An error occurred in the thrive launcher

Please put your logs on
and if the game crashed also get the crash report. Instructions here: Crash Reports

When I enter the starter, it prompts me:

Unable to Download Version Data

Unable to download Thrive version information. TypeError: Failed to fetch

If I click “reversing version information”, it prompts me “an unknown error happened”

If you know how to run programs with command line arguments, could you try the launcher with --open-dev parameter to see if the chrome console that opens gives any more information.

Also could you locate the thrive launcher folder in your AppData? There should be a file called Thrive Launcher/logs/renderer.log which may also contain more information about the error.

Lastly you could (or maybe you should do this first) is to use your browser to see if you can access this link:

If you can’t, then the reason why the launcher doesn’t work is that you are IP banned by Github.

Thank you for your help. I tried to visit this website, and the browser gave me an error. I think GitHub has banned my IP.

That’s unfortunate. You are not the only one to have been banned by Github. Perhaps you could get in touch with their support and ask to be unbanned (assuming you didn’t do any malicious attacks against them platform yourself and are a victim of now using an IP address someone else used before).
Unfortunately currently all of Thrive downloads are provided through Github, so you are stuck for now. But we plan to have Thrive on other platforms like Steam or in the near future, which you could then use.

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I think GitHub gives me access to most of the content. So I can visit thrive’s project home page on GitHub. So I found a non starter. 7z file. Thank you.