I saw that on the wiki there’s not a lot of biomes (only 4 for land if I recall and 9 in all) but there is 7 land bioms on earth

  • tundra.
  • taiga.
  • temperate deciduous forest.
  • scrub forest (called chaparral in California)
  • grassland.
  • desert.
  • tropical rain forest.
  • temperate rain forest.
    and for water
  • Ponds and lakes.
  • Streams and rivers.
  • Wetlands/swamps
  • Oceans.
  • Shallow seas
  • Coral reefs.
  • Estuaries.
    I know the wiki is out dated so maybe these’s are already planed. Also biomes should be determined by the geology, temperature and precipitation, they should be generated after the would is generated instead of having biomes be randomly generated first like in most open world games like minecraft.
    (this could also be planed and I just misinterpreted it)

I agree they should be determined by geology and temperature, and weather, they however should not be defined by the life forms there as the life forms are fundementally alien,your planet may not have trees for example, so how could you get a forest without trees? we talked about this on the dev forum,:

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