Aquatic Animals that eats cells

When you start the game Will have aquatic creatures that alredy evolved Before you and It Will Chase you and eat you If you was not faster enough

Well…the whole lore of thrive is that youre the first species on the planet and evolve from there. So it wouldn’t fit into the lore to have full-fledged animals at the start of the game.


i thinked about this because the ocean have animals that eat plankton that are microscopic organisms

Jumping from single cellular life to multicellular life was the longest step in life on Earth. If the player was a single-celled microbe that got eaten by large animals, the player would have already lost the game. As such this is very much a thing that we’d only consider doing after Thrive is complete.


but not becoming the first large species doesnt mean you have to go extinct or you are stuck as small. example: insects and tetrapods, dinosaurs and mammals

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I guess it depends on how close you are to becoming multicellular. I’ll again bring up the fact that a single editor cycle is 100 million years in the microbe stage, but the time gets shorter as you advance. So meaning that that huge species is going to entirely evolve into an “intelligent” species that’s going to pollute and/or destroy the planet. So that’s why the player needs to keep up with the AI species or otherwise the game needs to be considered over.

Potentially the opposite could be an idea, the player as a macroscopic multicellular organism filter feeding (a positive of choosing to be an aquatic species maybe?) but most likely no for your question, as other users have pointed out. I’m almost certain this must have been brought up elsewhere though


I don’t think it would be fair to have multicellular life already exist when you first start, especially if you’re a new player.

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