Calling all Thrive Community Forum Users (That have reddit ((r/place Thrive logo+Disturbance)))

Just a quick post, me a about 5 peeps are trying to get the Thrive logo onto r/place at 70 140, but its proving a bit difficult.
If you wish to help, this is the design:
Here is the link also:

If you don’t wanna help, you don’t have to, but it’d be nice to get the logo up there as I heard there was a failed attempt back in 2017.


lets do it
lets make thrive part of r/place!

changed background colour from cyan to white

I feel like cyan is more of a thrive color?

also link to the place (

because half it has become white, and because a group of people are trying to turn it into a countryball

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It is now completed! At first we got taken over by the Poland Ball community, but managed to strike and agreement where we’d take the space left of them with their help!



We should fight the enemy!

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Before this someone had slapped an among us character over the logo

The canvas increased in size

I’m slowly helping fix the thrive thing, but it takes so long to be able to place a new tile (though that makes sense, otherwise it would be utter chaos)

Edit: Almost back! Just need more cyan!!!

I made 2 alt accounts just for this

You KingofKindle?

It’s so hard to maintain an area, at first I was like ‘why is it so small’ but now I understand lol

also new accounts have to wait 20 minutes, but older ones (like my main) have to wait onlt 5

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Yeah my account is over a year old, so I can do every 5

8 more pixels until it is restored!

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It is now restored, the great T


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Yeah, let’s go!!

Now the only problem is maintaining it…

We’re gonna make the disturbance next :skull:


I’m still trying to maintain it, the flag below it is trying to expand

By the way what is the Reddit? I have Reddit but haven’t found the subreddit