Fan music

Post your own fan music for Thrive here

i will start by posting this piece of piano cover of Thrive main theme. it isnt very good (garbag), but if you want to learn playing it on piano it might be useful:

made with Piano from Above

edit: its a bit modified by the way


Its pretty good sounds very simular to Oliver’s solo piano of the theme


Maybe not very good but still better than me. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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ascending (still kinda trash tho)

I have idea of player having “flashbacks” with pictures of the player’s creatures from previous stage upon reaching ascension stage to show summary of playthrough through cool way.


New music:
Made with BandLab - Make Music Online (free)

I had idea of it being sort of tech editor music but at this point I’m not entirely sure whether it would fit or not.

Feel free to make a cover of it (even without crediting me :eyes:) if you want to.



I made a coastal theme
I might repost a second version because there are some weird bits

I enjoyed making this, especially with the ambient nature sounds, so I might make another one (ocean possibly?)


It sounds nice! Would you want to become a part of the dev team?

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Thanks! That’s my plan, But first I’m going to create a portfolio (which ofc this song is a part of)


Very relaxing; for me, reminescent of the older Thrive themes with a little older style (?). I enjoyed it :thrive:


We’ll, I sure do hope that you end up in the team! That’s a great accomplishment.


“Technologies” re-do:

Clip made in Clipchamp
Thumbnail in Paint
and the music itself in Cakewalk by Bandlab.

Edit: Audio only for faster loading:


I like it. I think maybe it could be for a dystopian society in industrial stage.

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I don’t think it is good enough to be put as a theme.

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It’s still a good track even if it likely won’t become a part of the soundtrack

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A while ago I tried making some more songs, kind of trying to emulate the feeling of my first song. I haven’t been very successful, but I thought I’d share some of them. Most of them are half-finished and some are pretty bad though. I guess I was just trying a bunch of different stuff to see what worked.
Edit: I fixed the folder permissions