Civ game help

Just making this in case anyone wants to give me advice on how to make a civ game or help me decide on game-rules or lore.


Here is a bit of advice: throw in something new!

If you just take bits and pieces of other Civ games and piece them together, that can be a good Civ game, but there is nothing really keeping players interested in the game, because they have seen it all before.

For example, in my game I tried to go a completely different route than doom, having my system of voting, summits, vote bar, and gods, as well as things such as tiles and an abundance of pre determined creatures, to try and keep people interested in the game. I am still fleshing out the last bits because I was significantly underprepared, but it was still enough to get a fair amount of people interested in the game.

That leads to my second piece of advice, be prepared. Unexpected things can come up, you can feel lethargic and get minimal done, and everything moves really fast

This isn’t meant as discouragement, but once you think you are ready to post, ask yourself: is there anything left that could be fleshed out? Anything I could do to make myself more ready for this game? If so, go back and do it again, and once you are done ask yourself the same questions

This doesn’t mean you’ll constantly be prepared, or that your systems will be perfect. My biome system undertook a complete revamp, and I am working on one for my organism selection system.

Point being, Don’t expect yourself to be perfect the first time through, there is bound to be some kinks to work out

Happy creating!

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i think the most important part of a ame is its end, you should have an end goal, like twilights, but different

I was thinking that the civ game would be setting up the world for another, more D&D like game.

I also need to make the world 8000 hexagons wide and each hexagon will be 5 Km wide. That is of course after I get WonderDraft to help me build the map I have written down. So I’m making a world thats 40,000,000 meters around.

What if someone made a survival forum game like subnautica :thinking:

That was a big problem I had with my game, I couldn’t find any map creator where I could upload and image/make an accurate representation of my map, and was also free (as I’m not willing to spend on that atm) which is why all my maps are bad quality images of index cards

I can just get you the installer for wonderdraft after I get it, since it’s not a subscription and you don’t have to log into anything.


Oh, that might be cool, thanks

I might take you up on that offer, idk for sure tho

lol pirating

Alright, I have the map now.

thinking of booting up deos mundum

what u people use to organize civ info

I just use google docs, and I know doom does the same

Easy to use and simple to copy and paste, whether on mobile or computer

Why are you on mobile anyway? Computer is much easier to use.

I don’t have regular access to a computer, a couple times a week maybe

Also prefer mobile view, but that’s just personal preference and doesn’t have to do with why I am on one and not the other

y not use excel, u have all of the formulas?

k starting it up rn, join if u want

Nevermind. I’m switching to Guesstimations with distance. And each round is one month. 3 rounds a season, 12 rounds a year.

Alright, so, I have a few creatures that will be in the game weather or not someone plays as them. They are, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, kajit, and goblins.
Also I need name Ideas for the game so leave your suggestions bellow.

Edit: Also please reply so I can keep this updated.

so when new game?