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(Radical Revolutionary) #186

Vote 1:Tame the giant sloth

(Sound) #187

@Svrangite , @Potatomancer , @mitobox , @serialkiller please vote when you have the free time, internet or whatever you need to vote :slight_smile: . Cause some of you might be on vacation somewhere where there is little to no internet idk I just hope you guys are having a nice vacation

(Ṁ̴͙͔͒u̴͐͛̓͠ͅś̴̛̮̰̖̑͆͠i̵͚̤̥̝̬̎͋̊c̸̨̛̦̱̯̽̋͛̍ M̴a̸͙̬̐͌̈̄͌ń̸̯̉̃̌̕ ) #188

Vote: Settle/create a capital city up at the top of one of the mountain ranges

(Sound) #189

@Potatomancer , @Mitobox , and @serialkiller I need your votes this is just a reminder, when you have the free time please vote

(Casting Magic with potatoes) #190

Organize a final resistance against Dliug


The librarians are in shambles, Dilug has taken a strong hold. But not all are satisfied with his
tyranny. Some of the remaining librarians have suggested to organize a rebellion against him, convincing what guild members they could to join them. If this rebellion fails, it is likely the Valens will end up under Dilugs and his successors rule.

(cerealkiller) #191

Vote: build a Great Wall to protect our nation
Vote: expand