Browser/Flash Games

Nationstates is awesome!

Here is my new region:


And I have joined the region.

Yeah, it counts, as long as it is a browser/flash game on a browser.

Also, Biologicah, that “pink trombone” game was a blast to mess around with, although it took me a minute to figure out what was actually going on.


My friend made this game, it’s constantly being developed. It needs a little bit of tweaking, though it still provides fun.

Ninja Cat, a wave based game where you use ninja skills to ward off enemies, including levitation and slow motion. It also really gets satisfying when you rise through the ranks dodging tons of stuff with the slow motion on.

Braids, a stick figure ragdoll fighting game. Not much to say here, but can be fun and relaxing to play at times.

Platform Racing 2, as the title states you race with others in a 2d footrace to get to a set goal.

The game doesnt have a very active playerbase but can be fun if you can get a few friends to hop in.

Holy Belgium! I remember that game! I used to have a ton of custom blocks for the third one, but it seems login does not work anymore.

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I think they are currently trying to make a 4th one or something, nice to know someone else on here remembers it!

Super Smash Flash, a fan game which is basically smash brothers only a flash game. forever!

Rhythm i waste time on this

Bonsai Worlds, a timewaster/sandbox game where you create islands and start life on them.

The amount of forests accessible to the population will keep them going, but if they run out of it the civilization collapses.

WARNING: dont go too happy with making land, or else the game’s framerate will plumet.

The Sandbox

This game is fun if you like playing powder games

Bubble Tanks 3

This game is also really fun!

Run 3

I used to play this game a lot it’s basically a running and jump simulator type deal but I used to love it.

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All three of those i have played and enjoyed, cool to see another one who enjoys em!

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Daft Punk Soundboard, pretty self explanitory, basically a soundboard of the lyrics of “Harder Better Faster Stronger”

Overall pretty fun to mess around with.

Incredibox, another music thing to mess around with.

Doodle God 2 is a game where you have to create +100 elements by mixing Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
Goime 500 is a game where you have to get 500 achievements.

Heard of Doodle God 2 before, played some of the games that came before too.

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