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@zenzonegaming , @OoferDoofer I am planning to in a few rounds from now make all civs skip to either Bronze or Iron Age and your civs will have some differences than before or we can continue in the route we are going now please let me know if you want me to do this or not you can do multiple votes and depending on those votes it will change your civ’s far off future when I start it in the age what do you guys think?

Round 36

(Kazarites) @mitobox- Vote 1: Have Kazar and his apprentices return to experimentation, this time to see if they can’t rearrange and modify the shortened fireball spell inscriptions into a light-based spell (again, preferably not too close to the mostly wooden village). (Roll: 7)

Vote 2: Some of the gatherers reattempt gathering grawlic from the forest to grow a steady supply of in the village, for both seasoning and protection from vampires if need be. (Roll: 7)

Kazarites Outcome

To create a new spell and shorten the spell incantation for fireball they test it outside of the village. These tests yielded no results and has been chalked up as another failure in magic. During the magic tests some gatherers went out to get some grawlic. While they did find some grawlic they notice some animal standing by it and eating it. This animal ate all of the grawlic in the area some soldier wanted to go up and challenge the animal but were unsure about its abilities and how dangerous it was. Going back, they went to report Kazar about the mysterious animal eating the grawlic worried it might be an animal created by the Vampires to prevent grawlic from growing around the area.

Stability: Solid (2)

Power: Minor (2)


Civ: Kazarites Player: Mitobox

Mitobox- Past Votes: go Northwest, collect food and resources, build huts, search the dungeon, look for strong-smelling plants that grow from bulbs, find more Grawlic, use leftover Grawlic and plant it, hunt for vampires, make a graveyard, Craft simple bows, scout north, explore tower, capture vampires, make clothing, lead the Korens back home


Leadership: Kazar: a wise leader who had started to trip to the Mist forest and the founder of the Kazarites. After many years of being the leader of the Kazarites and gaining a lot of trust the people no longer trust Kazar after the incident with the Korens. The people believe that he and his apprentices had all been turned into vampires after a certain point and believe that he and his apprentices will try to kill them all at some point or turn them into vampires. The people have also begun to think that the Korens are vampires and that Kazar and the vampires are trying to take over the village. Kirala: One of the other leaders who leads the hunt on Vampires

Factions: Anti-Korens: this group has been attacking any group of Korens trying to enter the village. They have spread the belief that the Korens are really vampires in disguise and that there was no such civilization known as the Korens.

Area of where the Kazarites live: a small village surrounding a lake with the island of the dungeon they found and Gloom Island

Plants: Gloom Plant, and new plant. Strandstalk: This plant is very fibrous

Weapons: Bow

Graveyard: Holds the deceased of family members

Gloom Dungeon:
Dungeon Monsters: Young Treant Floor 1, Vampire Floor 2

Dungeon Traps: Trap room, Arrow chest

Smoke Tower Dungeon: Monsters: Vampires

Dungeon Monster: Vampire

Disease/Curses: Piercingitis: a disease spread by vampires to create more vampires, only way for this disease to be spread is if a vampire’s blood is swallowed, or gets into a cut or wound or is injected

Factions: Normal Spiecine, Vampire Spiecine

Magic: Basic healing, fireball (casting time decrease for all spells thanks to the use of scrolls which are consumable once consumed the scrolls will shorten the spells of the person forever)

Discovered monsters: unknown creature: Was a creature that some Kazarites noticed while going to find Grawlic and the creature seemed dangerous, but they noticed that it was also eating grawlic for some reason and suspected it was something that vampires used to eliminate one of their weaknesses

Realms: Realm of Living: This realm is where all living creatures live in and where all physical beings live Realm of the Dead: This realm holds dead spirits. Some spirits hold grudges and because of this some stay in the realm of the living either possessing dead corpses to kill the person they want revenge on or cause misfortune. Some wondering spirits from the Realm of the Dead accidently come to the realm of the living these spirits cause no troubles to the living unlike vengeful spirits. If they take over undead bodies, then they will just wonder around. Spirit Realm: Nonphysical beings live in this realm namely Demons and Angels. The Realm of Gods : This realm has all the gods within this games universe this Realm is untouchable by normal mortals, only Heroes, Clergymen, other gods, or famous people can hurt or interact with the gods.

