Endless Expanse 2.0

Endless Expanse 2.0

You wake up with no memory of who you are or where you were inside a small protocell able to do nothing but wait and think and remember what you know, however, as soon as your cage of a protocell finishes replicating it’s RNA replicase you get taken to a room where you can interact with both strands of
self-replicating information as well as see what will happen because of you messing with it, shortly thereafter you see what seems to be a piece of paper with something written on it in English if you remember correctly. it reads as follows

welcome to the realm of those who failed to ascend. here you will be given a second chance at ascension due to the circumstances that led to your demise.
the laws of the universe are not the same as they were in your universe but they are quite similar

you failed to ascend due to enemy spies closing the portal as soon as half of your population was through the portal and you just so happened to have only gotten all the way into the portal a mere second before it had its power supply of 1000 suns reduced to to the full output of 2 red dwarf stars and only a few thousand of your ships made it through

now that you have been told what led to you being in your current state you will be told all the rules of this universe that you need to know before having a proper brain.

you are currently a simple protocell in the depths of the hydrothermal vents of the 15th moon of a gas giant with a molten iron core that provides an extremely strong and large magnetic field able to completely stop you from getting obliterated if your star goes supernova, your oceans are a 50/50 mix of pentane and water with the pentane being only above the water with films of air separating them due to pentane being nonpolar and water being polar. due to this silica and carbon based life are able to exist on your planet in different niches but without lots of adaptations neither can survive in the same niche.

You may choose what element you will use as a base and thus which fluid you will start in with silica and carbon being the options with carbon staring in water and silica starting in pentane

use this template to describe your organisms to the best of your ability
[color=]base element:[/color] [color=red]common name:[/color] [color=orange]scientific name:[/color] [color=yellow]existing traits:[/color] [color=green]respiration methods:[/color] [color=blue]mutations:[/color] [color=purple]description:[/color] [color=red]current habitat(s):[/color] [color=orange]new habitat:[/color]

it should start as this(fill in the blank spaces with what you want them to be)
base element:
common name: (PLAYER#) organism
scientific name: Primium Thrivium
existing traits: RNA duplicase, monolayer bilipid membrane
respiration methods: ion gradient
description: an extremely simple protocell containing nothing but a single RNA replicase
current habitat(s): hydrothermal vents
new habitat:
information storage molecule: RNA

you may only have 2 mutations per round at the start of the game with certain traits increasing this limit like making your genes swap places or having multiple sets of your genome to sandbox with

these will be what is used to determine the outcome of your changes
1 = 1. mutation with the opposite effect than what you wanted.
2 = 1. what you wanted but with a BIG detriment.
3 = you get a useless structure that looks like what you wanted.
4 = what you wanted.
5 = what you wanted but better.
6= what you wanted but even better

patch moves
1 = 1. You lose 50-100 pop in your current patch depending on your species move speed higher speed = lower pop loss
2 = 1. You move to your desired patch but you lose 5-50 pop in your previous patch
3 = 1. you lose 1 pop
4 = 1. You move to your desired patch
5 = You move to your desired patch + another randomly selected patch
6 = you move to your desired patch + 2 patches i select based on your dependencies and resistances.

castes, specializations, and modules:
1 = opposite of what you wanted
2 = -1 pop
3 = nothing happens
4 = what you wanted
5 = what you wanted but 2* better
6 = what you wanted but 4* better

1 = digested+ 3 pop
2 = digested + 5 pop
3 = digested but you get some of it’s genetic information into your genome +8 pop
4 = not digested and you get the organism staying in your organism
5 = digested but you get all the genetic information it has incorperated into your genome and thus can produce it and discard any non functional organelles of it’s species +8 pop
6 = you ingest several in a row and a few survive but the ones that didn’t have relinquished all of their genetic information to you + 20 pop

behavior: no dice chart for this you just get exactly what you want

a nucleus protects your genome so if you have one you get advantage on all mutation rolls for every layer you have of it.
you are able to move organelles between your nucleus and the rest of your cell, get rid of your nucleus, and get rid of the rest of your cell.

each round consists of 2 parts. these are the the editor round and the RPG round.

