Asking about the old Thrive versions

Is there multy cellular stage or other stages in thrive 0.2.2 i just founded the jropbox and on the meny there lockt stages like multy cellular aware awakening society industrial and space or is microbe stage the only one

Although these stages appear on the title screen of version 0.2.2, the Microbe Stage is the only stage implemented in that version, and, until recently, Thrive has been just the Microbe Stage alone.

(Thrive’s GUI has certainly come a long way since 0.2.2!)


First of all, why are you playing a old version of thrive, when you can play a new version such as 0.5.9.
Second of all, I do not know what a “jropbox” is.
Edit: wait, why are people thumb downing me

Sorry i ment dropbox and i am plaing the demo and from the launcher

На вт., 16 авг. 2022 г. 17:37, TheForumGameMaster via Thrive Community Forum <> напиша:

Thx i whasent sure i thouth there whas a testing or demo version of thouse stages and thats whay im plaing 0.5.9

На вт., 16 авг. 2022 г. 15:44, dan54 via Thrive Community Forum <> напиша:

I can’t find where I posted the link to the old thrive versions download, so I’ll put it again in this thread: ThriveDevCenter

alright then il try to find it cause i did find it once

EDIT [i think i founded it but it dosent work [Dropbox - Error…](YouTube) the link is at this old vid i founded from thrive]