Alternate Future of the World: Extra Wacky Edition

Like the forum game “Humanity’s Future”, but based on those “Alternate History of the World” videos you might see on the internet. Be as wacky as you want, but stay somewhat consistent.

Each event will happen in intervals of one year.

I’ll start: America starts a new colony on Antarctica, hoping for more resources.

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But what’s the starting date?

i think its 2020, im not sure tho.

Mexico attacks the central American nations and annexes them.

meanwhile, japan and south Korea invade north Korea, but china backs Kim up, starting a sino-japanese war.

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But this is and AHOW, not an AFOW. This means that it starts somewhere in the past, and goes from there to the present.

oh, didnt notice that lol.

tho that might be an error on pumpkins part.

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This is possible, but I don’t think that’s the case. If it’s an AFOW (not an AHOW), here are my events:


Many countries retaliate the United States for starting a colony on Antarctica, due to the Antarctic Treaty. And it gets worse: USA’s naive hopes to find resources on Antarctica are frustrated because there aren’t many useful things on the continent (“Or are there?”, conspiracists say).

The UN retaliates Mexico’s nonsensical expansionism and many Central Americans start to resist the Mexican Army. Also, many people from the military betray the current government, thinking that what just happened is absurd. The drug cartels and organized crime takes the opportunity of the situation as well. President Obrador loses support for his unexpected behavior and he is now in a very bad situation. The Second Mexican Civil War has started. (If the rebels win, the Central American countries will gain their independence again, President Obrador will probably be arrested by war crimes, and Mexico will be left in a very bad situation, possibly become a military dictatorship full of crime. If the government wins, the Mexican infrastructure will be destroyed and popular discontent will grow, leading to a coup d’État that would turn Mexico into a military dictatorship [just like the other scenario, but with Central America within the Mexican territory]. But, chances are, the government will lose.

Frick, made a typo, lemme fix that.

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**double post

The Inquisition (a rebel group started by American citizens who are angry at the US) started to attack smaller cities to expand their power.

At the same time, some ores were discovered under the thick ice of the Antarctic. Because of the violation of the treaty, The Inquisition and many other countries declared war on the US. The United States, having now less allies, is brainstorming ideas on how to win the war.

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Researchers discover that the ores are just atypical geological formations created by low-temperature levels and some other conditions. There is nothing special about it. The USA apologize and leave Antarctica. More countries start to support it and the Inquisition is mostly suppressed (but there are still some of the resistance groups). Donald McDonald Triple Four, an eccentric gardener, said: “I didn’t expect that, and neither did you expect someone like me saying that at this context.”.

The abandoned colony of Antarctica is still inhabited, trying to find ways to make money.

The Inquisition has conquered 25% of the mainland in the US.

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Tensions are rising between north korea and south korea, leading to the beginning of a war between the 2. both china and japan back up north and south Korea respectively.

meanwhile in Mexico, the rebels won the civil war, and the former president was arrested for war crimes and sentenced with death, but many people wonder why did he attack thecentral American nations.

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The inquisition spreads to fifty percent of us mainland,

Meanwhile the abandoned Antarctic colony is shipping penguin meat and plants from their greenhouses.

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The inhabitants of the abandoned Antarctica establish their micronation, calling it the Antarctican Empire. They occupy a small area, their population is low, and no nation recognizes it. Thus, many people leave it, but a single man remains. He will be known as The Lonely Antarctican.

The USA deploys a specialized AI to help the military to fight the Inquisition, under the supervision of military experts, of course. It was fed with data of many wars that occurred in the past, especially the ones that happened in American territory. This helps to contain the advancements of the Inquisition. Hopefully, the war win end soon (they didn’t expect that, did they?).

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NASA is proposing an idea of a lunar colony.

**wow, another double post

Early 2020- America sets up an Antarctic colony in hopes of getting more money, but many countries are left enraged because America had violated the Antarctic Treaty.

2021 - the Inquisition attacks the USA, prompting them to end to Antarctic colony. Ores were discovered under the thick ice sheet of the Antarctic but they were nothing more than rock formations.

2022 - the abandoned Antarctic colony is still inhabited, and the inquisition has conquered twenty five percent of the USA.

2023- North Korea and South Korea fight due to tensions with each other. In Mexico, the rebels won the war and the president was sentenced to death.

2024 - the abandoned Antarctic colony ships some stuff to the mainland USA and establishes a micro nation. All of them eventually leave until there is one man left, The Lonely Antarctican.

2025: NASA proposes the idea of a lunar colony, something the world had wanted to do for decades. They decide to test in Antarctica, and many of them join the Lonely Antarctican.

A triple posts, wow

Anyway the world decides to work together to stop global warming

Meanwhile NASA continues to make a rocket for the moon base project

just accept the fact that these games are dead

I cannot accept that fact

Just kidding I can

I’m just disappointed that they died lol

They had very good concepts

2026: the AI built to defeat the Inquisition names itself Atlas and starts experimenting on prisoners, attempting to form super soldiers and faster brainwashing tecneqes. Penguins are now an endangered species. The UN attempts to mediate between the Koreas, China experiences a drop in exports due to war rationing.

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Doesn’t atypical mean “not typical”?

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