Civ game help

When the old game(s) end.

Hmm, okay

I’m thinking about slowing down my game, maybe even stopping it (hopefully not), til I can work out the plethora of issues and inadequacies that have arisen through the making experience.

And Dooms game won’t be over for a while, while mine has an indefinite length

Mine is whenever I decide a descent world is built.
So when almost everyone has a city.
Then part 2 starts. The D&D part.

I can say 5o both of u a one gl, like i say before:
F.G. are hard.
From my expirimat of 1.7 years

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This thread is dead, but some advice…

Dont care, literally dont,

It makes it so much easier in the long run if you dont care about the players, make sure, though that you are able to strictly regulate power,

Implement pop control, the less pop a civ has the more pop growth, while larger pops have less, this can be seen in history, as then they had 5 children a family now the average is 2.

Make sure you enjoy doing it, dont pile on the pressure, my games are relativley simple, and most the time I free hand it. Qhich makes it take about an hour for 7 participants. Which compared to others seems fast.

Make sure to write down locations, it helps the player know what to expect, like in deos sine tempore a mineral rich deser would encourage mining of minerals.

Start conflicts, it help the progression of the game, make a failed tech harm another civ, they will fight, it brings immense growth to both players.

Get used to it, start slow. Dont have more than tow or three participants at the start, and dont make it overly complex, this kills off forum games like twilights and centarians, and prevents you from being burned out.

Use images, recently i have used images and i feel like they bring out more of the story. Such uses are impeccable, and I normaly just insert the players vote into to generate an image, most the time it gives an accurate depiction, but also add more descriptive words in the mix.

That will be my Ted Talk


Is this only for civ games or a more generalized forum game help?

This isn’t cause by the increase in population, if you look at developping countries instances of families with multiple children are still quite common, what decreased average is the cost of raising a child, in past times children could be used as farmhands to help the family, now that is not exactly possible for most families and the cost raising a child has significantly increased.

Also children died more

Yes , that too . z<x

My fact still stands

I never did Civ games on forums, but I did some i whatsapp with friends.
My advice is diffent than God of knowledge. You should decide at the start if you will make a harsh game (than use God’s advice) or if it be focused on the fun factor.

Care for the players but only if they are unlucky. If they are getting only bad dice rolls give them some good/neutral after to balance the game. Focus on their decisions rather than their rolls so luck isn’t the main factor.
Use Pop control. Really. Happier cities, lots of food and healthcare are great indicators to bigger growths. Lack of food and disease drop the population. Unhappiness just make the growth slower.
Use pop like civ games. 5 and 4 population difference is bigger than 2 and 1 difference. Example: 1 is 1-50 people, 2 is 50-100, 3 is 100-250 etc. So to get to each tier it is more difficult and because a population of 110 isn’t too different than 100.
Detail the terrain they are in, don’t describe what is near them unless they explore a little.
Go easy on the players, if they should have died, try to give one more turn to see if the player gets a good idea or roll.
Starting with less people is great to learn how to control the game but is bad if you want to make a big game as it is difficulty to get new players.
I suggest you do a try out with 3-4 players for a month or more to get the gist of the game and see if you like dming it. After it do bigger game.

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Make sure to draw like a sketch of the map, helps a lot


Anyone has thought of a feature that is never seen in a civ game or that could be better if done differently?

My biggest problem with the civ games was getting stuck on one particular civs round, knowing the story I wanted to craft for the others but not that one, or wanting to write too much for one that I neglected how well crafted the others were.

So, my biggest advice is to KISS. All the fun little ideas you have can easily get in the way of creating a final product. Know that each round can be a stepping stone, incorporate that additional info in other writings instead of in the main round itself. Send out the 80% plan now rather than wait for the never happing 100. Get all the cool additional stuff elsewhere rather than the main round


Magic is weird. It never seems to make sense

Espionage and civil unrest

Being set in space.

If a player doesn’t do it then obviously you arent going to see it

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I haven build a system that possible now to do in my game, and his effect are big even not use becuse there some elemt that need to be check, like make the game round priven will amplafy the type of that

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Just thought I’d mention them, but since I got back into working on my forum game I’ve been doing a little digging, particularly for sites that allow easy custom map creation. One interesting option seems to be Mapgen4, but the one that seems most useful from what I’ve seen so far is Roll20, though I have heard there is a bit of a learning curve that has to be tackled. I haven’t really looked at what possibilities it offers map creation wise yet, and it does require and account, but accounts are free and it’s something to look into, especially as a general dming tool, not just for maps


idk if anyone has said this before on here but good writing and storytelling skills are essential to just about all forum games except for maybe evo games.
skyguy for example really sucked you into the world you were playing in, and that is invaluable to players.
you can have horrible systems, an atrocious posting schedule, and even bad gameplay and still have a great forum game if your writing and storytelling are good.