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Welcome to Augalia: Shattered World!
This is very similar to many past civilization forums except for one key difference - you’ll have to fight off several devastating natural disasters. Some are planned, and some will come from the almighty dice gods. However, rather than explain it all in one paragraph, you’ll get to see all of this forum game’s rules in several spoilers!

General Rules

Like most recent civilization forum games, you will have a power scale from 1-6 and an stability scale from -3 to 3. The power scale is meant to represent how strong your civilization is, and thus, it determines how many votes you can use. The stability scale is meant to represent how stable your civilization is in terms of your people’s faith in your government. Whenever you reach -3, your civilization will gain a strike. Once you receive two strikes in total, you will be kicked out of the forum game, your civ will crumble, and a new person will join from the waiting list. There are also extras - they’re votes specifically used for political actions such as declaring war, making peace, embargoing someone, exchanging technologies, etc. The dice system is also an important feature of this forum game. The dice is rolled for every non-extra vote, and it determines how successful it was.

New Features

Due to the differences between this and other forum games, I felt as if I needed to address the new changes in a separate paragraph. Regarding secret voting, you can opt to make a few of your votes secret and not have them shown on the forums - instead, their outcomes will be messaged to you on Discord. The only thing visible on the forums regarding that secret vote will be “Secret Vote”. Of course, you can always secretly vote to hide what you’re voting for at the time and have the outcome be shown on the forums. When one’s civ progresses far enough into the game (i.e, a stable, sedentary civilization with a government and a specified spying agency), you can secretly vote and have the outcome/vote shown on the forums be a false vote. There will be no war votes, unlike Pilaurea.

The events are going to work out two ways - planned events and random events. I have some planned events already, so I won’t quite be rolling for those. Random events are rolled for every three turns with a d20. 1-6 will be a negative event, with a lower roll being a worse disaster. 7-13 will be no event, and 14-20 will be a positive event, with a higher roll being a better event. Locations for the random events will mostly be chosen by me, but occasionally I’ll shake it up a bit.

The luck bonus is totally new feature, and it’s intended to help balance things out. For any civ starting on the western continent, they will have a luck bonus that will last until a disaster strikes that continent. This luck bonus start is intentionally done this way as there are some seriously devastating events planned for that continent. The bonus to voting is 10+, and it can also be used by other players too. Any player can request a luck bonus, and they will receive one for 7 rounds. However, the request will come with a cost - after those 7 rounds, the world will experience some sort of major disaster.

Voting Scale

1: Vote utterly fails, and something terrible will happen as a result of that failure.
2-6: Vote almost completely fails, and something bad happened.
7-9: Vote is still a failure, and something went wrong.
10: Vote makes little progress to the goal, and there are some drawbacks.
11-12: Vote makes some progress, but will definitely need more work towards the goal.
13-14: Vote makes a decent amount of progress, and can almost be considered a success.
15-16: Vote made some great progress and is definitely a success.
17-18: Vote made tremendous gains, and will probably have a bonus of some sort attached.
19-20: Vote is a total success - everything is done perfectly, and will have a great bonus attached.

Power Scale

1 - Tiny
2 - Minor
3 - Medium
4 - Major
5 - Great
6 - Superpower

Stability Scale

-3: Imploding
-2: Chaotic
-1: Unstable
0: Uneasy
1: Stable
2: Sturdy
3: Unshakable

Starting Specifics and Misc

Everyone will start at a stone age tech level, and they will start nomadic. This is to allow players to move around and adapt to any early events before they settle down. The start of the game up to the first sedentary civilizations will be sped up from other games in order to stop a drawn out game. For anyone new joining, I’m sorry, but everyone in the Discord server already reserved a spot. For anyone who reserved their spot in this forum game, please choose a starting location and be sure to confirm it.

Players (7/7)

Starting Location Map

Any dark blue spot is a starting location


Waiting List


My starting location is weird grassy river mouth thing, as I said



Other (expletive)

Colour- Lavender
Name: Zyin’Lanzak

Here’s mine. On the northern continent as pointed out on Discord.

