Browser/Flash Games

Hey again guys! Lately been playing a lot of browser games and wondered if any of you guys played any. A site i use for a lot of this is Kongregate with a few of my favorite browser games being on there.

what a 7h pause that was

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(I cri evry tim)

Plz no cry.

Epitagh is a really dark browser game that deals with how easy it is for life to be wiped out, you play as a race that is trying to uplift alien races to the space age with you.

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Cool! Might check it out! Is a very fun and extremely infuriating game. It lets you start as a small ocean animal, and slowly work your way up the ladder! Very steep learning curve, very challenging, but very rewarding and chaotic (in a fun way). Many laughs were had!



I actually played that many times, its my favorite .io styled game!

Oooh, someone cultured!
For me its the only .io game that doesn’t get old. The other ones feel, bland…

Yeah, especially.

I like playing It’s basically a .io battle royale game, and it’s pretty fun to play, especially with friends

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I got to 2nd place on the leaderboard on my second go…

I think he meant it was mainly luck, as you can lose progress if you spawn in a pool of orcas that moment

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Precisely. You either win really slowly, or lose very quickly.

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Oldie but goldie, in my book
You do zombie stuff and stuff and kill everyone and stuff and it gets difficult and stuff

Tried that before, and didnt really get into it much though. Another game i played was Plazma Burst 2, a 2D platforming/shooter game that is pretty decently detailed, with a bunch of upgrade-able weapons, grenades, and (somewhat broken) physics to make shooting enemies with rapid fire weapons satisfying.

Another really good time consuming flash game is

The idea behind the game is pretty, uh, ergh… But it makes up for this by having a very blocky figure, and in the settings you can change the color of the blood, or completely remove it! Hundreds of different items to use, and more!


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Oh, i actually love that game! I see your a man of culture as well.
pink trombone

you mess around with vocal chords and pitch

it’s great

you can glitch it to all hell if you manipulate it correctly

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this counts as a browser game, right?



Though I’m sure a lot of people here know about nationstates.