Civilization types(Kardashev scale)

there are a series of types of civilizations(earth is a type 0 i think, maybe 1) that are based on how advanced a species is and is determined by the amount of energy it has control over, will they be in the game?

wikipedia link:

First of all, Welcome to the forums @pokegard!

Second, maybe, or at least something similar to show the strength of your civilization

Third, Questions like these could go in the Quick Question Thread

I suppose the scales values for space empires could be shown, but they would all be basically at scale 1 or 2 and all pre-space civilizations would be type 0. So I don’t see much point in adding the scales.

thank you


and okay and thank you

okay, and i was just wondering if there would be a need for the scale or something like it

Hallo and welcome to our forum! I think a ranking system in-game could be useful, but we aren’t there yet, okay that doesn’t matter i mostly post about the aware stage. Its not a required thing either, okay none of the Belgian we post is so I’d love to see it implemented in game, except for the fact I dont like the Kardashev scale. Id love a scale, but maybe not this one. It could still be used as achievements (achievement got: K2!) but I dont like the scale becouse it’s a little abstract.

Okay and okay, may I ask if okay what type of scale you would like/if you have any ideas what it should be based on?