this is what determines the outcome of what you do in the second half of the round
1= you fail horribly
2= you fail badly
3= you fail but nothing else happens
4= you barely succeed
5= you succeed exactly as well as you thought you would
6= you succeed better than you thought you would


type: moon
orbiting: gas giant that is almost a star
starting atmosphere: 90% nitrogen, 0% CO2 0% O2 5% argon 5% SiH2
starting patches:
the core: void(you must be able to break bedrock to get here),
near mantle: superheated magma, brimstone caves,
abyssopelagic: abyssal ocean, abyssal seafloor, abyssal hydrothermal vents, abyssopelagic caverns
bathypelagic: bathypelagic ocean, bathypelagic seafloor, bathypelagic vents, bathypelagic caverns
mesopelagic: mesopelagic ocean, mesopelagic seafloor, mesopelagic vents, mesopelagic caverns
epipelagic: epipelagic oceans, epipelagic seafloor, epipelagic vents, epipelagic caverns, great lakes, ponds, pretty much any body of water that goes deeper than sea level on the surface, estuaries, coastal, etc.
surface: desert, beach, cave, mountain, glacier, north pole, south pole, floating sea rock, island, plateau, ravine, holes to bedrock made by a gamma ray burst eliminating all the life on your planet that also happened to vaporize a lot of rock on opposite sides of the planet, etc.
skies: low atmosphere, high atmosphere
space: low lunar orbit, medium lunar orbit, high lunar orbit, the rest of the solar system


type: moon
orbiting: gas giant that is almost a star
characteristics: always near your starting rock but not orbiting it, deep red oceans made of ammonia, high pressure atmosphere with no oxygen, lots of volcanic activity, more will be revealed with technological advancements through technological or biological evolution.

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base element: Silicon

common name: Livng Solar Panels

scientific name: Kryto Namenaldi

existing traits: Silicon/boron/phosphorous based photosynthesis, RNA duplicase

respiration methods: Usage of boron, silicon and phosphorous to generate an electric field from sunlight

mutations: Gain a nucleus-like structure, and evolve flagella

description: Basically a microscopic solar cell, it’s behaviour is very simple, it gathers rocks to get enough boron and silicon to reproduce.

current habitat(s): Shallow sea floor

new habitat: it stays where it is

Not sure why I was pinged? I won’t be playing regardless

me neither
i have immortalin to do as well as my (forgotten) forum game

base element: Carbon

common name: Common vent “bacteria”

scientific name: Primium Thrivium

existing traits: RNA duplicase, monolayer bilipid membrane

respiration methods: ion gradient

mutations: Sulfide metabolism and HGT

description: an extremely simple protocell containing nothing but a single RNA replicase

current habitat(s): Hydrothermal vents

new habitat: Ocean floor around Hydrothermal vents

What are the limits of the habitats we can choose?

Base element: carbon
Common name: Kedian Harpooners
Scientific name: Kedius Harpunoae
Existing traits: Basic flagella and pilus
Respiration methods: at the moment diffusion
Mutations: Evolves a nucleus and a harder membrane
Description: At the moment it rams about, absorbing nutrients, and occasionally ramming into other species, and absorbs the nutrients
Current habitat: Hydrothermal vents
New habitat: Stays where it is

I just pinged everyone who showed interest in my previous one @nonametoseehere @theforumgamemaster ,paragraph 6

They probably pinged you to bring in a select group of players to kickstart the game’s popularity and liveliness.

i already said why i pinged twilight in the previous post which i made with my phone.
also how do any of you use this on mobile? is it an app that doesn’t obstruct the text box when you open the keyboard? i just have to hope and belgiuming pray that i typed everything correctly because whenever i click the text box it gets completely obstructed by the keyboard.

I use the browser version, which works fine for me. Keyboard only covers half the screen, with the top half being the typed message

obviously you use a better browser than me then

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I’m just using google/safari

once 3-8 people have their mutations for their protobionts(starting as one is non-negotiable) i will start the game but until then i will be making the planet you will all start on

for the start hydrothermal vents and warm pond as a protobiont would not be able to survive being yeeted through space and the only way it could is being trapped in a meteor where nothing can escape from it and no radiation can hit it and it has no radioactive elements in it that can mess up the duplicase before it replicates so due to the astronamically low chances of that and it getting eroded to freedom in its correct habitat before it dies there are only 4 habitats you can start in with 2 of them just being silica based life friendly versions of the other 2

base element: carbon
common name: protobiont
scientific name: Primium Thrivium
existing traits: RNA duplicase, monolayer bilipid membrane
respiration methods: ion gradient
mutations: ATP production via metabolosomes, plasmid
description: an extremely simple protocell containing nothing but a single RNA replicase
current habitat(s): abyssopelagic hydrothermal vents

i have decided that patch moves will only be able to occur during the gameplay part of the rounds for balance reasons.

I didn’t do warm pond or hydrothermal vents, is shallow sea floor fine?

Shallow as in in close to the surface or as in in a cave

Close to the surface

K, you also have to start with just the 2 starting traits as we are starting with the first editor round and info storage molecules are in the existing traits area so without having one you cannot evolve without ingesting RNA duplicase/replicase in the gameplay part of the round

Ok, I added RNA duplicase

You also need the membrane or you are just a strand of RNA that can replicate itself and other RNA but with a flagellum. Use Cha’s post as an example

You can do that if you want to though