Downtime notices


Downtime notices will be posted in this thread some time before I do maintainance.

I’ll be doing some plugin work causing downtime of about 15-30 minutes starting in 30 minutes.


Updating the group assign plugin is now complete.


My server host had issues in their data center resulting in downtime. But (at least for the moment) this forum seems to be back online.


I’ll be installing akismet spam prevention plugin on these forums in 30 minutes resulting in downtime of around 20 minutes.


The installation is now complete.


I’ll install a new plugin in a few minutes, should take about 20 minutes.

Edit: done.


There is going to be downtime due to maintenance : “The maintenance will take place on Thursday 17th May 2018 at 08:00 UTC+2.
– The offtime is expected to last no longer than 30 to 45 minutes.”


I’m installing updates on the server. The downtime should be less than a minute.


I’ll update the server’s OS in 45 minutes. I think it should take less than an hour to update and be back online, unless something decides to completely break.

Edit: done.


I’ll install a new plugin for our potential new dev chat platform integration in 20 minutes. Should result in downtime of around 20 minutes.

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Quick question: why can we as mere users post in this thread? It’s not like we can take the server down for maintenance ourselves


I haven’t seen an option to make only staff be able to post in a single thread. So I haven’t bothered to create a custom category where normal users can read but can’t post and I don’t want to constantly lock and unlock this thread.
And if someone wants to ask something related to downtime in this thread they can.


This isn’t a downtime notice but oh well… I just installed updates and the avatars are incorrectly positioned. I’ll fix it in an hour, sorry I don’t have time right now.

Edit: should be fixed now.


I have to install a bigger update causing actual downtime. I’ll install it in 20 minutes. Should take about 15-20 minutes to install. I’ll be installing the same update on the dev forums right now.

Edit: now done (I forgot to install server updates right after)


There will be server maintenance done on the server hosting this forum on Tuesday, 4th September at 20:30 UTC+2. The forum should be down only for around 30 minutes.


I’m going to install updates on the server now. Should result in a few minutes of downtime while restarting.

Edit: done


Discourse has a bigger update available needing some downtime for doing the update. I’ll start the update in 20 minutes. It should take less than 30 minutes to complete. The dev forum is being updated right now.

Edit: completed


I have to do some new setups on the server that hosts this forum. I’ll install updates at the same time so expect random downtime starting soon.

Edit: should be completed now