Contracts: the Kazarites now know how they can create contracts with Demons or anything at all

Familiars: bugs

Ancient relic: relics that have a large power emanating from them. Smoke Tower Relic : a relic that seems to be what creates all the fog in the area and has a small dungeon inside of it. The vampires also created it many years ago. Mysterious text on the wall is a prophesy of how the Kazarites will kill off the vampires and their leaders. The text talked about the Vampires true weakness but because the vampires didn’t want it to be learned they ensured its destruction and because of this it is unfinished, and the true weakness of vampires is unknown

Civs Met: Korens


(Korens) @agenttine- Vote: Vote 1: Work on getting metals. (Roll: 2)
Vote 2: Use fire to help in our smithing process. (Roll: 15)

Korens Outcome

A vein of ore was found thinking that it could be used the Korens try to mine at it only for the ore to seemingly attack them. A few ran the people who stayed behind found out that the ore was really an ore golem after finding this out a few ran away and the remaining people attacked the ore golem to keep it distracted from attacking the retreating people. Not being prepared to fight a golem the people who had stayed behind were killed and then the golem went to find it’s remaining attackers. Back in the village people were learning on how to smith weapons and to create better weapons. They had begun to smith weapons with fire making the weapon stronger and more durable. Soon the party who went out mining reported that there was an ore golem and that it had attacked them, and they weren’t sure what had happened to the rest of their companions that they were with at the time. Realizing that the ore golem could be troublesome the Korens prepare to fight.

Stability: Stable (1)

Power: Minor (2)


Civ: Korens: Player: Agenttine

Agenttine- Past Votes: go north, improve fire magic, weaponize warmth, cull the near death into a group, turn tribe into a dictatorship, make a variation of fireball, kill anyone who questions Fiod’s rule, make a contract with a demon, spread demonic power through a new spell, create wall, advance wall with magic, send assassins after angels, send assassins and their contractors, exterminate false Korens forever, summon more demons, create a cleanse for the angels, search for more civs, experiment with vampires and demons, fix the dictatorship


Past Leadership: (UPDATE) Fiod: Was a major dictator of his time in the Korens, created a curse on accident that split the people apart. After many years of ruling he was finally killed by his own creations and after this caused an uprising of the people against Fiod’s children who both killed all the people who questioned them. For a while Fiod’s existence was hidden by the new government but now Fiod’s existence has been brought back up and now the people question why the new government is hiding his existence. Fiod’s two children: They both died after the New Order had begun to revolt against Fiod and his ideologies because of these two children following in the footsteps of their father the New Order had found them to be an eyesore and knew they had to die. They spread propaganda about these two being people from the Kazarites meant to try to take over the Korens. Fiod has been erased from memory for the commoners most of the rich have figured out that something is up and have begun to investigate what is going on Rorroh: This Korens took control over after Fiod’s ruling had fallen. He had attempted to erase his predecessor’s existence but had failed numerous times. He had ruled in a similar way to Fiod with an iron fist causing many on the council of the New Order to finally send an assassin to kill him off. This succeeded and a new leader was placed.

Leadership: New Order: Usurping power from Fiod’s family the New Order has taken full power over the Korens. Rorroh is the recent leader of the Korens and is a dictator like Fiod. Like Fiod before him Rorroh has tried to suppress people and take complete control over the Korens in order to finally be able to do whatever he wants freely without rebels being in his way. After the many attempts at hiding Fiod’s existence some people came to Rorroh’s home and assassinated him and placed someone new in his place.

Magic : Fireball, Warmth, Cleanse, Demonic Cleanser, basic healing

New Order of Korens: This faction has taken over the Korens and as of now have been taking away information from the time Fiod had power. They wish to remove all Fiod’s beliefs and ideals from the Korens, so they may start anew.

Contract: The demon shall take the first-born child of Fiod, and all decedents of Fiod’s shall have demon blood inside of them, Fiod created a new contract that could prevent information leakage from his people to ensure that no one could get private information from his people. The contract affecting the other people of the Korens are the same as Fiod (Should the contract be broken then they will become Feral Demons or if the demon they are contracted to dies then they become a feral demon.)

