Disturbance Backstory

Lately, I’ve been thinking about your posterchild for a while now, and I have to ask these. How did you come up with Disturbance? How does his body function in contrast to ours? Where did he come from? What would be his personality? And is it even okay to refer to Disturbance as a person rather than a thing?

I think you can take a look at it in the Community Wiki.

There’s literally nothing on him. That wiki needs some serious attention. Though I do remember hearing that Disturbance communicates electromagnetically with his antenna…

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The Disturbance was the brainchild of ~sciocont, the project’s team lead way back when. There’s a brief explanation of its physiology at the link above.


Wait?! ~sciocont? Its a name i have not hear in a long time. I guess its a thrive legend… A GOD.
What did ~sciocont be to the project, really? Programmer, artist,(founder :grinning:)?

~sciocont was a theorist and he contributed to the project since when Thrive was named Evolutions! that’s like 2009 or 2010

It says there that Disturbance was made to be an Eldrazi Spawn, possibly a descendant of Umalog, since they are able to sense their environment without any visible sensory organs and provoke a featureless plate of bone that replaced each one’s face. Though he could be a spawn of Emrakul, another creature similar to Umalog. Her lineage is commonly possessing a strange lattice-like flesh composition and being of unnatural hues (predominately of bright purples, blues, and reds), also not having visible sensory organs or conventional bodies.

Interestingly enough, Ulamog is the Titan of Consumption, as he and his brood consume living and unliving matter alike, whereas Emrakul is the Titan of Corruption. as her brood are known to leave behind yellow dust, and seemingly convert the landscape into flesh and bone. They warp life and matter themselves. Both Umalog and Emrakul, along with Kozilek, form the Eldrazi titan trio and exist in the Blind Eternites - the space between planes with chaotic energies, mainly the Aether but also mana and temporal energy. Perhaps Disturbance could have broke off from his eldritch lineages and use his powers to create life rather than consume it. He saw through his primordial instincts and found them pointless and demeaning. And while many civilizations still fear this being, he is truly good-willed and empathic. This lines up perfectly with Thrive’s history.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t eldrazi andUlamog from Magic the gathering?

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You are correct. Supprisingly, that ties in our scientifically accurate simulation with its direct opposite, a magical fantasy card game!