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What do people think some important non-organic resources are to have within a Civ game for the players to discover as they explore?

I’m trying to make a fair amount of resources for my Civ game, and have largely divided said resources into stones/dusts, gems/crystals, metals(and ores), and other (water, tar, lava, etc.), but I’m having some trouble with various types of stone/dust, and most of what I have is just various kinds of normal stone, with a few fantasy stones and a few more useful stones thrown in there.

Any ideas for things that would be valuable to a civilization/what you would look for in a world if you were playing in terms of natural resources?

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Well, in my forum game (that will come after Oderhan) this is the list of real resources:


























Periodite stone

Chalk stone



Diorite stone

Andesite stone



Lapis lazuli















My problem honestly might be that I have too many, but I’m trying to add some variety. I’m doing 400 types of Stone/Dust, 200 types of metal, 200 types of gemstone/crystal, and 200 types of ‘other’ resources

But that list is cool! There is a handful on there (such as graphite) that are fairly obvious ones I just happened to miss

I see, well, in my game I’m mostly focusing on the fictional resources than the real ones.

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help my members are making alliances before the first round

We’re still gonna incorporate it into the game so it makes sense

“first time?”


It’s not really that big of a deal (though I may be a little bias being the one who made the alliance lol).

It really won’t affect being the game master any more than if we had made the alliance after the game had started - it just means you know ahead of time ‘oh hey they’re allies, they won’t attack each other.’

We still have to actually form an alliance in the game - so gameplay wise it’s really not that much different than if we had made it after the game had started.

Is there any particular reason you are worried about the alliance being formed before the game begins?

(Lol Nigel. This is true though - Doom had to figure out how to manage a twelve person alliance lol)

The Homies Federation is the biggest recorded forum game alliance in the thrive community forums.


Does anyone have any ideas for useful rocks/dust materials to be in a game? I’m still looking for a good few more ideas. Could be fictional.

If you don’t have any specific ideas, what is something you would want a material to be able to do in a game? Could be pretty much anything

Yes, that right. Everyone vs one and the one still almost one

Nether way, i use Excle to info manegnet eveything. Its ez to use if u do it right.

To every player u can make a sheet (like how i do now) and just and the info.
That how i track the “12” alliense

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Anyone else here planning on making a Civ game in the near future? I am working on a revamp of mine, and was curious if anybody else was also planning on making such a game

I am, I’ve been working on it for a few months by now.

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Oh yes, I remember you talking about that. You are planning to start that after you do Oderhan, right?

I also forgot about Incipit de Novo, which is a kinda active Civ game - it hasn’t yet started, but it does exist

(I know you know about it Frale, just mentioning it for anyone else who reads these posts)

i need help tracking environmental compounds in an evolution game i am running

(I hope this is the right thread) So I’m contemplating making a 3rd Factory Forum Game, (for those you that don’t know, was a forum game I hosted nearly 5 years ago),
It is a variant on the civilization game formula that focuses resource management to build machines for more resources; It previously failed due to horrific balancing, too heavy a focus on description of nominal actions, and attempting to track resources by hand.
In the time since I have learned a good deal of programming, and I want to try GMing it again with a program to do the hard part (Resource management) for me.

If you want a draft of what I want to do with the game

As stated above, it will be resource management;
This means you will have an inventory of materials you have collected, as well as a list of machines you’ve built.

Each round you gain and loose resources based off you machines inputs and outputs.
Some machines generate resources, while other turn them into more advanced recources.

You may build as many machines as you desire on your turn, assuming you have to resources to make them.

I want to have ‘sites’ which each have an inventory and machine list (Rather than have it universal), sites have a limited amount of machines that can be built on the them, and you can only have as many sites as your communications system allows, sites can share resources via trains, sites also determine where resources are (You can only mine coal on a site with coal), you can choose new sites using scouting units.

It will have a somewhat low amount of writing for a forum game to keep rounds fast paced; only having the rules, descriptions of resources and machines, one news brief per round for all players, and descriptions of newly found sites.

There will be little to no RNG.

There will be no research/technology tree, late game tech will be gated by the resources you have.

Players may trade resources in any way they see fit.

If I implement combat, it should be simple, you will have a squad consisting of a number of units of the same type, each type of unit will have health, damage, and armor stats, with some simple unit-based damage multipliers (Ex. Anti-air do more damage to air units), from there it is a simple damage calculation.
You can command each squad individually (Though how they get to their destination may require some work).
Of course if combat is implement you can also attack sites and destroy the machines (Although defensive structures like walls, or guarding sites with units may be necessary).

The ultimate goal will either to build a specific machine (Like a rocket or something), or if combat is implemented, kill all other players.

And lastly, I want to try having a ‘Skip turn’ button at the bottom of the round (Via a poll with one option) since you might not want to have build something every turn, players that take too long can also be skipped this way.

So now I’m asking, would this be something you guys are interested in any of this?

I also want to ask, do you want any specific sort of themes? I will probably go with an alternate tech earth, but do you think something more alien is appropriate, and what resources (Good old iron, copper, water, stone, and coal? Or something more unique?).
Finally, it needs a new name, because I am terrible at names, any suggestions?

I’ll update you on my progress making it in a week.

Progress on the program-side hasn’t been great, but not awful, sites, machines, and inventories are in, and combat is going in, attack damage formulas are implemented.
I still don’t want to implement a tech tree, but structures you don’t have the resources for will be hidden, and lastly, the story will be receiving more focus. It still needs some more time in the oven, but hopefully it will be soon.

Update 2:
Well, it’s been a week since last update, and I have accomplished nothing since; the idea for this is still on the shelf, but don’t get your hopes up for it being soon. I apologize.

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I tried to make a similar forum game, FTF0, but i fould that it would be overcomplicated and lacked the essencial part of a forum game, story.

Speaking of that, I feel that most forum games do not have any side characters, just 1 or 2 op units. Im partially trying to solve this in Spectral.

So that was just my thoughts.

I would recommend a combat system, as it would spice up gameplay. Also a researvh system would help, in which there are two ways you could progress.

Closed research. Limited options, though easier.

Open research. Unlimited options, players make their own machines, harder.

You could also do a mix of both, but its your choice.