Discovered monsters: None

Disease/Curses: Piercingitis : a disease spread by vampires to create more vampires, only way for this disease to be spread is if a vampire’s blood is swallowed, or gets into a cut or wound or is injected

Vampiric Demons: These Demons were created because of Fiod’s attempts to make a more devastating monster. These Demons cannot come out during the morning but during the night will attack anyone and everything they see especially Spiecine Althio.

Notable Demons: Daeton: A demon that Fiod met, this Demon’s intentions with one of Fiod’s children is unknown but now that his children have died he has other plans. After Fiod’s death Daeton’s contract with Fiod lead Fiod’s spirit from the Realm of the dead to the Spirit Realm. Fiod: After his death he was brought to the Demon realm, because of the recent events of the over usage of Demonic magic Fiod went to investigate the Realm of Living. What he found angered him, with the factor of the new government trying to hide his existence and legacy and now he and his demon allies are attacking

Demons: these demons have helped the Korens finally defeat the False Korens. They plan to stay with the Korens for many generations because of the many contracts that they had made with your people. There are a few Demons who have broken off and are helping the revived Fiod and Daeton.

Angels: quite of a few Angels are dead some are still in their physical form in the living realm

Realms: Realm of Living: This realm is where all living creatures live in and where all physical beings live Realm of the Dead: This realm holds dead spirits. Some spirits hold grudges and because of this some stay in the realm of the living either possessing dead corpses to kill the person they want revenge on or cause misfortune. Some wondering spirits from the Realm of the Dead accidently come to the realm of the living these spirits cause no troubles to the living unlike vengeful spirits. If they take over undead bodies, then they will just wonder around. Spirit Realm: Nonphysical beings live in this realm namely Demons and Angels. The Realm of Gods : This realm has all the gods within this games universe this Realm is untouchable by normal mortals, only Heroes, Clergymen, other gods, or famous people can hurt or interact with the gods.

Military: Right now, the military consists mostly of Demons and their contractors. One of the military people used mainly are Assassins used in the war to try to get a surprise on the False Korens

Civs met: Kazarites


(Alkala) @immortaldragon- Vote 1: Begin growing the grasses we tried to use in weaving as part of our farming efforts. This way we won’t be as reliant upon waiting to replenish our stocks.(Roll: 10)

Vote 2: Experiment with cultivating special treant types with branches we can remove to make weapons for our warriors without killing the treant involved. (Roll: 5)

Alkala Outcome

The Alkala attempt to grow grass to weave it later as a strategy for farming but this leads to nothing but wasted efforts and resources. They are unable to use these resources very effectively and as such they felt like they shouldn’t have used the resources to try to make something they don’t have full experience on. While the farmers were working on that tamers and experimenters were trying to create a new type of Treant that wouldn’t die from losing one of its branches. Their attempts succeeded in creating a new type of treant but created some problems with these new treants. Some treants that were created either die within a few days after they have grown into a fully grown treant or if they are long lived they will have violent tendencies and will have arms that look like swords and it will use them to kill their creators.

Stability: Unstable (0)

Power: Minor (2)


Civ: Alkala: Player: Immortal_Dragon

Immortal_Dragon- Past Votes: go east, try to domesticate the Nokii, tame Tafra, build houses, fix houses, figure out through Shamans why the Nokii hate their people, Give Fake Shamans to Nokii, send peace offering to the Nokii, create an agricultural system, create a new religion, edit the religions problems, search around

Time Until Full Moon: 5 days


Animals: Nokii: after many incidents with the Nokii they have begun to despise your tribe and now steal stuff and sometimes attack your tribe, Tafra: don’t think any of your tribe

Factions: Alkala

Tamed Animals: Tafra: These tamed animals have now been contracted and have become more fearsome and stronger. Treants: different types of treants have been created by the Alkala each having their own unique traits. One type is the sword handed Treants while they are long lived they are dangerous and will attack anything. Then there are the short lived Treants which will die within a few days of becoming an adult treant.

