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I edited the title a bit. I’ll allow this thread that is very similar to just the quick questions thread because this is in #science and people actually need to use scientific information here.

I consulted some information about the chemical composition of the primitive ocean and anaerobic respiration.

The chemical composition of primary ocean is mainly composed of acidic and reducing components, which means that many electron acceptors in the form of anaerobic respiration cannot exist in the environment:

anaerobic respiration electron acceptors
denitrification NO2-,NO3-
iron respiration Fe3+

So, can we argue that the development of denitrification and iron respiration depends to some extent on oxygen production photosynthesis? At least it is the reduction of local environmental reducing components caused by local oxygen production.

From this perspective, there are not many optional electric acceptors in the primary ocean. Sulfate respiration and sulfur respiration should have been the main forces of non fermentative anaerobic respiration at that time.

Considering the solubility of Fe3+and the mechanism of iron respiration, the primary ocean still retains a certain amount of Fe3+precipitation. But NO3- is difficult to exist, and most of the de Nitrifying bacteria are Facultative anaerobic organism.