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Hey guys! I’m new to the Thrive community and as other people would have, i have a few questions. mainly about the depth of the game.

The way you guys make it seem is it will be very simulation based with a lot of stuff going on in the background. But I’m hoping it wont be to complex or to simple. What I’m talking about to much depth is Dwarf Fortress, a game where an enormous amount of stuff is under your control (layers of ground to dig through, defense of your base, maintaining your dwarves and resources, etc.) with a bunch of stuff going on in the background of that game as well that seems a bit overwhelming. And what i mean about to simple is Spore, where the stages are reduced to seperate minigames, not to much customization of your species and building (unless your creative enough) and the like.

A depth im looking forward to is something like Minecraft where you “evolve” as you progress through such as gaining new tools, materials, and tech as well. and there really isnt a big limit besides the chunkyness of everything and the height of how tall your structures can be.

Which leads to my main question, as to how much depth there will be and how much control you will have over it?


Well I personally can’t speak for everyone but I have been a part of many threads on the future state of the game and it seems as the current community thoughts on the depth of the game are fairly vague. For the most part, however, the general opinion I see most often is one of something that has multiple layers of depth to the game. What I mean by this is the current consensus is for a game which will need only a basic understanding of how to play in order to enjoy the game but also have the ability to manage a lot more if the player chooses to. Some ideas that are currently floating around are the option to have multiple editor tabs with varying levels of detail in how you edit, and having Thrive’s equivalent Spore’s “tribal” and “civilization” stages function like that of strategy games like “Civ V.”


Both basic and super in-depth gameplay is what the current Thrive community is thinking of having.


I’m not a Dev so what I say is not necessarily what the plan is. I merely speak as a member of the community and thusly have no credentials that can back up my statement.

That actually seems to be even better than what i was thinking of, so that others can have a specific experience they want with depth.

I also have heard they will be having the behavior editor so maybe it will go along with it as well.

That is currently up in the air on how it will be implemented but you should check out the “future game” category whenever you have the time. I alone can’t summarize everything in there so please feel free check out some of those threads and ask any questions you may have, I’ll be more than happy to help if I have the ability.


If you are the creative type then this thread may intrest you
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Hi BowlDawg, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

My thoughts on depth are that the game should be easy to play and hard to master.

So I want it to be really easy just to sit down and play Thrive. The controls should make sense and it should be easy to understand what is happening.

But then there should be really hard challenges which take a lot of thought to get through.

Like chess is a good example of a game like this. The rules of chess aren’t very complicated, I’ve seen a 3 year old play. But professionals spend years thinking about the game.

Obviously Thrive will never be that deep but I hope it is interesting and there are some big challenges that take a long time to complete.

I can’t really play Dwarf Fortress either because it’s too confusing and hard to get into. But I really like Rimworld, which is a very similar game that is much more approachable.

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