End Game Events

What could you possibly have to offer that trumps literally ascending from the physical realm?

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I didn’t mean to sound like your idea was bad or unappreciated. These forums are the place to share (almost) any idea related to the game. I try to reply to many ideas about their feasibility in order to encourage discussion.

So let’s say the top 2 species research and building ascensions gates at roughly the same time minus like a week. Will the completion of one cancel the other or could there be 2 ascension gates at the same time?

It’s ascension. Only one species should be allowed to enter at a time. If there is more than one, the technology would lose its appeal to the players.

Depends on how hostile they are to each other. The first to ascend basically receives immediate unlimited power to do whatever. And in the case of the player that triggers the victory of the game.

I love Stargate, so I’ll talk about that perspective. In it the ancients were aliens that figured out ascension. They basically then set out rules for themselves to not interfere with the physical world. A few of them did bend the rules, but if they went too far all the others overpowered them (as their power is not infinite having millions of other ascended beings attack you, you lose). They didn’t however prevent anyone else from getting ascended, if they found out how to do it. Though, it might be the case that if an extremely hostile race was about to discover ascension, they might prevent that.

For simplicity sake, I think in Thrive requiring the player to be the first to ascend should be required, so you could lose the game if you fall behind too much. I’m sure, though, that people will complain that it shouldn’t count if a peaceful species ascends before you, I guess we can make that an option later on.


I don’t know, maybe something that generates actual narrative tension, instead of just going boop ‘you’re a god now.’

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I’m thinking that since the ascension event is a last stand until you convert your entire population that there should be some reward as the ascension progress goes on. I think there should be a population ascended meter like at the top of the screen and at certain percents your ascended people aid in the defense. So at 25% your people give you unlimited resources (you should probably be feel the full weight of the combined galactic fleet at this point hammering your outer defenses). At 50% you get a 3 or 5 times shipyard construct speed bonus since your fleets should be crippled at this point and your outer defenses destroyed. At 75% your people begin aiding you directly by doubling shield, armor and hull strength as well as doubling weapon strength. At 100% you need to recall all of your ship and military personal to the ascension gate and then win while.

That’s not how I imagined it. In my mind the second one member of your species ascends they can basically wipe any enemies from existence instantly. So to stop that the gate’s power source, or the gate itself, must be destroyed before it is operational.


I love Stargate too, it’s the best thing that’s ever been on television imo. I also really like their view of ascension (The Tao of Rodney is a great ep).

One thing I was wondering is whether we could make the ascension gate need an insane amount of power. Like you have to turn the mass of 5 stars into energy to turn it on or something.

That way it would be a really difficult late game challenge for any empire. If you are militaristic you need to conquer a large space and then defend against any enemies while you enact the project. If you are mercantile or religious you have to get super super rich or get your followers to donate the matter you need to perform the program.

The idea that “other species like you less because you have started an ascension program” does sound cool. That would also add to the challenge.

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The reason behind the population = buff thing is that by the time 25% of the population were ascended they would have figure out have to produce resources. Essentially if they just became a god they wouldn’t exactly know what to do or how to use powers so as you covert more and more of your population there are slowly discovering how to use godlike powers.

Hello there! Stupid question: is there currently any plans on what the species will look like once ascended? Also is the appearance of the gate set or up to the players imagination?

That One Dude provided a logo-inspired concept for the Ascension Gate. I assume, like any other piece of technology, it could be customized in the tech editor.

The appearance of ascended species, if at all, would likely be depicted as their mortal form but made out of light, or probably just a single floating light source. Like much of the rest of the stage, it bears homage to Stargate’s ascended.
More manipulative ascended may disguise themselves as a mortal species, like Q in Star Trek. They may choose to hide their powers or use them freely. Late space-age empires can employ this same trick through advanced gene manipulation, hidden transporters, et cetera.

It would be cool if humans would be a great part of end game events, especially in the ending. I know, it’s very likely that humans destroyed their own planet etc, etc. But it would be cool, if somehow, humans managed to save Earth from auto-polluted destruction and evolved, upgraded their tech progressively, then mysteriously disappeared without a trace (ascended, became god-like civilization/beings). Anyway, I want them to be a good part of end-game.
Also, what is the ascension gate concept? I’d like to know. If possible, try to summarize it to me in less than 2 paragraphs please.
In addition (gabeN), instead of being limited to only one galaxy like in Spore, it would be cool to explore the Entire Universe, mwahahahahaha… . Even though, it’d take so much space, it’d be realistic. But there some things to consider. From what I’ve read so far, I know two things :
  1. The Universe doesn’t have a center.
  2. There is nothing outside the Universe.

-Two terrible truths of the Universe, by blackjacksike

You can’t know if there is a multiverse that we can’t see

We don’t know, but from what I’ve read… eh. I read it in a big Universe atlas. Doesn’t mean it’s true, but it’s likely to be true.

EDIT : I haven’t talked about multiverse. Do you mean multiverse like infinite possibilities/choices or multiverse like universes outside our own inside an “ultraverse”?

Yes. It’d be practically impossible to simulate, but you should at least add some notion that in the game that it exists. It’d add some greater sense that even our observable universe is just a bubble in the endless sea that is spacetime.

If you entered the ascension gate, you become a kind of god, right? In that case, you would be able to build other ascension gates, alright?

End game event idea

Wormy Mcwormson appears

you know where its gonna lead

Thrive: Endgame

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