Can we have a viewing system?

can we have a viewing system?
player can choose different kind of vision or multi vision(press to switch).

Infrared vision
Photosensitive vision
Color vision
Multi-color vision

Also the angle of “eye” set on the body will fact the view.

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Well, yes. That would be an option.
Not sure if eye angles effecting the viewpoint would be a thing, though. I suppose if there was a first-person perspective, then maybe.

Different types of vision would be pretty interesting. I personally don’t see the point of different types of vision if you don’t see it through your creatures eyes because giving it a special vision type and still letting the player see in human vision is kind of redundant unless the vision gives certain types of stats or skills.

About eye angles and view points, that could be disorienting for the player. Though maybe there could be a setting to view it angled or non angled.

Of course this all is if there is a first person view in the first place and not just exclusively third person!

@cardinalmecha no, I am talking about the eye spot affect how far and which area we can see in third person.
I think first person is not a big deal in this game.

Infrared vision can see in dark, this is a huge use

You could probably switch between first and third person yeah, with the cutscenes to give a different view.

But it would be hard to fly a spaceship in first person without crashing it into another planet, now would it?

Most ships have cameras on them to begin with, so first person could switch between camera views?

I dont get it,why we need to talk about first person view…?

the system I am talking about is the color and area shade.