Banana biome cul- uh we mean group! (definitely not a cult!)

for worship of the great banana and nonstop bugging of the devs to add banana cheats to thrive.
@hhyyrylainen add banana cheats.

All hail the Banana Gods!!

banana biome should appear in the patch maps if you press the F key 10 times.


I think the cheat should just give everything the same texture.

Edit: Petition to (consensually) force @Oliveriver to make a bannana theme.


I am on board with this idea.


we should spread the message of the banana gods! how? by adding a banana emoji reaction!


yes! definitely! (post filler)


our high priest @zenzonegaming, what should we do next?
should we try to get more members? or do we make shrines for praying to our banods (banana gods)?

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B a n o d s. Guys who has something else to draw now?

Guess who

It’s me, I’m drawing banana gods.

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this is the first meeting of the banana biome group.
before reading onward you must all eat a banana if you have one in your home if not then you must pray to the banods


the banana people from spore space stage. should we worship them?
aye or nay.

i ate a banana some hours ago does that count? but i also prayed so to avoid disrespecting our holy banods.
as for the banana people, i think we should see them as demigods and praise them.

our high priest, have you forgotten about the holy fallout game?
also i wanna count how many followers does the banods have:

  • follower
  • also follower

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i will do the next round soon but i am also making another game. a fallout roleplay game.

@Magic8Ball04 what do you think about the banana people?

I think that they are too dangerous to be kept alive. Fruit gods are fine, but their children are too bountiful to rule this realm.

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i think you would like to sacrifice them to the banods. they’re also tasty!

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I would indeed like that very much.

in that case, i agree with you, zenzone what do you think?

IT IS AGREED UPON!!! we must sacrifice the Bananaz by drawing smiley faces on bananas and then eating them!


what do you think we should do to bring in more followers @zenzonegaming?

@hhyyrylainen & @Omicron, please close this thread