New game! Based in the same world of Deos Mundum, you can even meet the separate civs down there, including your own! This is where the real battling takes place.
Your goal is to adapt to your Stats in Damnationem and build a force to be reckoned with in your army.

Flowcharts, no votes
May seem strange, but they are similar, many of you have used the waterfall method before and it has the same principle, just write down your commands in a → or an enter.



So Just say that your in and you will be in, no crazy stat charts or anything here.
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What is the goal of the game again? I’m confused on that, please be more specific.

Ill join in but id also like a bit of a simpler explanation. The current one confuses me.

You Son Of A Gun… I’m In. - YouTube


im in but I do also want a simpler explanation

I’ll join to. Do we play as any particular race or not?

Ill hold off on this one for now ,cuz we only have 8 rounds till the end of Deos Mundum