Alien Thirv Videos

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Playlist Here:


Is this 4.0?

yeah, in-dev version


also how is development going?

Well im back, so it should pick up more.

I am most excited for this game more than anything else in my life

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That makes me happy :slight_smile:

My Excitement is through the roof.

Just some thoughts:
Flagella look a bit, funny.
The HUD blends in with the blue backgrounds.
And untrustedlife singing was hilarious.

New update is looking pretty good so far.

This looks hella good!

I can’t wait until the Microbe stage is finished, then we can move on to 3D land.

Though not 100% certain i think multicellular might be 2d I’m positive i’m 90% wrong

Well, whatever the case, it needs to be completed so we can move on.

yeah i agree the microbe stage is already a good game but since it is nearly complete we can move on to the next one

Agreed (10 characters)

It’s already looking allot smoother. The new backgrounds look amazing, although it would really help with immersion if the bubbles and details moved around a bit, or if the hotter red areas of the hydrothermal vents appeared to fluctuate a bit.

Also, you had real fun in that second video.

Love how this looks so far! Can’t wait to see more development on this.

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Posted a new one:

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The dev version looks fun can i install it

Looks nice so far, minus the stiff flagella.

Trust me you don’t want to play that version right now. It crashes almost every minute

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Yeah but it looks derpy