Deos Mundum Chat

Deos Mundum forum game chat, gonna give advice and answer questions here.
its open for everyone to see the chat, if they want to join and need like advice or something

New round by friday
@doomlightning @TwilightWings21 @Centarian @Null @YourbroGarson @SupaChimp @zenzonegaming .


Speedrun stability strats

  1. fire
  2. 18+ roll
  3. Government
  4. Shelter

Its Friday


Text filler

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technically its like 4 pm rn

I have null Twilight and zenzone in rn, put in ur votes people

new round today

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Thinking of adding a player, to make it even, what should they get

  • +1 stability
  • Stonemaking method (Basic)
  • Fire
  • Overworld adaptation

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@Null @TwilightWings21 @zenzonegaming @doomlightning @fralegend015 @YourbroGarson @SupaChimp @Centarian

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Stability. I like your game, a good combination of quick and easy but also engaging, but if you don’t manage to get stability right off the bat (or lose it right off the bat like I did) then it is super annoying to try and fix that.

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Friendly reminder that the Surface is toxic, so dont go up there for long, until adapted\

Also @Centarian y u no use stone making method or research any alchemy?

Forgive my manstinct, but wouldn’t it be wise to already invest in a-selecting vegetation to grow on the toxic surface, just like the Great Oxygenation?

Edit: By manstinct, i mean that men tend to focus on solving a problem asap. Not being sexist.

maybe a toxin-resistant mycelium or moss?

3 of the four things listed here are things my species has yet to discover/adapt
and the remaining one is written into our species genetics


Honestly, I agree with Null. I don’t think any bonuses are really needed here (they were needed for you in PH because everyone was much further along than they are now). Only a few people have really advanced beyond the beginning of the game. but if you want to give them a boost, I stand by my earlier statement about stability (and it is the most balanced, as the majority of people don’t have fire yet anyway or tools)

Well I mean it is your game you could just poof it into existence…


you can react, instead of posting a whole new post…

Ight- who wants to be added

Invent Monetary System.

It’s all downhill from there

u shure?

also round 8 we got a person w/ three votes and a person with a villege