Devblog #30: Now in Stores Near You!

Devblog #30: Now in Stores Near You! - Revolutionary Games Studio

This month marks a major turning point in our history as for the first time, Thrive makes it’s official debut in stores! We are proud to announce that Thrive is now available for purchase on both Steam and for those who wish to support Thrive’s further development. The store releases are priced at $4.99…


For Chinese players, thrive’s price in steam is a little high

What it should be instead? I don’t know enough about market conditions in different countries, so I let the automatic price conversion from dollars do its thing.

It’s kind of too much for my notebook, might try it for the pc.

Oy wey Goyim. Your oppinion is outdated goyim!

I’ve contacted Steam support about this and they’ve confirmed that the price in Yuan is correctly set at 22. However the potential confusion here is that the price in Yen is 520, and that has the same currency symbol as yuan for some reason.

So thrive can’t just sell for 22 yen. That’s unreasonable.
You know, 22 yen = US $0.1936

I live in switzerland and bought the game on steam. It’s automatically german and can’t set it to english. How can I set it to english? thx

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In the options menu, under “sound” you can select the game language.

does anybody know that you can put a game up on Steam for free? like FNAF 6 or the UCN for instance? just asking.

Yes, I know that there can be free games on Steam. Though, as far as I know you still have to pay the Steam direct fee even if your game is free.

oh. well, i already have steam, so that’s done. wait, i never heard of a “Steam direct fee” before. what is that, my friend? is it for developers or for consumers, because i never heard of it before, like EVER. :frowning:

Steam direct is a fee that developers need to pay for each game they want to put up on Steam.

oh. oof. so it was a dev-only thing. thanks for letting me know! :smiley: