Blind Civilizations

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Many animals have have very poor eyesight*. How will it be in Thrive? 144p until (and if) a decent eye evolves? Also, could eyes be a prerequisite for awakening? How could you make a mechanical clock if you can’t see each individual component? By groping? Or maybe mechanical clocks aren’t necessary, clovis culture didn’t use them. Would it prevent only some technologies?

echolocating the parts and keeping track of them like they are your limbs

The lack of eyes would only prevent you from utilizing any technology that has visual interfacing.
It’s a bit hard to imagine since us humans are normally so sight-centric but are a great many ways to make a clock readable to inhuman species. Such examples would be;

A mechanical device that uncaps a different odorous material according to current time, each odor representing a different time.

A machine that extends pegs as time passes that can be felt to approximate the current time.

A machine that emits different frequency sounds in tune with the march of time.

When dealing with designing tools for a species, you must consider what senses they rely on, and the means by which they could interface. In Thrive, we’ll probably just have a sort of “Has eyes, has mouth” check on various technologies if absolutely required that will prevent you from researching them if they don’t have at least one per-requisite sense., assuming an alternative is not deemed possible.

As for dealing with the fact the player themselves presumably have eyes to see what their own creature wouldn’t be able to? Hard to say as we haven’t fully explored our options on how to handle playing as a sightless worm. My own current musings is that sight will act as a bonus that allows you to detect species from further away, kinda like a render distance thing. But that is by no means an official plan.


This is all possible to do if you already have the knowledge and technology to be able to do those things, but how do you gain the knowledge and technology to do those things without sight?

sightless civs discussion

echolocation, like toph.

You wouldn’t be able to get the amount of precision needed to make these technologies with echolocation.

if you have the ability to hear from every direction or have long mechanoreceptive cilia you can

We are not talking about direction, but precision.

then just touch it and remember what it felt like as if your life depends on it

That implies that the machine already exists, but it doesn’t, they have to make it.

Literally the underwater civilization paradox.

i meant while building it touch the parts and remember what they felt like as if your species depends on it

They first would need to know how to build it, which they wouldn’t know.

how do you explain primates inventing computers then

literally the same problem with different parameters

Primates that specialize in sight don’t they? You are only giving evidence that one needs sight to make advanced technology.

and a species that replaces short range sight with touch and smell would rival the sight of humans with the resolution of their sense of touch

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