Crazy theories about developers personalities

I know this thread can be so risky that “Your friendly neighborhood” could become “Your not friendly neighborhood” and close this thread. But while we have time, we must expose the identities of the Thrive developers. (Please don’t take it seriously. We have to stay at the level of crazy conspiracy theories)

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for some reason whenever i look at oliveriver i read it as “oliver iver”.

same for me, but what is an iver?

I looked It up.

Well… to be honest, I don’t even know what to say. Perhaps Oliver is no ordinary British composer.

I always read it as oliver river

I have a crazy idea that Revolutionary Games is working with the Finnish government.

I wish we got government art subsidies, but we don’t.

It would be good if the government supports this, especially considering that the game essentially simulates the whole evolution and formation of entire civilizations

Maybe that’s why the game wasn’t finnished during the past 10 years :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

New programmers for Thrive are created using nano-machines in a clandestine hh laboratory. Revolutionary Games is just hiding the fact that they have access to the very high technology of the Disturbance civ.

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how high is this tech? 420 high?

IT’S OVER 9000

Think further, their tech is high about the same as the weight of the release version of Thrive

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Why don’t they use their infinity level tech to release thrive then?

The banana gods are blocking it

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What about the apple gods?