And now for something completely different!
This is one of those alchemy games where you merge elements to create new elements, like this:
Element (Group) + Element (Group) = New Element (Group)
Make whatever you want, but please be reasonable to the process. Nothing like this ->http://elemental.phychi.com/
Please specify the group of the element and feel free to assign colors to those groups if you happen to create new ones.
So here’s the base four:
Water (Water)
Earth (Earth)
Fire (Fire)
Air (Air)
Let’s get alchemizing!



Water + Earth = Mud (Earth)

can we make multiple elements in one post?
i think we should keep track of all the elements we create so we don’t make them again.
also how the heck did you color the names of the elements like that?



  • water
  • rain
  • waves
  • slime
  • broth


  • earth
  • mud
  • clay
  • stone
  • sand
  • region
  • continent
  • landmark


  • fire
  • magma
  • lava
  • volcano
  • warmth
  • brimstone


  • air
  • steam
  • dust
  • mist
  • cloud
  • wind
  • ash


  • energy
  • gravity

-Natural Disasters:

  • storm
  • tsunami
  • flood
  • eruption


  • cell
  • multicellular life
  • sea sponge
  • algae
  • animal
  • jellyfish
  • fish
  • reptile
  • plant
  • grass
  • moss
  • cactus
  • dinosaur
  • tree
  • mammal
  • bird
  • primate
  • apeman


  • human
  • dinosauroid


  • monolith

fire + earth = magma (fire)


Air + Earth = Dust (Air)

Air + Fire = Energy (physics)

the colour of the new group is grey, and it includes everything related to physics like energy, pressure, gravity, etc…

Water + Air = Rain (water)

Mud + Fire = Brick (Earth)

  1. Yes, you can
  2. I already am.
  3. It’s actually an option in commenting. While typing, click on the pallete between the square lines and the big A. That allows you to color your text. Where the hashtag appears in [color=#], type in the name of the color or its HTML code. That clear it up for you?
    If there are any combinations that seem to ahead, i will fix them to the game’s likely. I apologize in advance for everyone.
    Also, I’ll add all of the elements and groups to a new page to set their colors, and i should change them already.
    Here are the new elements and the descriptions of the new groups currently:
    Water (Water) - The universal solvent. Its many forms and properties make it possible for all life to occur.
    Earth (Earth) - Provides a plane of innate basis, from single sediments to mighty mountains.
    Fire (Fire) - Brings light, comfort, but also destrustion to everything it touches. Useful for war.
    Air (Air) - It’s the softest thing and invisible, yet it moves continents and the oceans.
    Earth (Earth) + Water (Water) = Mud (Earth)
    Fire (Fire) + Earth (Earth) = Magma (Fire)
    Fire (Fire) + Water (Water) = Steam (Air)
    Air (Air) + Earth (Earth) = Dust (Earth)
    Air (Air) + Fire (Fire) = Energy (Physics) - The plane of existence. It is the universal law of our world, but even it can be broken.
    Air (Air) + Water (Water) = Mist (Air) [Seems a better fit than directly to Rain]
    Mist (Air) + Mist (Air) = Cloud (Air)
    Cloud (Air) + Water = (Water) Rain (Water)
    Mud (Earth) + Fire (Fire) = Clay (Earth)
    Here are new ones:
    Cloud (Air) + Energy (Physics) = Storm (Natural Disasters) - The chaotic forces that bring balance to this earth, such as floods, earthquakes, meteors, and tornados.
    Air (Air) + Energy (Physics) = Wind (Air)
    Magma (Fire) + Fire (Fire) = Lava (Fire)
    Lava (Fire) + Earth (Earth) = Volcano (Fire)
    Volcano (Fire) + Air (Air) = Ash (Air)
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energy + water = waves (water)
waves + energy = tsunami (natural disasters)
rain + earth = flood (natural disasters)
magma + water = stone (earth)
stone + air = sand (earth)

can a reaction create more than one element?

I didn’t specify, so yeah.
But use the colors!

Energy (Physics)+ Earth (Earth)= Earthquake(natural disasters)
I couldn’t find the color for natural disasters
Can we do subtraction problems as well?

Broth+Energy=Cell(life) - organic things that live and grow and thrive

water + cell = plankton (Life)
cell + cell = multicellular life (life)
multicellular life + water = sea sponge, algea (life)


animal + water = jellyfish, fish (life)
animal + earth = reptile (life)
algea + earth = plant (life)
plant + earth = grass (life)
plant + stone = moss (life)
plant + sand = cactus (life)


Plant (Life) + Plant (Life) = Tree (Life) + Mammal (Life) = Primate (Life) + Earth = Apeman (Life)
Stone + Stone = Landmark + Energy = Monolith (Sci-fi) - The realm of speculative fiction, full of aliens, technology, and cheapness.
Monolith (Sci-fi) + Apeman (Life) = Human (People) - Us. The only known bipedal mammal with the ability to manipulate its environment better than any other species.

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Dinosaur (life) +human (people) = dinosauroid (people)

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human (life) + tree (life) = treant (magic)