At long last I've created an account: hello!

Hi, I’m Atlantic. I’ve been following the project for a while now, loyally reading the devblogs to see where Thrive is heading, but I’ve never come around to making an account on the forums.

So, hello! Now I am also here.




Welcome Welcome to out forum!

Don’t mind him… he’s still finding his place in the world. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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welcome to the forums

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Hello, and welcome to the forums!
I have given up talking science after I realized I actually know next to nothing about most of it so I usually just play any forum games that crop up. Doomlightning is pretty good at making them so you should see if you can join one of his. There are a few others also currently going on but I’m going to stick to Remmortal for now.


Hello fellow sapient organism!

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Oh no, users are starting to do advertisements for forum games.

Anyways, welcome, inexplicably sapient locomotive.


Hello and Welcome! :3


Thank you for the welcome, everyone!

I’ve been scrolling through, it seems quite neat. I’ll have quite some reading to do before I can get involved, I think!

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That tells a lot about you.

I communicate primarily through animal gifs and emoticons. I have few gifs so I must use emoticons.

No it means you are either a male faking as female – or a female. Either way I can 50/50 guess you are at least a weeb and likely are a true female.

I am confusion, but yes I am a girl?

Um, what? Why did you need to call out another user like this? This is a pretty inappropriate post, that in an ideal world wouldn’t have been made.


That’s one of the purposes of the internet. You get to say things you can’t say in real life without problems.

Not on Thrive community forums. You will get banned here if you show the bad behaviour that is tolerated somewhere on the internet.

It was also meant to be a joke. I thought a simple PG-13 joke was fine.

I did not realize it was a joke… mostly due to your previous behaviour on these forums, I honestly thought you didn’t fully realize what kind of discussion place these forums were.


I wonder what was deleted. Can you give an idea of what was in it?