Binding Agents

A talk on how the binding agents will be implemented in 0.5.3 (including well detailed suggestions).

Let’s start with the benefits:

  • Bound cells share their compounds together.
  • Less reactants required and more products output for specific process
R\, Glucose + 6\, O_2 \rightarrow 6\, CO_2 + 6\, H_2O + P\, ATP
\begin {equation} \begin {split} R & = \frac {1} {Total_{Cells}} \\ & = \frac {1} {2\, Cells} \\ & = 0.5\, Glucose \end {split} \end {equation}
\begin {equation} \begin {split} P & = Total_{Cells} \times P_{ini}\\ & = 2\, Cells \times 32\, ATP \\ & = 64\, ATP \end {split} \end {equation}
I also thought about double HP like the last equation shown above, but it might be too OP.
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Moved this to the future game, as this isn’t about thing that is currently in the game.
Also an existing version like 0.5.2 won’t be extended, so I guess you typoed 0.5.3?

I don’t really like the idea of getting more stuff for less. Didn’t you want us to put in scientific units like mol to the processes? How it makes any sense that you can create more matter with less? If something the process could run faster.

For that reason I think I’ll initially only add like a basic benefit like reduced osmoregulation cost and let others come up with more later.


I think that the math might be a little bit extreme, but say the some organelle has an 80% efficiency at 100% sunlight or heat, (I think we should have electrosynthetic and thermosynthetic proteins or organelles) then two cells, as they do the work twice, might have a 88% or 84% efficiency. Note that I also am ecstatic over the fact that the multicellular stage is being discussed in such terms as current develupment.

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health makes more sense, and encourages binding. Maybe it accounts for the amount of membrane that is exposed, with each cell having separate health and be killed separately.

I think just being able to evenly distribute resources among connected cells, as well as having less osmoregulation cost could be a great start to what benefits will be provided.

I’m thinking that being bound to another cell would technically reduce a bound cell’s surface area (Less area exposed to external environment), while effectively doubling surface area for both cells combined. If that makes any sense.


I like that, requires some head math, but thats a good idea.