Discovered Monsters: Giant Spiders, Treants, Goblins

Summoned Monster/Animals: A monster that was recently tamed a plant monster hybrid that is large nothing is fully known about this monster

Treasure: A scroll that can make normal trees into Ents (from the help of the staff the scroll was translated). Nature staff: Increases the roll-on rolls for nature by +1. Number of Rounds you can use for: 9 rounds, each vote you use the staff for takes off a round (Be sure to tell me if you want to use the staff in your vote)

Dungeon: Forest Dungeon: Ents, and Goblins 1st floor

Religion: Alkalaiea: Alk the god of sun, beginnings, and birth. Then there is Ala the goddess of the moon, endings, and death

Crops: new Crop seems to have some sort of healing abilities

Magic: Basic healing (Heals small wounds), fireball (Creates a fireball), Treant creation (Creates Treants), Fire Touch (Anyone who touches the person will have the certain spot they touched with to be burned. For example, if a hand touches the person the hand will be burned. Should the user touch someone then the spot the user touched will also burn.)

Farming: Advanced their farming techniques making more food for the tribe. Using feces as their fertilizer

Monuments: Shrine of Alk and Ala: This monument was built to their god Alk and their goddess Ala the shrine is made of two standing stones that were built in the images of Alk and Ala. Effects: Depending on the time of day or when it is these effects will occur during the morning’s buildings are easier to build when building you get a +3 to the roll. Another benefit is that when attempting to tame a new species you have found you get a +2. If you crossbreed species you can get a +2 as well. During full moons when you attack someone or something you get a +2 to rolls (I will tell you when a full moon will come next it usually takes about 6 rounds for one to come and right now since you created it just recently it will take about 6 days until the next full moon and as for mornings we should probably talk about how to do this one in discord or somewhere else. Holy Water Spring: This new spring lifts curses and because of this has become another monument within the Alkala settlement

Items: Holy Water: Effective against undead, vampires, and other unholy monster types +2 to rolls against the undead when using holy water. Holy water can also remove curses and because of this holy water is an important resource now for the Alkala.

Military: Small militia meant right now only to prevent Nokii attacks

Civs met: None


(Republic of Vietania) @PositiveTower- Vote: Inspire the people to mobilize in the name of “god” (Roll: 2)

Viets Outcome

The religious leaders of the Viets try to call the people to mobilize under god to stop the abuse in power within the government which caused people to pretend to share among the people. While preaching such things the people thought that they were insane, and they threw pebbles at the religious leaders and telling them to get out and that they should talk about religion elsewhere and not at the country. The people have lost more faith in their religion believing that the people who believed in it are dumb for trying to share things. This has started to cause a rift among the people some believing in their old religion and other to continue to believe in the current religion. There is some group within Vietania that have started riots because they believe that the ruling government in office have more riches than them and because of that have been asking rulers to prove that they are at equal level to the people and not taking advantage of them.

Stability: Unstable (-1)

Power: Tiny (1)


Civ: Republic of Vietania: Player: PositiveTower

Positive Tower’s- Past Votes: Go Southeast, go further Southeast, Vote: build a council in the capital for everyone to discuss their problems and solve them

Discovered monsters: Giants-four armed sloths: a few have been tamed

Magic: Basic healing, fireball

Army: The army has increased in strength and number

Farming: Haven’t learned much but they know how to make a simple farm

School: This is a place of education for a few of your people

People: Are questioning the rule of their country and their religion

Religion: In this world there is no main god but it is ruled by two forces equality and balance, everything has a god of their own but also has an anti-god of their own to balance things out, everyone also see that gods can turn into animals and everyone has a spirit animal that they can ride into the afterlife, therefore people treat animals and humans the same, Everyone is also treated the same, old, young, female, male And others are treated equally. The religion is now believed in how it normally should’ve been and now is no longer its formally corrupted self. Some are questioning the belief of this religion and are starting to believe in the old religion once again.

Civs Met: Vieten Republican Empire: Relationship: Enemies. Vietanian Rebels: Relationship: Enemies.


(Valens) @Potatomancer- Vote: make a town outside of the dungeon (Roll: 1)

Valens Outcome

After the incident with the adventurer’s guild the villagers attempt to create a new village outside of the dungeon to create a dungeon town. While doing so as if the dungeon itself knew something was going outside sent out scouts to scoop out what was going on these scouts then went back inside the dungeon without being seen by any Valens. When they returned they warned that Valens were creating a new village in front of the dungeon learning this the dungeon master of the dungeon sent actual monsters and out to kill the people building the village. The army of monsters then tried to creep up on the village to surprise attack them which succeeded. Most villagers building were killed and only a few of them escaped the carnage while some died. Those that survived told the main village that they were attacked and then monsters came out from the dungeon and killed most people. Learning this the leaders of the village began contemplating on what they should do to prepare for the army of monsters approaching their village.

