ALT-history thread

This thread is deticaded to alt history making! Every 200 post i will reset the theme. The first one who ppsts here will be able to choose the scenario. Everyone can apply artists can create maps, vehicles, architecture…
(Pls and some detail) Writers can apply events such as: political events( mostly political) catastrophes, intrestring events…

And please be coherent with each other.

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I always wondered what the world would be have been like if WW1 never happened. Would there still be technologically advanced Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires? Would Europe be significantly richer than the US is now? Would a European have been first to the moon and mars?


I’m a fan of plausible alternate history. As interesting as something like what if the First World War or the American Civil War didn’t happen, they aren’t that realistic since history made both of those events inevitable. I always try and find ways that Germany actually could’ve won World War 2 and I think I am pretty close. I’ll need to make a huge post describing the exact tactical decisions required without changing any major decisions (still go to war with Soviet Union).

People seem to think that Germany winning is impossible but I refuse to believe that. Just like underwater civilizations on this thread.


If your intrested in ww 2 german victory then you have here
It will be released may 1st 2030

What life would be like right now if the Roman Empire had never been destroyed? Would the world be unified? Would we be living in space right now? Would we have interstellar travel technology by now? Would our planet be still alive?

A unified Roman Empire would’ve survived a while but it was still falling apart. Ultimately Christianity (initially just Jews) led to the collapse of the Roman empire. Roman unity was almost had in had with religious unity and every new people that the Romans integrated into the empire they were able to add their god to the pantheon by finding gods that were similar like having Thor be Zeus and integrate them that way. Christianity had no way to integrate due to the monotheistic religious and the idea of religious individuality. This shattered Roman unity and you can see a rapid decline in the Roman empire after incorporating them.

Anyway with the history lesson out of the way it is safe to say that the Roman empire would’ve lasted a lot longer is Christianity wouldn’t’ve been a thing. This would’ve changed the world a lot but the Roman empire was still gonna collapse, more than likely from a civil war.

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Honestly I’d be interested in seeing what the world would be like if World War II had never happened. If the treaty of Versailles wasn’t nearly as restricting, would Germany have still retaliated the way it did? If the war never happened, than maybe the cold war may not have happened either, or maybe to a lesser extent. Would space travel not have ever happened? Would the first moon landing be a 21st century event? Would Japan still be a superpower? So much would change if the Great war really was the last one.

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I know it’s impossible to know how flexible history is. However I think there must be loads of occasions where things rest on very narrow margins. I think Napoleon said

“All great events hang by a hair. The man of ability takes advantage of everything and neglects nothing that can give him a chance of success; whilst the less able man sometimes loses everything by neglecting a single one of those chances.”

I don’t agree at all that anything is inevitable, especially if things were different years before the main events.

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So what about the Byzantine Empire? They were the Eastern Roman Empire and they lasted 1000 years after Christianity became the state religion.


You have reached the limit of my knowledge. I know next to nothing about the byzantine empire aside from the fall of Constantinople. I don’t know why only one half fell and the other survived. But the greater Roman Empire is no more and the internal instability was the cause (well left it weak).

I wonder what would’ve happened if Alexandria’s Library wouldn’t have fallen. Would we be more advanced by now (in terms of tech and science, please don’t go politics)?

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IIRC the burning down of the great library didn’t result in them losing that much information, due to the fact that a lot of the books where copies and not even the entire library burned down.


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…* ww1 never happend

…* American civ war never happend

…* germany won ww2

…* roman empire never falled

…* ww2 never happend

…* alexandria was never burned


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  • ww1 never happend
  • American civ war never happend
  • germany won ww2
  • roman empire never fell
  • ww2 never happended
  • alexandria was never burned

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It seems like no ww won 1


I wonder what would have happened if Adam Smith hadn’t written An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Would modern-day capitalism as we know it even exist? Would our market be as unregulated and free?

So ok the theme is Set you can do stuff on:
What if WW1 never happend