Banana cult

Prepare yourself for battle! Pathetic worm-cult!

HAHAHA I was able to trick the god of the pathetic ‘Revolutionary Cult’ into restoring the Banana Cult’s Domain!

I feel sorry for you, you are the only banana cult templar who wants to protect his already dead cult, but wake up, your cult is now only part of the history, the revolutionary cult has already won at the founding stage.

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You think us dead? Simply because we were without a Fortress-Thread of our own does not mean that we were dead! Our members simply scattered to the far reaches of the forum, scheming, preparing, planting seeds that would one day grow into might Banana Trees!
Today, those trees bear fruit!
Why do you think I commandeered the Paranormal Vault? My influence now knows no bounds!

I see no reason to continue this pointless discussion, you can’t destroy the Revolutionary cult, we are under the protection of our Gods, and also, unlike your cult, we have our own domains.

Can you not look around yourself! I was able to effortlessly trick your greatest god into restoring the Domain of Cultus Bananius!
We need no protection from any pitiful gods, we have The Banods on our side! And we will not fail!
Our power is so great that we even hold sway over your own gods!

Lord HH you can’t be deceived, he helped your cult, you saw his power so praise him before he takes away your ability to exist.

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HAHAHA! He did not assist our cult! We assisted ourselves!
If he bans me here and now he will only make a martyr of me! The very next day 3 more loyal cultists would rise to take my place!

Did you like that post?! HAHAHAAHA!

Keep your allies close and your enemies even closer.


i made banana cult a faction in my forum game check it out!


Do you still think we should continue this pointless confrontation?

Nahh… Why waste time poking a dead body with a stick? Better just ignore any attacks from any remaining members of this cult.