Devblog #19: The Bacteria Cometh

(Oliveriver) #1

Since our auto-poster failed, guess I’m posting this here manually then…

Thrive 0.4.1 is out now! Watch the trailer, read the Devblog, and download the launcher to enjoy new prokaryotic goodness.

(Rathalos) #2

Congratulations on the release! Do we have a general 4.1 feedback thread?

(OrganismOverlord) #3

Holy Marry mother and Joseph, this is acceptable beyond acceptability comfortable with human lifestyles.

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(Untrustedlife) #4

Was awesome to work on :slight_smile: Hope you guys all enjoy it

(Space Potato) #5

Yes! So excited to play!


We don’t have one but we should. I’ll make one…

Edit: 0.4.1 Feedback Thread

Edit 2: make sure to also check out the podcast:


Great work!!! keep up.