Banana biome cul- uh we mean group! (definitely not a cult!)REBOOT!

WE SHALL NOT BE SILENCED!!! (post must be at least 60 characters :rage:.)

If there is even one more low quality post about this, I will close this topic. And any further topics about this will be considered spam.


What would a high quality post about bananas even be? A disturbance made purely out of bananas? (the colour scheme would work)


Do any of you remember the Cult of Jangles the Moon Monkey? It was a group of people in Fallout 76 that did exactly what it sounded like. I can’t find any info about them online, but maybe school censorship has blocked all sites and videos about it, I’ll post a video if I find one. But I feel that something like that is happening here.

  • Close this thread
  • Close this thread harder
  • Close it, come on!
  • Close the damn thread

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@hhyyrylainen and @Omicron, I’m asking your permission to add “Please close this thread” in this thread’s title.

Regulars can already edit any title, no?

Yes, but I’m not sure it would be approved even though it is a spam thread…

The Banana gods’ shall thou for thine most heretical actions. Can thou not see the enlightenment that mine comrades have realized?

There is no reason to continue this cult and this thread…

i feel like this should be a discord server instead of a thread


This thread gives a place for banana shitposting, or would you rather that be on the Misc thread?
Actually I’m done with it and I don’t see anybody else now so I think we are safe from banana talk. (Don’t lock though)

Use the shoutbox (air horn icon in the top right) or #silliness on Discord for this sort of thing. Closing the thread.