Fallout 4 rp

I have decided to make a new fallout based game.
In this game you will be in the Commonwealth 5 years after the completion of the game (to be more specific I mean my ending where the minutemen destroyed the Institute and the bos in the region).
to start the game you must give me your character name, bio, race (humans super mutants or ghouls),any people you might be with i.e family or friends, dispositions, 2 starter perks (only from the game and following the game rules), starting S.P.E.C.I.A.L (all start at 1 and you have 10 free points), and finally starter point (can include dlc).
I will explain more as we go on.
p.s your stats will affect your character i.e no points in Intelligence means you can not even speak properly.

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anyone? (post filler)

Im very interested in this game… hopefully its not dead?

sorry that i have not posted, i will soon i have been busy.

Ok to start this off my character’s name is MechanicalPumpkin and he survived the nukes and stuff (obviously) and he is like hiding in a vault

He lives in a place where the remains of his old home town used to be

That’s all I have right now

He is a human

My character doesn’t have any family

Maybe some friends

I will update my character later and put in the stats and stuff

he would be dead by now because it is over 200 years after the war.

Oh crap

Forget what I said then

New character it is

you should go to the other thread.