sharpshooter. If his grandpa wasn’t dead he’d be Duncan III. His dad is suffering from the loss more than he is.

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I Guess I Put My Character In Here

Name: Spark Crest
Race : Human
Class: Bionic
Age: 15
Appearance: Short,White,Male,Blue Eyes,Brown Hair,Regular Human

Backstory: Well According To Spark, The Reason Why He Wanted To be A Bionic Is That His Grandparents Were Some Kind Of Wizard In A Fantasy Realm And This Was The Closest Thing To Be Being A WIzard But That Probably Just A Story.

Appearance? Backstory? I’d love to know how he got the name “Spark Crest”.

Yeah let’s just say Evo has a tendency to be rather…vague with his characters. Hey @Evolution4Weak you’re gonna need to give me some more info

Character Bio

Name: Vlaskiani Oripiak
Race: Durox
Age: 23
Class: Marine
Appearance: 6"5, Rusty steel gray body, Dark byzantine purple glowing lines, Shoulder length wire dreads, Deep Voice.
Backstory: Vlaskiani grew up on a small spaceship till the age of 13 when a critical malfunction killed everyone on-board except him, he learned how to survive on his own till the age of 16 when a group from the bastion found him and took him in, training him on how to fight. despite experiencing traumatic events at a young age he possesses a laid back personality.

Name: Reskavian “Clunk” Blarvino
Race: Durox
Age: 30
Class: Bionic
Appearance: 6"5, Orange rusty body, Light blue glowing lines, Short wire dreads, Mute, can only communicate emotion through beeps and body language.
Backstory: Clunk, as dubbed by his peers, was formerly part of a junker gang that traversed through untamed sectors of the galaxy, claiming fortunes and treasures. After an unfortunate encounter with another gang, however, he took a bullet to the head. He survived, but his voicebox was heavily damaged, rendering him speechless. He retired from his dangerous life of crime, and decided to start anew. This led him to the Bastion. With an instinctive urge to become a part of something greater, as well as his prior experience in combat, Clunk became a sworn protector of the intergalactic Alliance.

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Alright @Evolution4Weak I’ll make this clear, you have to put all the requirements in for your character or else you don’t get in the game.

Chapter 1: The Spears of Axtel

Current Time on Krovax: Evening

The shuttle lands on Krovax’s surface about a mile away from the Spears of Axtel’s main base. The planet’s surface is flat and stony while the atmosphere is mostly oxygen making the air breathable. The setting sun brings what little sunlight there is left to the shrubs that are sparsely scattered throughout the rocky plains. The shuttle’s door opens with a hiss, welcoming our heroes to their first mission…


Vote:Inspect my surrounding

Vote: Observe the local flora and/or fauna, taking note of anything interesting

Akul Zenno
Action: Be amazed by the vast plains, but also look around for any possible structures.

Action: Observe the horizon for any abnormal features/formations

Action: look around for anything interesting

Duncan Jr.
Action: be interested in how little plants there are and how flat the surface is

Action: Read The Bionic Manual

Current Time on Krovax: Evening

The party splits up a little to look around.

Saruman inspects the surrounding area for anything note worthy but aside from the dust occasionally kicked up by the wind, there’s not much to see.

Taliomayn inspects some of the shrubs near where the shuttle landed. Their leaves are long and thin but the shrub itself has a thick stem for storing water as well as small thorns for protection from the occasional herbivore. Looking closer, she can see small organisms with slim, plated bodies and prominent mandibles.

Akul stares in amazement at the vast plains of rock that spread out over the horizon and after a few minutes of gawking, he looks for any possible structures. Squinting, he can just faintly make out the Spears of Axtel’s base on the horizon.

Clunk stares out over the horizon as well and after a few minutes can also faintly make out the Spear of Axtel’s base, though he can see it a bit clearer than Akul due to his superior eyesight.

Vlaskiani looks around for anything that’s interesting but aside from the shrub than Taliomayn is giddily observing and whatever Clunk and Akul are looking at, there’s not much of note.

Duncan Jr. looks at the planet’s geological structuring and flora with interest though not to the degree that Taliomayn does.

Spark meanwhile opens his Bionic Manual and after reading the opening paragraph’s explanation (as well as warning) of how bionics work, he looks for a page and finds the one for Shockgrasp (grasp an enemy and shoot bionic electricity throguh their body, dealing damage to them). (19)