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Can I choose to be able to breath the other civs “pollution”? Like some lizards and other smaller organisms were able to breath through the extremely toxic coal-drenched environment when the dinosaurs died of the asteroid and the after effects? If I am small enough will I also be able to survive the apocalypse?

There should be sources aviable to my statements, just say the word and I should try and see if I can dig up something :slightly_smiling_face:

IIRC the plan was to have a multi-save system, with the possibility of an ironman/commitment/whatever you want to call it-mode if the player wants it.

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I don’t remember any fully concrete plans, but some thought has gone in to it. The approach we can use is basically look up how that probably happened on Earth and then model that into game mechanics (with adjustments where needed).

I don’t think it is a good fit (and harder to do) a continuous save system. Instead the player will manually trigger saving and there would also be periodic auto saves.
With a working save system, it wouldn’t be difficult to have frequent auto saving (that keeps only the latest one) and no manual saves allowed.

I mean, if it happened on Earth, then…

But this is related to a point related to playing as parasites, you need to wait around for another species to overtake you, and cause that pollution (unless you generally mean any kind of waste product, like it will probably be possible to use the waste products of other cells in the cell stage). And that means that basically the player lost the race to intelligence and basically will “not win” the game. That makes it a very low priority item as the priority is on the “official” route from being a cell to ascension.

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This is kind of a two-part question. I am particularly interested in how different sensory organs will be “evolved” by players, meaning how they will affect gameplay (ex. If you are blind if long whiskers would help you see farther or if you could adapt better eyes to possibly see farther).
This part relates to light sensing organs. Is it planned that if we have different kind of light sensing organs that would affect gameplay (ex. Having infrared sensors would let you pick out heat signatures from other creatures)?

This was discussed in another thread but I can’t seem to recall which one. Basically we were debating wether we should allow a 3rd person cam over a creature with normal human vision AND a 1st person cam with the creature’s vision. It might have been this thread, but I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure they were planning on implementing different vision types though.

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I think this is one of the best posts about this:

There’s also these:

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I wonder how a politically conservative specie will be able to achieve spacefaring? Since they will value old pillars of their society and wouldn’t like to change, not even when presented with a fuel that seems better in every thinkable way.

Edit: Grammar.

Conservative views and “Progressist” views have nothing to do with technology. They are simply opinions, ways to see things. Conservative is more about tradition while “Progressist” values social justice.


I used quotes for “Progressist” because it’s a word that has nothing to do with progress (when speaking of the left, of course). Progress is about to step forward, to go to a more advanced state. Saying the left is more advanced than the right is like saying that margarine is better than butter. Margarine is practically the same as butter, except that butter comes from animal milk and that margarine comes from vegetable oil. The left is the same as the right, it’s just that they don’t value the same things. Butter and margarine are spreads. The left and the right are political sides. See? Nothing to do with progress.

Yeah and that’s where you’re wrong kiddo. Butter4Lyfe

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Isn’t that “tradition” the problem here?

There’s a difference between political conservatism and technological conservatism, and people can easily adhere to one without the other

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I get what you mean by the difference between the two, however, religion could be seen as an important pillar in said society and thus put a damper on innovation that could be seen as heretic.

Edit; please refer to the medieval ages (nothing of substance was produced in science).

True, though it depends of the religion. If it’s a religion like christianism, it can surely slow technological/scientific progress.

Spoiler for XCOM

But if it’s a “religion” like in XCOM with the aliens venerating the Elders (who are belgiumed according to @Omicron lol), then science can still progress because the Elders never saw any problem with technological progress.

I’m not entirely sure about it, but I think some substances were accidently discovered by some alchemists (I thought of phosphorus, but it was discovered in ~1669). Let me know if I’m wrong, or if there really were accidental discoveries in medieval ages.

Also, I think the old Arabia was once a “scientific garden” (place where scientists and doctors conducted some research, especially about herbs) in Middle ages. Again, let me know if I’m wrong. I’m not really an expert about history.

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Pretty sure medieval “science” focused on military upgrades, like the trebuchet over the catapult and the star configured walls (in Europe at least).


It is possible that some hermit here and there discovered something but I see those as exeptions. The reason to this is that they wasn’t encouraged, but instead actively thwarted by the authorities of any given society.

You are correct in that the muslim world is generally more forgiving when it comes to science. They maybe didn’t slaughter every scientist that didn’t quote the Quran correctly. Instead they has something called jizya, a form of religious taxation imposed on non-muslims. However, I wouldn’t say that the muslim world was a Mecca for scientists. It had it’s drawbacks as mentioned.

Edit: the hermit could also be unlucky and have his/her “science stash” discovered by local authorities. Resulting in a book burnt at the stake, so to speak.

Latest edit: grammar.

when will the second stage be added?

When work begins on it.

As a team the plan is to start the next stage once the previous is close to completion. Though, some individual people may atrt working on the next stage before that.

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i mean like a specific time like maybe 3 years

You must be new here. Thrive doesn’t follow any made schedules.


i am new but i have been following thrive for a long time.

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