Devblog #17: The Re-Emergence of Life

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It’s been a while.

To someone not following the project closely on our more active platforms (community forums and Discord) it may appear Thrive has fallen into a long, dark slumber. Nascent life extinct, factories gone cold, space relics left scattered about the cosmos.

But all is not as it seems. Life stirs below the surface.

The purpose of this Devblog is to state in no uncertain terms the second most repeated of our mantras (right behind no underwater civs):

We’re not dead.

We’re back. And things are about to get exciting.

Read the full Devblog here:

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We’re alive again everyone!

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Yes, yes we are. Very alive.
Heres a direct link to the devlog

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There is a direct link at the top of the post, but I agree it needs to be bigger. I’ll see if there’s a way to fix that, if not now then in future.

EDIT: I can’t find formatting settings so the best way is just to edit the post on Discourse once it’s up. I’ve done that now.


I can’t believe a game that will look graphically outstanding and sound lovely lacks an instagram where you can post soundbites and teasers and gather a lot of interest. Especially with Thrive’s revival more people working together and greater interest in the project will decrease its gestation time till completion and quality through artists, programmers, ect. will increase just through raw numbers.

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The official mantra of thrive(confirmed by the original poster of this form) anyone?

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This is getting too memeified, watch out for hhyyrylainen

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Oh shit it’s starting to get back in action. Hopefully this will mean Thrive’ll escape mid-development hell, even if it’s just for a short while.
Pretty hyped for the early CPA-prototype-explanation too, really curious as to how this will happen without taking up too much computing power.

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Wow very good news!
I so happy to see these upgrade

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@Silverstorm This is why we have a dedicated 0.4.0 hYPe thReAD! for your intense meme-ing needs.

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Commenting because I think this needs more attention.

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In all honesty when i first saw this game i stayed up almost all night geeking out because of how cool it was. Now that it’s getting closer to finishing up it’s first stage i am so happy. I really want this game to work out so let’s all do our part, No matter if that’s keeping up to date on the forums or full on being a programmer. This community shall produce the greatest game in all of existence, so i say WE SHALL THRIVE IN MAKING THRIVE!

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Well they’re not finishing up the first stage (microbial will be finished in version

Its only 4.0 but its so close to the final product

Im as hyped upped for the game when i was first playing spore at the age of 7 i really wanted to have a cool race with Culture and history (i was dissapointed that the game was so unrealistic) but thrive is literally the game of my dreams