Also, as of new realizations.
Name: Kazvratan
Color: Bronze



Starting area is what I put in the discord:

Name: Muneken
Color: #FF0000


Civ name: Haltage
Color:This shade of green(A.K.A #329334)

Starting in the same area I specified on the discord

The area

I’ll also confirm my starting location (can’t post the image for some reason )

Name: Amania (adjective : amanese )
Color: light blue

Location: The pictures I sent earlier
Name: Denavii
Colour: Light Green


no that’s mine
i’ll rock-paper-scissors you in the discord

I can’t even remember signing up for this game, but it should be fun al the same!

Starting location: I’ll point it out in Discord like everybody else
Name: Omnisaria
Color: Purple

Round 1 - The Beginning of Civilization
Augalia is a pit of death and destruction compared to most planets, but life can still survive and even flourish on this world, as demonstrated by Augalia’s sapients forming their first organized bands. However, only time will tell if these burgeoning civilizations could ever withstand nature’s fury long enough to truly rule over Augalia…

Current Map

Zyin'Lanzak - Biologicah

Living on the coast in a fertile river mouth surrounded by miles and miles of desert, your people have been flourishing for many months, free to experience life without any need to truly work. However, that dynamic changed drastically within the past few days - the once great river has been rapidly drying up, leaving many in your group starving and desperate. One elder suggested that this was nothing to worry about and was simply natural, but he was quickly silenced. Another elder, one who seemed quite a bit less senile, suggested to send scouts far and wide to find a plant to eat and an animal to hunt. His long-time rival, of course, suggested to merely check upstream for a food source. The discussion was getting rather heated and seemed to last forever, and ended only when the chieftain himself stepped in. With the drought getting worse every day, something has to be done, and soon.

Power: 1
Stability: 0

Kazvratan - ImmortalDragon

Located snugly in the crest of a river valley, your people have been enjoying a nice, warm summer and a mild winter since time immemorial. Your people have been experiencing a bit of a shakeup recently, however, as this year’s summer was the hottest so far, and although winter had only just begun, it has already snowed twice - a rare feat as snow is rarely ever seen. Despite the lack of information on this oddity and relatively few repercussions so far, many in your band still jump to conclusions and demand a precaution. One elder suggests to migrate far away from this land until the cursed weather stops, and many seem to agree with him. A radical and controversial speaker proposes something much different, however - why not stay here and wait out the bad weather inside manmade shelters while munching on some frozen meat? Many cuss him out, and he is banished from the tribe. Some people, of course, oblivious to the heated discussion, suggest that this is simply an oddity. Nonetheless, most people still want action, and fast.

Power: 1
Stability: 0

Muneken - bigyihsuan

Special: +10 luck bonus to your rolls until a disaster hits
Your people have been living in a state of unforetold prosperity - and they still do. The extremely fertile has allowed your population to skyrocket to unbelievable numbers, but the lack of growth for several years has been worrying. Several wise elders have determined the cause for the lack of growth to be simple - the upper limit of the food supply has been reached and the island simply isn’t big enough to hold all these people. Nearly everyone has agreed on a simple solution of spreading out over a larger area, but a few have come up with a much more complicated and experimental solution than simply expanding. Their ideas were to experiment with growing plants in some of the surrounding areas and have most people move out of the island to help with the process. Naturally, they were laughed at and discredited. Despite the obvious answer, however, an official statement must still be announced.

Power: 1
Stability: 0

Haltage - Oncpapa

Situated near an natural harbor, your people have been subsisting off of the sea’s plentiful bounty for many years. Lately, however, many fishermen have been unable to find any fish, and the ones they do find swim away far too fast. This has been a real cause for concern amongst your people, and the chilly waters haven’t helped neither. A large portion of the non-fishers have used this opportunity to speak against living off of the sea, calling it a useless endeavor when there are still supposedly many untouched berry bushes. A few have been convinced by their logic, but the rest of the population still clings to their heritage as an maritime nation. Some have proposed using fibers to create traps for the fish, and a few more extreme proposals involved following the fish into deeper waters on giant wooden constructs, but they’ve been largely dismissed. A decision must be made at some point before the discussion takes a turn for the worse.