Stability: Shaky (0)

Power: Tiny (1)


Civ: (Valens) Player: Potatomancer

Past Votes : West, research paper, create a religion based around many different gods. One god Zorn the god of the god of the untalented, establish research and leadership institution known as “The Librarians” it’s made of anti-religious extremists that think that all “divine” beings see humans as nothing more than ants, and that the Valens should gather power and overthrow them, Scout for Dungeons, Use new spells to train anti-magic squads, research paper,

Magic : Basic healing, fireball

Discovered monsters: None

Farming : Basic farming


Factions: The Librarians: This faction was built to fight against the Cultists . The Cultists: these people were finally exiled but they have promised that at some point they will return and take control of the village . Adventurers guild: This faction now rules over the government and have been doing whatever they want with it and have commanded many to work for them. Some people are bought out to stay silent about what they are doing. After the Rebel’s guild beat Dliug and his followers they set the Adventurers guild to what it was originally supposed to be and because of this the adventurer’s guild is just and is no longer abusing its power. Rebel Guild: This faction was created to resist Dliug and the guild this has failed in the beginning only because they tried to set up base in front of a dungeon in which two different forces kept them from getting a good footing in that area. This has kept them from gaining any real power to fight against the Adventurers guild. After that incident they were finally able to succeed in defeating Dliug by setting a trap within a dungeon to where the adventurers were distracted in handling it because they were sent out because of the false info they were given. They Rebel’s guild was able to capture all people who were leading the Adventurers guild and because of this were able to correct the course before it was too late. The Rebel’s guild is now used as a hub to complain to the government about situations that the people are not found of and is used to negotiate new rulings that are fair to the people.

Paper: The Valens have created the best paper in the current world. Most Valens are allowed to use paper for writing things down and now the Valens use this paper for usage of writing major events down or other things.

Leader: Soran: (the leader of the cultists that have been banished from the village.) Serena: the new leader of the village since Soran was banished. Dliug: After the incident with the Adventurers Guild Dliug has been using his own power in it to deceive and trick many people into paying him and the Adventurers guild and silencing those people who know too much or have figured out too much. After that they Rebels guild was finally able to trap Dliug and now they have him imprisoned.

Religion: (Name): This religion has begun a cult but because of this cult there has been discord between the people and to stop the infighting some people chose to banish the believers of this religion for now until things are settled down


(Vietanian Rebels) @zenzonegaming – Vote: Spread rumors that the Council Members of Vietania are richer than those who are common folk (Roll 19)

Vietanian Rebels

The rumors within Vietania have begun these rumors have in sighted those to question the current government and religion and because of this has effectively caused a lot of Vietaninians to put into question whether the council should be trusted or if they should be killed. There have been also been riots happening because of the Vietanian Rebels now noticing how much of a ruckus they caused. After doing this they tell their hidden village what they did and have now gone back to keep an eye on the Republic.

Stability: Stable (1)

Power: Tiny (1)


Civ: Vietanian Rebels: Player: zenzonegaming

Positive Tower’s- Past Votes:

Discovered monsters: Giants-four armed sloths: a few have been tamed

Magic: Basic healing, fireball

Army: The army has increased in strength and number

Farming: Haven’t learned much but they know how to make a simple farm

School: This is a place of education for a few of your people

People: Are excited that their plan succeeded in causing a lot of Discord in the republic.

Religion: This religion is the opposite of the Republic of Vietania and this religion is where the strong rule over the weak and that the weak should be trampled over and never allowed to grow the stronger gods are what are believed in while the weaker gods and believed by the weaker people and because of this they are looked down upon by the stronger who rule the village.

Civs Met: Republic of Vietania: Relationship: Enemies


(Name of Civ) @OoferDoofer - Vote: Attempt to tame six armed sloths (Roll: 7)

Name of civ Outcome

The attempt at taming the six-armed sloths go no where and some even attack the villagers to defends themselves thinking that the villagers are dangerous.

