Collaborative Writing Competition

So uh

I’m gonna bump this thread so I remind you that this still exist

So… create more species
You have more than a week of time to complete them!

Edit: edit so this thread won’t be forgotten
You have about a week to complete your species

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We can only make one species right?

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Yeah you can make only one species
So I’m just waiting for more competitors

i haven’t finished my species (well i have but i need to rewrite it for it to not need previous knowledge to understand), so how much time do we have left?

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About a week left
If it takes you this long I’m sure your species will be great

Not really, just procrastinated, at most it’ll be as good as the Kao’as in the XenoBiology Center of Terra™

This is it @MechanicalPumpkin

the bad animal

Name: Naiya

Scientific Name: Parvus frigus

Habitat: Northern Tundra of Midas-735

The Naiya is a species of the genus Parvus, and are a sibling species to the Kao’as. They live in the Tundra, and their diet is based mostly in starchy foods and multiple fruits, though meat is also sometimes eaten.

In average, the Naiya live in groups of 20 to 100 individuals, as this helps them to protect themselves. The Naiya has a very rigid social hierarchy, where it’s almost impossible to change your status.

A Naiya’s size is normally around 70 and 120 centimeters, though some reports say that there have been MegaNaiyas, of sizes as big as 4 meters.

Depending on the strength of the individual, a Naiya has it’s position in the hierarchy, but sometimes Naiyas that are useful to the leader are put into higher ranks, ignoring their strenght.

The Naiyas are covered in white, thick fur, and their bodies are fat rich. Their heads are as big as a quarter of their body, and their craniums are very thick.

A common trait in this species is that they have a thin shell in their backs, which is used to carry the young and to protect themselves. They normally live for 20 years, and reach maturity at 8 years old, their gestation periot takes a year, but normally they reproduce every two years. The shell generates when they’re 5 months old, so before that time the Naiyas are vulnerable, and are protected by the other members of their group.

We know that the Naiyas have made stone age tools, and we believe that they’re used to protect themselves from predators.

Many people have said that they’ve heard a Naiya talk, though this is still not confirmed.

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Thanks Nover for reviving this competition! :smile:

how much time is left @MechanicalPumpkin?

There is 3 days left


Yep there are three days left
Can’t wait until the poll!


So the poll will be made tomorrow?

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Yes the poll will be made tomorrow
Or maybe later since I don’t have a lot of time anymore
But I’ll make the poll


Actually I’ll make the poll today

  • MechanicalPumpkin’s Species
  • Nover’s Species
  • Zarki’s Species
  • Blackjacksike’s species
  • OoferDoofer’s Species

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Hey guys don’t vote for yourself pls

Edit: one more day and the poll will be over!
There seems to be a two way tie right now (not counting blackjack since he voted for himself)

Alright it’s been three days and the winner is…
There are two of them? Well it’s time for a little bit of dice roll! (I’m not counting toward blackjack since he voted for himself)

Okay now
I did a bit of random number generator thing
And the winner is…

You lucky duck! You’ve won two competitions in a row!

And your prize…
Is in this link! (Warning:


Haha, thank you. is it always the same prize ? :sweat_smile:
I think i’m gonna collect titles from your competitions xD

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What competition should I do next?

  • Collaborative Writing Competition
  • Coding competition
  • Animation competition

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coding would be great
also why dont you just make a thread for your competitions?

Idk, making an entire thread just for that seems very excessive
So I’d prefer at the end of each competition there should be a poll on what competition to do next

I think he means having all of your competitions in one thread, like instead of making a new thread for the writing competition, put it here