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I think i should modify the Aware and Awakening stage pages to state that they will be implemented in 0.6.2. Should i?

Yes. But say that they’re both prototypes.

Should i make an Ascension Stage page? We have one on the dev wiki, but we don’t have a category for it.

Alright, time to do the same thing as the Space Stage (copy the dev wiki page over)
Edit: done. Wouldn’t it be weird if there were competing metaphysical (or ascended) entities?


Thrive: Olympus DLC

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And what does the Ascension Gate itself look like? I’ve always imagined it as this giant megastructure of a portal that is connected to a Matrioshka Brain or something, which would explain why it would need like a dozen Dyson Swarms to power it.
It’d be funny if it was just a tiny fence, and possibly ironic! Imagine you have plans to build the biggest most power-hungry megastructure ever, and it just turns out to be a Minecraft Fence Gate. Lol! :rofl:
That’d also be Thrive’s biggest plot twist, too!