Stability: Stable (1)

Power: Tiny (1)


Civ: Name of Civ Player: OoferDoofer

OoferDoofer- Past Votes:


Religion: Esterela (Practitioners: Estrelares)

Creatures: Ztaron: Don’t really care about your tribe because of little contact since the first taming attempt, and Ursos: Have no thoughts because you have left the area., Six-armed Sloths: These creatures are now hunted by the Viberian’s and are a good source of their clothing and food. Ice Dragons: These creatures were found in a mountain and have been helped by the Viberian Federation they are now tamed

Magic: Fireball, Small healing, Medium healing, Fortress Magic (Spell used to prevent others attacks from effecting the user)

Clothing: The clothing used now from six armed sloths the fur from them is used to make clothing to keep warm

Items: Fever Pill

Civs Met: Flarc (Relationship: Neutral)


start attaking stratigic locations in order to decapitate the Republic’s army.

@zenzonegaming , @Mitobox Do you guys want a time leap or no? I just need your inputs on that because everyone else has said to do a time leap other than Skyguy or Immortal who seemed to be neutral on that topic

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@Mitobox Sorry to a @ you again but do you want the time skip or no? I have 1 Nay and 4 yes’s

Sorry about the wait.

I’m for it if most of everyone else is, not sure what the Kazarites would be up to in the meantime though.

The plan is to vote mutliple votes and I will add some random technology or things that your people will learn we need to figure out how many votes though since it seems as though everyone other than zenzonegaming is for it

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I like the idea of skipping to the bronze age

  • discretely injure six-armed sloths and then heal them, to gain trust so we can ride them

@mitobox, @agenttine, @immortaldragon,@positivetower,@potatomancer,@zenzonegaming,and @OoferDoofer How far do you guys want time skip by and how many votes should we have?

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I think we should skip about 1000 years. maybe 10 votes?

I’m fine with however long we skip for. And however many votes you feel is appropriate is fine. Sorry if I’m being too agreeable but I don’t really have a specific amount of either in mind. :joy:

I’d rather have a smaller jump, maybe 300-500 years.
I don’t mind 10 votes. might be a bit challenging though

@mitobox, @agenttine, @immortaldragon,@positivetower,@potatomancer,@zenzonegaming, @Skyguy98 ,and @OoferDoofer. We will go with 10 votes


will they be consecutive or all at the same time?

All at the same time

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what are the votes @Soundwave?

You guys all get ten votes

Name my nation Karthan Empire

  1. Migrate to the northwest(snowy forests)
  2. Create warm clothing
  3. Begin worship of firemages, making people aspire to be fire mages
  4. Master fire magic
  5. Start conjuring flame spirits
  6. Make Fire Mages Consume themselves with fire
  7. Non-fire mage people become more beast like and powerful
  8. Build giant flame war hammers for beast soldiers
  9. Build military with the augmented flame weapons
  10. Try to conquer all of the northwest area

1.burn everything

Here’s mine:

  • Look for Metal Ores: Since I’m still in the Stone Age.
  • Develop Agriculture: I still seem to be a band of hunter-gatherers.
  • Tame a Beast of Burden: Important to agriculture and trade.
  • Invent the Wheel: Ditto (wagons, carts, and plows).
  • Develop Closer Relations to Neighbors: This includes the Korens (who I’ve met) and Valens (who I haven’t). Maybe encounter the Flarc if they’re close enough, but we’d probably keep away from each other.
  • Build Peripheral Settlements: Probably where food and raw materials (strandstalk threads, wood, ore) will be obtained, as opposed to the village (hopefully) becoming a hub for artisans processing those materials.
  • Advance in Magic: Especially something light-based to deal with the vampires.
  • Set up a Magic Guild: If Kazar doesn’t live through this time skip, Gadof will be his successor master shaman by virtue of experience. Meanwhile, his peers would become adepts instructing new apprentices.
  • Deal with the Vampires: This includes finding out what that grawlic-eating animal is and if it has any connection to the vampires that needs shamanic severing. Kirala’s probably going to get old, but will still lead the village guard.
  • Solve the Tower Mystery: The endgame remains turning off the fog-emitting relic and finding out what the vampires’ ultimate weakness is.

Speaking of the village, assuming my votes go well and it becomes a sophisticated polity, the now-settled Kazarite tribe’s new name will be Osbos (adjective Osbosi).