Power: 1
Stability: 0

Amania - serialkiller

Surviving on the tip of a small peninsula, your people have been hunting a herd of surprisingly docile behemoths with elongated teeth for quite awhile, using their teeth as tools and their meat as sustenance. However, once the cold winter winds entered the area, the herd quickly dispersed, leaving your band with nothing to hunt for a few weeks. The winds seem to be much colder than last year, but it doesn’t worry your group nearly as much as the new creature that came to fill the gap. The new creature looks eerily to the previous one, but most of your tribe dismisses the link as it has a full coat of fur, much longer teeth, but most importantly, a worse temper. Initial attempts to kill the creatures fail and result in the loss of many lives as well as many broken ivory spears. The discussion of how to deal with recent events is equally split in two ways - half of your band want to try to find the previous herd of animals, and the other half of your band wants to develop some new techniques and tools to hunt these terrifying new creatures. The discussion was about to boil over into a massive fight, but the chieftain was able to calm everyone down using his wisdom and respect. Certainly something has to be done in such dire circumstances.

Power: 1
Stability: 0

Denavii - Louix

Centered on the coast between two ends of a river, your people have been living a simple but rewarding life, harvesting the local fruits whenever they ripen and hunting small game whenever there isn’t anything to pick. A new animal moving into the area, however, has been disturbing the delicate ecological balance your civilization has been thriving on. This new animal is a short but bulky herbivore with two four horns on its head. It effectively has driven out all the easily accessible game, and has been eating the delicious fruit enough that your group is facing major issues with food. With nothing else productive to do, your band gathers around and discusses the situation. Many feel anger at this new beast, and feel as if they should hunt it as revenge 'till the end of time. A few more moderate people have been discussing ways of co-existing with this creature, but the most interesting idea to come out of this was to tame these animals and maintain a herd of them as food for the band. Of course, there was also the idea to start growing fruits in protected areas, but both of these ideas were laughed at by the general populace. Tension slowly builds until the discussion is forcibly stopped by the chieftain in order to stop a full scale riot. It calmed down after that, but a decision must be made.

Power: 1
Stability: 0

Omnisaria - LordClassyus

Special: Starts with Bronze Age technology and a +10 luck bonus for 7 rounds whenever a disaster hits your continent (Only the first two disasters trigger the +10 luck bonus)
Your people have lived in the mouth of this river for a long time, and the whole civilization was even flourishing. However, when the drought came, the cruelness of reality came crashing down onto your city as thousands perished in the famine that soon followed. Although the people are still slowly recovering, their minds have not. Many are still traumatized from losing so many of their friends and family, and so many others are enraged that this could have ever happened in the first place. Even now, several years after the famine, many still bring up the famine, and lately there has been much talk about how to recover. Many uneducated folks have suggested to build much better irrigation channels to better feed crops, but the suggestion was always struck down as the river is far too nutrient deprived and full of salt for irrigation to solve. A growing faction, however, believes that the civilization must move away from the river and focus on other ways of food production. Hope, they say, lies in the outside world, not inside the walls of their settlement.

Power: 1
Stability: 0


Very Nice ! Wowowowow !!!

Action: Try to tame these beasts to harvest their meat

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Hmm, an interesting challenge you have handed us from the start. I accept!

Vote: Experiment with curing leather hides via water or some other process. This at least is better than wearing raw hides, and can even be used to make fur clothes to resist the cold better than simply wrapping ourselves in what we can and huddling together. Let’s hope this cold is temporary or an anomaly regardless though.

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Vote: Expand out of the island

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Vote: Send scouting parties northward for warmer weather and better food.

This is for me to keep track of my stuff.
It’s something new I’m trying.


The processing of shaping rocks into simple tools

Fire keeping
The technique of keeping natural embers alive into a firepit to cook food

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drought on the first round
Action: Check upstream I guess

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O goody, famine, my favorite.
Seriously though, it’s really cool that you are making another civ forum game. :+1:

Vote: Make the necessary equipment to start fishing on a large scale. It won’t keep us fed forever, but it should prevent a second famine.

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Vote: start fishing on the coast

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Can i be put on the waiting list please?

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How to avoid the character limit? You can’t. It’s just there.

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