Bolsa's thrive animations

Here I’ll be posting animations about thrive’s stages and editors, the animations may take weeks, or even months to come out, so DONT expect this thread to be very active.
Each animation will attempt to cover every stage of the game. The info is taken from the devs wiki, the devs forum and some comments by the devs in discord, tough there’s a lot of speculation by my part and the information may be outdated, so the actual final stage may not be the same as the one in the video.

This video is the most simple of all, simply showing how a planet editor would work on the ascencion stage. This video lacks a lot of features that were cut off the video, such as editing orbits, adding moons/planets, adding plants/fauna/life and a more in depth atmosphere editor (being able to edit the composition of gases) I may fix this video after i post the other stages.


Nice animations! Perhaps for your next animation you could do multicellular editor/creature editor?

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Is there a reason why you didn’t embed the video in your post, instead of linking it?

Im learning how to use the forums, i dont know how to do that, i’ll edit it when i figure out how to embed it :sweat_smile:

Nice, it kind of reminds me of some of the really old thrive editor concepts people made years ago, complete with choppy fps

If you put a youtube link on a line by itself, it embeds automatically. I edited your post to do that.

im so sorry, i have a lot of stuff to do (school sucking the life out of me) but im finally back.

Ahhh, im so sorry, i didnt know that, i tought the link wouldnt work if i did that. I’m gonna finish the second video very soon, do i edit the first message and add the next video or do i post another reply? Is there a max number of times u can edit a message?

Yeah i WILL do the multicell editor & stage after i finish the one i’m about to finish, i actually tought of doing it on order but i realized that animating and figuring out the mechanics of society-industrial stages/editors would be a headache and would take more time to finish , so if someone was very exited for these stages im very sorry :frowning: u can give me ideas for it tough!
If someone wants some feature on some video, u can suggest it! (as long as it doesnt go aganist the concept of the stage, of course) i actually have a hard time figuring out what is and isnt important to put on the animation.

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I think there isn’t a limit, but it’s better to make a new post so the thread appears in the latest topics (the thread gets bumped to the latest topic if you edit the last post in a thread, so that doesn’t help in this case).

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Sorry for posting so much lately, but i just finished minutes ago and i want to post it rn so i can start working on the next one.

Space stage

This video has less fps than the last one, but it shows more features of the stage. The space stage would work as a space rpg, use a tech tree to unlock new technologies, such as weapons, terraforming or colonizing. This stage animation is probably not very realistic and the final stage may differ a lot from this, because the wiki doesnt provude much info and i had to make up a lot of it, actually, this stage is so far in development the final result may look totally different from this. I also tought a full universe would be pointless, since the galaxy would be a lot bigger than spore’s galaxies, but i also tought that having some dwarf galaxies nearby would be pretty fun to explore, maybe with some easter eggs or odd planets/systems. I didnt include the following features, wich i may add on the spaceship editor (if i ever make one):

  • Battle

  • Landing

  • Economy

Suggest ideas for the multicell stage, if u want. This stage may take a bit longer, since its gonna be longer because i’ll show early & late multicell.


I think this is amazing!
Possibly the multi-cellular editor could consist of specializing certain cells for certain things, and adding cell groups, and changing size of the creature. (Wont be able to go too drastically, for example, microscopic to macroscopic in only a few generations.)


I just have to say that your concepts look fantastic.

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Start taking notes if you haven’t already, buckly.

(Im just kidding, you can do what you would like)