Binding agent and Mitochondria can't be unlocked (I have both requirements filled)

I think for binding agent I did not had the excess 15 ATP when the counter for having a nucleus reached 5 generations. Same thing for the Mitochondria. Now the requirements say that I have passed both requirements (both are green) but they do not unlock, even if I pass into the next generation
Please put your logs on
and if the game crashed also get the crash report. Instructions here: Crash Reports

It’s a known thing that something is wrong with the ATP-based unlock conditions. Our team member who implemented the unlocks system is currently looking into it. The other thing that you are noticing is maybe the fact that the unlock conditions are only checked when entering the editor. So if you fulfill the conditions after entering the editor the thing won’t unlock. We plan on adding text in the unlock conditions tooltip explaining that new unlocks only happen when entering the editor.


Had same issue, but after saving in editor, quitting, enabling cheat menu in options, and reloading save, it had unlocked properly on load.

The bug with the unlock conditions should be fixed in the latest BOTD version. And the tooltip should now clarify that the unlock conditions only apply when entering the editor.

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